Why choose the Makita BHX2501?

Autumn is a beautiful season, but for gardeners and all those who have trees in their garden, it is also the season of falling leaves! To pick them up without wasting a lot of time, the blower is essential.

Very practical, it allows you to make piles in record time and without the slightest effort. If you don’t want to be bothered with an electric wire as you might be with the Einhell GE-EL 3000 E or with the battery life of a battery like the Bosch ALB18 cordless model, opting for a thermal blower might be a good alternative. Especially if you have a big garden.

The Makita BHX2501 thermal blower is a model that has a lot to offer and the advantages that make it a success. Want to know more about this model before you buy it?

Here is everything there is to know about the Makita BHX2501 thermal blower.

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With its 4-stroke petrol engine, the Makita BHX2501 blower is much more economical and powerful than its competitors! In addition, it comes with a number of other benefits, including a rugged and durable design, easy starting, an ergonomic handle and quiet operation. It is a model adapted to professionals but also to individuals!

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Its technical characteristics

  • Type: thermal
  • 4-stroke engine
  • Consumption reduced by 40
  • Displacement: 24.5 cm3
  • Runs on unleaded gasoline
  • Tank capacity: 0.52 l
  • Simple start
  • Supplied with blow tube
  • It is possible to adapt a suction set
  • Dimensions: 350 x 231 x 368 mm
  • Weight: 4.5 kg

Makita BHX2501 Thermal Blower in detail

This blower of the Makita brand is equipped with a 4-stroke engine. This type of engine is the best compared to a 2-stroke engine. Your Makita blower will be thanks to its engine more ecological while being more powerful and it is also less noisy, which is a positive point for a thermal blower.

This Makita blower does not run on the mixture but on 95 or 98 unleaded petrol. Due to its engine, it is a fuel-efficient blower with 40% less fuel consumption than a 2-stroke engine.

It is a blower that is highly appreciated for its manoeuvrability and comfort of use. First of all, you should know that it has a large handle padded with gripping foam for a better grip. Its trigger is located on the handle and therefore easily accessible. This point is important because it avoids cramps, which is often the case with a low-end blower.

You will appreciate using it for long term blowing jobs as it is relatively light with a weight of 4.4 kg. As you can see, he’s a great blower to work with. It is also a very simple blower to start, which is not always the case with thermal blowers.

And finally, you can adapt a suction system. This function is very practical for large fields. It will cost you an extra hundred euros to have this feature with the blower.

Advantages of the Makita BHX2501 Thermal Blower

  • Its 4-stroke engine
  • Silencer
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Ergonomic and handy
  • Light
  • Simple to use
  • His trigger well-placed
  • Its easy start up

Disadvantages of Makita BHX2501 Thermal Blower

  • Its price

My opinion about this Makita BHX2501 Thermal Blower

It’s a pity that this blower is a bit expensive otherwise it would have been a no fault for this model. Quality comes at a price, which probably explains this. It is true that this Makita blower offers good power and is ultra manoeuvrable.

The fact that it is also environmentally friendly and consumes less also justifies its price. Its 4-stroke engine and its handling are the strong points of this Makita BHX2501 blower and that’s why I can only recommend it if it fits your budget!


Makita BHX2501 4-stroke Blower 24.5 cm³ 606 m³/h

  • MM4 4-stroke engine: more ecological and more efficient than the 2-stroke engine
  • Works with “Super Lead Free” without mixing
  • Consumption reduced by 40% (compared to the equivalent 2-stroke engine)
  • 4 x less noise (compared to the equivalent 2-stroke engine)

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