What is the best leaf blowers collection bag in 2020?


Buying a bag for leaf blower and vacuum cleaner but especially choosing one of the best, can be a difficult task given the number of references and models or given the differences in prices offered etc… That’s why we have opted on our website, to make you discover the public’s selection of the best vacuum cleaner bags for leaf blowers that can be found and bought on the internet in 2020. Below, you will be able to discover a comparison of the best sellers first, and then a detailed presentation of each of the bags for vacuum cleaners/blowers sheets, in order to allow you to choose the best bag for blower and vacuum cleaner sheets, the one that best suits your expectations and your needs!

Ranking & Comparison

The Top 10 Best Leaf Vacuum/Blower Bags to Buy in 2020!

Do you feel like buying a bag for a leaf blower and vacuum cleaner? And why not let yourself be tempted to buy the best! Below you will find Blower-Shredder.com’s selection of the best bags for vacuum cleaners/blower leaves that can be found both in stores and online in 2020!

Our TOP N° 1Our TOP N° 1

1. Ribiland Vacuum cleaner bag, 50 litres


Features :

  • Ribiland
  • Here is the recovery bag vacuum cleaner blower offered by the brand Ribiland. Equipped with a

Our TOP N° 2Our TOP N° 2

2. Ryobi RAC364 Spare bag with universal blower clamp – 50 litre bag


Features :

  • Ryobi Original.
  • Branded product.
  • Color: Black.

Our TOP N° 3Our TOP N° 3

3. Valex – Bag for vacuum cleaner and leaf blower Valex Mistral, Ghibli and Vento


Our TOP N° 4Our TOP N° 4

4. Collector bag for vacuum cleaner/leaf blower compatible with MTD BV 2500 E. Bag with square connector and zipper for emptying.


Features :

  • Collector bag for vacuum cleaner/leaf blower compatible with MTD BV 2500 E
  • Bag with square plastic connector and zipper for easy emptying.

Our TOP N° 5Our TOP N° 5

5. Recovery bag 50L


Features :

  • ribimex
  • Miscellaneous

Our TOP N° 6Our TOP N° 6

6. BLACK+DECKER GWBP1-XJ Backpack for Vacuum-Blower-Crusher – Capacity 70 L – Reinforced Nylon – Clip flap closure, Black,


Features :

  • The backpack considerably reduces the strain for long-term use (optimal weight distribution over the entire back).
  • Backpack with clip-flap closure system: can be emptied in a single gesture
  • Suitable for model GW3031BP

SaleOur TOP N° 7Our TOP N° 7

7. Leaf vacuum bag compatible for ALDI Gardenline GLLS 2506, GLLS 3000/1, GLLS 3000/2, GLLS 3000/3, Einhell GC-EL 2600E, GL-EL 2600E, Topcraft TCLS 2506, 2507


Features :

  • Replacement collection bag for your electric sheet vacuum cleaner
  • With zipper, handle and holder
  • Suitable for ALDI Gardenline GLLS 2506, GLLS 3000/1, GLLS 3000/2, GLLS 3000/3
  • Suitable for Einhell GC-EL 2600E and Einhell GL-EL 2600E
  • Suitable for Topcraft TCLS 2506, 2507.

Our TOP N° 8Our TOP N° 8

8. Florabest FLS 3000 B2 IAN 285190 Shopping Bag with Stand and Zipper for vacuum cleaner LIDL


Features :

  • Florabest Collector bag 45 l for electric vacuum cleaner/blower Lidl FLS 3000 B2 IAN 285190.
  • With stand and zipper
  • Model: FLS 3000 B2 IAN 285190.

Our TOP N° 9Our TOP N° 9

9. Leaf Collector Bag for Vacuum Blower Black + Decker


Features :

  • Black + Decker Vacuum Blower Leaf Collector Pocket
  • For modèles : GW3050, gw3030, gw2838, gw2810
  • Dust capacity 50L
  • Spare code 90593137

Our TOP N° 10Our TOP N° 10

10. Vacuum/Blower Collector Bag Suitable for Güde Electric Vacuum Blower GLS 2500


Features :

  • Vacuum cleaner/blower collector bag suitable for electric vacuum cleaner/blower GLS 2500 Güde
  • Vacuum cleaner/blower bag with zipper and round oval.