What are the different types of leaf blowers? – Best Leaf Blowers & Shredders

If you’ve taken a look at the leaf blower market recently, you know that there are portable, backpack and wheeled leaf blowers to choose from. What type of leaf blower should you buy?

The answer to this question is based primarily on two factors:

  • How many leaves do you have to blow
  • How quickly you want to get the job done

If you have a large yard with lots of leaves, you will need a leaf blower more powerful than a person with a small yard and few leaves.

When deciding which leaf blower to buy, keep in mind the volume of leaves and debris you will have to deal with.

Portable leaf blowers

Portable snowblowers work for most people. They are light and easy to manoeuvre and store. Some portable leaf blowers can vacuum and mulch leaves and remove dirt and debris from your driveway, porch or patio.

There are three different types of portable leaf blowers: corded electric, cordless electric, and gasoline.

Wired portable electric blowers

They start easily and are light; most weigh about eight kilograms. Many models come with a suction attachment and do a good job of mulching the leaves. They’re relatively quiet.

However, the cord can cause you some discomfort; you are limited in range because you have to stay away from an electrical outlet, and it is easy to get tangled in the cord.

Cordless electric leaf blowers (powered by bat)

They run on lithium-ion (Li-ion) or nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries. Li-ion batteries hold a charge longer and tend to be smaller and lighter, with the leaf blower weighing between eight and ten pounds.

Battery-powered leaf blowers can handle most yards, driveways and patios, but after 30 to 45 minutes, you need to recharge the battery.

Portable gasoline (thermal) leaf blowers

They’re powerful and fast. They can absorb dense leaves, dirt and debris. The gasoline engine and fuel tank add a bit of heaviness, which makes them weigh about 10 kilos. Two-stroke engine models require a special mixture of oil and fuel that you can mix manually or buy pre-mixed at a home improvement store.

Although there are a few portable gasoline-powered blowers with accessories for vacuuming and crushing, they tend to be slow and less efficient than electric models. They are also noisy and require careful engine maintenance.

Backpack leaf blowers

The leaf blowers are petrol-powered and weigh between 13 and 25 kolis. This type of blower works best in large yards with a large volume of leaves.

If you need an hour or more to clean your garden, a backpack leaf blower is probably a good choice for you.

Special care must be taken when using a backpack leaf blower. With the motor mounted on your back, it is closer to your ears, so hearing protection is extremely important.

Like other gasoline engines, these leaf blowers are noisy, but they can make work too difficult for a portable model.

Wheeled leaf blowers

If you need a professional quality leaf blower, consider a gasoline-powered wheeled leaf blower.

These monsters do a fast job of working through leaves, dirt and debris. They work best on large, flat landscapes, as their 100-pound weight can be difficult to maneuver uphill.

Their four-stroke engines do not require any fuel mixing.

But you’ll need to make sure you have enough storage space for these giants, as they can take up six to eight square feet of space.

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