Top Thermal Leaf Blowers : Comparisons For 2020


A leaf blower (often simply called a blower) is a gardening tool that propels air from a nozzle to move debris such as leaves and grass clippings. Leaf blowers are powered by electric or gasoline engines. Gasoline models have traditionally been two-stroke engines, but four-stroke engines have recently been introduced as a partial solution to air pollution problems. Leaf blowers are usually portable stand-alone units or backpack mounted units with a portable wand. The latter is more ergonomic for prolonged use. Larger units can stand on wheels and even use an engine for propulsion. These are sometimes called “walk behind snowblowers” because they must be pushed by hand to operate.

The leaf blower was invented by Aldo Vandermolen in the 1950s. The drought in California made it easier to accept the leaf blower because the use of water for many garden cleaning tasks was prohibited. Leaf blowers also save time compared to a broom. By 1990, annual sales exceeded 800,000 in the United States and the tool had become a ubiquitous gardening tool. Richard Hammond showed on the Brainiac TV series other functions than just garden maintenance, in which a man-sized hovercraft was built from a leaf blower.

Best Product

Thermal Leaf Blower TIMBERPRO 85 cc

The brand new leaf blower 2018 TIMBERPRO 85cm3 is ultra powerful and ready for anything. Ideal for removing leaves and debris around the house or in your garden. Also excellent for clearing snow with its ultra powerful motor. Professional quality machine, designed for domestic and professional use.

The TIMBERPRO blower is equipped with a 2-stroke engine and based on air cooling. This engine, with a cylinder volume of 85 cc, generates 400 W, which is the equivalent of 4.4 horsepower. This power allows the blower to have a blower speed of 445 km/h. Far from the technical characteristics of the engine, this machine has a conical pipe which allows to increase the air blowing speed. Thus, an anti-vibration system is present in order to guarantee the good conformability for the user. Finally it remains to say that its start is quite easy and fast and weighs about 11.5 kg, that’s why it’s a dorsal type.

The Mcculloch gb355bp Thermal Leaf Blower

This is a Thermal Leaf Blower produced by the American company Mcculloch. It is a formidable and ergonomic Thermal Leaf Blower specifically made to pile up plant waste such as dead leaves in your gardens. Underneath the black metal box, you will find a powerful 2-stroke engine with a cylinder volume of 48 cc. This engine generates a monstrous and enormous power of 1500W, which allows it to generate an air speed of 355 km/h and an air flow rate of 874 m3/h.

It is a barn speed that will allow you to easily remove all plant waste such as dead leaves and grass clippings. In order to adapt and maintain the air flow at a constant speed, this blower is equipped with a speed regulator easy to adjust manually.

On one side far from the technicality of the engine, this blower weighs 9 kg and for more comfort for the user, the manufacturer equips this model with an anti-vibration system and an ergonomic handle, this allows the user to control his balance with the machine and to move easily. Thus, the manufacturer’s research team is very interested in the hearing health of the user of their machine and presents this device with a sound level that respects the legal limits.

Also, you can use this blower efficiently since it works on wet floors as well as dry ones. Indeed, whatever the nature of the surface you want to sweep, the Mcculloch gb355bp gives you the guarantee to treat and care for your garden with great efficiency.

As a last description of this model, the body of the Mcculloch gb355bp is covered with a very high quality metal. This allows it to withstand the weather and the humid environment. In spite of its rather heavy weight (9 Kg), this model is of dorsal type, therefore its endorsement is necessary during use. Thus, you find it very easy to put it on due to the presence of an adjustable harness that can be adjusted according to the size of the user, which allows the weight of the blower to be distributed over the shoulders and back. All that remains is to say that all this property makes this model more in demand since it makes work easier and more comfortable.

MAKITA DUB362Z Battery Blower

This is a wireless electric blower. These types of leaf blowers are usually light and of the manual type. The Japanese company MAKITA presents you this 36V MAKITA electric blower which is powered by two 18V lithium-ion batteries.

With zero emissions and less noise, the 18-volt X2 (36-volt) cordless blower is a welcome solution for cleaning applications. It is powered by two 18-volt LXT batteries for maximum power and range, but without leaving the 18-volt battery platform. With the efficient Makita BL brushless motor, the blower offers longer running time, increased power and speed, and longer life. Electronic controls efficiently use battery power to meet changing application requirements, increasing power and speed when needed.

The Makita BL engine runs cooler and more efficiently for longer life. The electric motor of this model generates a high air speed of around 194 km/h, so it is characterized by an extreme protection technology designed to increase the resistance to dust and water in difficult working conditions.

If you are thinking of using a blower to maintain communal parks, school or hospital gardens and for any other work in a noise-sensitive environment, this model is ideal because it has a very low sound pressure. This type of blower is more preferable for people who want to avoid the maintenance requirements of Thermal Leaf Blowers and do not want to be attached to a feed wire.

To conclude this section, the table below summarizes the characteristics of the three leaf blowers presented above.


Leaf blowers play an important role in maintaining gardens and cleaning them from plant waste such as debris, dead leaves or cut grass. In the market, there are several types of blowers with different characteristics in terms of engine technology and machine design, there are Thermal Leaf Blowers and electric ones, the difference between the two types is clear since one works with electricity while the second type requires fuel.

This article presented a top 3 of sheet blowers, two Thermal Leaf Blowers and a third electric blower. Concerning the two Thermal Leaf Blowers, we chose to talk about the 85 cm³ TIMBERPRO thermal back sheet blower and the Mcculloch gb355bp one, and for the other type, the MAKITA DUB362Z battery blower was the third one.

The three blowers presented in this Top 3 differ in several technical features as well as in the level of design. The thermal category is always heavier and more powerful than the electric category, but this is not a disadvantage for Thermal Leaf Blowers since they are always backward as opposed to electric blowers which are usually manual.

Finally, it has to be said that leaf blowers become a necessity for people who find it difficult to maintain their gardens, and several criteria have to be met in order to choose the right blower according to the surface of the gardens, the nature of the soil and the working area.

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