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Autumn is a beautiful season except when the leaves fall in his garden. Then you have to rake your lawn, sweep your driveways or remove leaves from the gutters. Then you will certainly have more work during this season but the rest of the year as well.

To keep your exteriors clean and tidy, there’s the rake, shovel and broom that’s always at hand. If you have a large plot of land or even if you have a small garden but you want to maintain it effortlessly, there are tools that will be of great help to you.

The blower, vacuum blower and/or leaf shredder is one of them. Saves time and effort, it simplifies your life and the chore of collecting leaves is no longer a chore!

Choosing a leaf vacuum blower is more complex than you might think because there are dozens of models to choose from. There are those that are cheap, those that are thermal or electric, those that are simply blower while others have the function of vacuum blower and grinder, the choice is vast!

I have therefore decided to guide you by giving you tips and tricks to choose it well but also by offering you my Top 5 of the best leaf vacuums in 2017. These are the models that stand out among all the tools I’ve had the opportunity to test. There is a leaf vacuum blower for every need, every preference and every budget.

My Top Leaf Vacuum blowers

Everyone has different needs, preferences and budgets. I therefore decided to choose tools that meet all the criteria according to a specific need or budget. All you have to do is choose from the best leaf vacuums on the market!

Black & Decker GW2810 Leaf Vacuum GW2810

This model is for me one of the most efficient on the market for a more than adequate price. It’s a 3-in-1 tool, so it will blow to make piles of leaves or other plant detritus, then vacuum them up so you don’t have to pick them up, and finally it will crush them. You’ll have only one thing to do: Empty the bag.

The power of this Black & Decker GW2810 leaf vacuum blower is 2800 watts, its power in blower mode is 380 km/h and its suction capacity is 14 m3 per minute. Its shredder function allows you to reduce your leaves or plant detritus by 16 times.

With such characteristics, I can guarantee that nothing resists it, not even the glued leaves when they are wet. This Black & Decker electric leaf vacuum blower is very pleasant to use because it is very easy to handle and I have no hesitation in recommending it when I am asked which model is the best at the moment.


Bosch leaf vacuum blower 06008A1000 ALS 25

The Bosch ALS 25 is slightly less powerful than its predecessor, but no less efficient. Equipped with a 2500 watt motor, 300 km/h in blower mode and a suction capacity of 800 m3/h.

This Bosch ALS 25 electric leaf vacuum blower will allow you to blow the leafs to make piles, vacuum them and then shred them to reduce them up to 10 times.

Delivered with a shoulder strap, this Bosch tool is easy to handle thanks to its ergonomic wrists and its weight of 3.2 kg. It also offers a good grip.

Powerful, powerful, handy, easy to use and easy to clean, that’s all it took to make this Bosch ALS 25 vacuum blower one of my Top 5!


Bosch leaf vacuum blower 06008A1100 ALS 30

If you are looking for a powerful, high-performance, handy and easy-to-use electric model, the Bosch ALS 30 leaf vacuum blower should appeal to you. I was surprised by the excellent price/quality ratio of this model.

It has a power of 3000 watts, a blower capacity of 300 km/h and a suction capacity of 800 m3 per hour. This tool will work for you thanks to its blower, vacuum and shredder mode.

Changing accessories is very simple. I particularly liked its variable speed drive, which allows you to choose the power best suited to your current needs.

It is a handy electric leaf vacuum blower that you will enjoy using.

The Black & Decker BDBV30 leaf vacuum blower

It’s one of the most powerful models I’ve had the opportunity to test. The power of its engine is 3000 watts, which is already really top but above all its wind tunnel power is 418 km/h. Needless to say, you’ll be making piles of leaves or garbage of all kinds in record time and without effort.

Its suction capacity is also optimal as it is 14m3 per minute. This Black & Decker BDBV30 leaf vacuum blower also has a shredder system that reduces leafs up to 16 times. So you won’t have to empty the bag often. Especially since this one has a capacity of 50 l.

The Black & Decker BDBV30 Leafless Vacuum Blower is also easy to handle thanks to its weight, its 5-position adjustable handle and its second handle for the blower mode.


The leaf vacuum blower GBV 345 Mc Culloch

Are you looking for power and don’t want to be dependent on an electrical outlet? Let yourself be tempted by this thermal leaf vacuum blower Mc Culloch GBV 345, equipped with a 25 cc 2-stroke engine running on a 2% petrol + oil mixture.

Its speed in blower mode is 345 km/h and its suction capacity is 740 m3/hour. It is also equipped with a shredder system that reduces the size of the leafs by 16 times. Then simply empty the bag, which has a capacity of 45 litres.

Its starting system is really simple, which is not the case with all leaf vacuums. You’ll appreciate its variable speed drive, its manoeuvrability, its anti-vibration handle and its excellent value for money!

The best leaf vacuum blowers

OverviewProductCustomer Reviews
BLACK+DECKER GW2810-QS…72 ReviewsBuy on Amazon
Vacuum/shredder/Blower117 ReviewsBuy on Amazon
BLACK+DECKER BDBV30-QS…94 ReviewsBuy on Amazon
Bosch Leaf blower…80 ReviewsBuy on Amazon
McCulloch 967167001…30 ReviewsBuy on Amazon
Einhell Vac-Blast Vacuum blower…113 ReviewsBuy on Amazon
Ryobi 4432463 Rbv3000csv…24 ReviewsBuy on Amazon
Makita BHX2501 Blower 4…97 ReviewsBuy on Amazon
Vacuum/shredder/Blower117 ReviewsBuy on Amazon

Choosing your leaf vacuum blowers

Leaf vacuum blowers can be very different from one model to another. To find the one that corresponds exactly to the use you will make of it, here are all the criteria to take into account:

  • The type: blower, blower + vacuum or blower + vacuum + grinder is the choice you will have to make first.
  • Electric, battery or thermal: it is often a personal choice and according to your preferences but it is also a choice to be made according to your needs. Electric or battery powered leaf vacuums are lighter but thermal, it will be more powerful.
  • The power: it depends on your needs and the use you will make of your tool.
  • Manoeuvrability: weights, ergonomic handles, straps, look at all these points.
  • Ease of use
  • The capacity of the bag
  • The price

Take the time to choose your leaf vacuum and look at each feature if you compare several models!

Types of leaf vacuum blowers

So you’ve finally decided to leave your broom and shovel for a much less tiring and time-saving tool? You can choose between a leaf blower, a leaf blower and vacuum and a leaf blower, vacuum and shredder.

I explain them to you so that you can make your choice with full knowledge of the facts!

  • The blower

It’s the simplest tool. It allows you to clean your driveways, your lawn, your gutters and all the space around your house. You will thus be able to gather all your leaves and plant detritus in a heap in record time.

Once you have piled up all the leaves, all you have to do is pick them up. Depending on the power you choose, it is able to peel off wet leaves stuck together or on the ground.

It’s a simple but effective tool that will save you from raking your lawn in the fall, for example.

  • The blower and vacuum blower

This type of tool is the one you need if you want to avoid the chore of picking up your leaves in a pile or the vegetable rubbish lying around the house. So he’s going to blow the leaves to make piles and then suck them up. The leaves go directly into the tool bag, which you only have to empty.

Guaranteed time and effort savings with the leaf blower and vacuum blower.

  • Blower, vacuum blower and grinder

It is the must and the most versatile tool. The chore of collecting leaves in the autumn becomes almost a pleasure in the end.

This type of tool will blow the leaves together, vacuum them and then crush them. The shredder allows you to reduce your plant detritus up to 16 times and why not make compost. It also saves you from having to buy a separate shredder.

If you have a large lot, I advise you to opt for this type of leaf vacuums. You will save a lot of time and your garden will become neat and clean without any effort. You can read my dossier on the different types of leaf vacuums.

Editor’s Top Picks

With the electric leaf blower, the chore of cleaning up plant debris that clutters up driveways and the garden becomes easier. Our selection of the best electric leaf blowers to guide you in the choice of a high-performance unit.
1. The Black & Decker Leaf Blower
2. Bosch’s wireless blower
3. Skil’s Electric Blower
4. The Black & Decker vacuum, blower and leaf shredder
5. Bosch’s vacuum blower

Criteria for choosing an electric blower

Usually positioned between the engine and the handle, the anti-vibration system of the electric leaf blower contributes to the reduction of vibrations for an optimal comfort of use. You also have the power variator that allows you to adjust the speed of the air sucked in and expelled. This option depends on the type of debris and the surface being treated. Thus, with the adapted power, you will avoid removing mulch or sucking up stones by removing dead leaves. Most blowers have two speeds. The volume of the bag is also a key selection criterion and you will have to choose between a capacity of 30 to 50 litres.

The different types of electric leaf blowers

There are 3 types of blowers in terms of their functionality. The traditional model has the sole function of blowing leaves and debris. Then, you have the vacuum-blower version more functional in the sense that it saves you the chore of picking up leaves and debris manually thanks to its suction mode. Once the leaves are piled up, they are directly sucked up and collected by the machine’s tank. Finally, the vacuum-blower-shredder does all the work for you. In addition to the basic functions of a blower, this more powerful model also shreds dead leaves. The debris is thus shredded before being vacuumed, which saves space in the tank (up to 16 times more) and allows you to have a preparation for compost.

Thermal or electric motorization?

The choice will depend on the frequency of use of the blower, the type of ground and the size of the surface. Thermal engines, with a high and very powerful air flow, are recommended for plots of 2000 m² and more. They allow great freedom of movement due to the absence of a power cord. They are also models that facilitate access to cramped areas. On the other hand, they are neither the quietest nor the most ecological on the market. These devices are quite heavy, but are carried on the back to avoid this inconvenience and relieve the user’s arms of any tension.

Electric motors come in two versions, battery or wired. The first is designed for the treatment of small surfaces. Its advantage is that it is very manoeuvrable and silent while offering great mobility. If you buy a second battery, you can enjoy an autonomy of 2 x 40 min. However, this performance is limited when it comes to removing wet leaves or cleaning the lawn. The wired model plugs into the mains, hence the need to have an electrical outlet nearby. It is powerful enough to work a field of up to 2000 m². Of course, the fact that you have to drag a cable behind you is rather constraining, but it is a detail besides the fact that it is silent and less polluting. Moreover, it is very easy to start up and very easy to maintain.

Advantages and disadvantages of an electric blower

If one were to compare the electric blower to the thermal model, the former is much lighter, quieter and has low emissions. On the other hand, its autonomy is limited compared to a thermal model when it runs on battery power. The wired version offers limited mobility. In terms of performance, the electric blower cannot be used to treat surfaces larger than 2,000 m². It is more suitable for domestic use.

The best electric leaf blowers at a glance

1. The Black & Decker Leaf Blower

The removable concentrator tip of this Black & Decker sheet blower requires only one pass to collect all the sheets. Its suction capacity of 14m3/min makes it easy to remove wet sheets. Working time is reduced to a minimum with its blower speed from 230 to 418 km/h. Thanks to its metal knife, the shredding is impeccable. Everything is immediately collected in the 50-litre bag for clean work. With its shredding ratio of 1/16th, this model is recommended for making compost. Its rake tip is well thought out and efficient for effortlessly removing, collecting and vacuuming debris. There is a tube for each function: one for blowing and one for vacuuming. Its metal turbine is a guarantee of robustness and longevity.

  • Adjustable handle
  • Rake tip
  • 2 tubes included
  • High blower speed
  • Fragility of the bag’s zipper

2. Bosch’s wireless blower

With a blower speed of 210 km/h, the Bosch cordless blower is powerful enough to take off dry or wet leaves without difficulty. Its 18v battery is guaranteed without loss of power or self-discharge with the major advantage of interchangeability with Bosch power4all 18v power tools. Its removable tube allows optimal storage while its light weight (1.8 kg) makes it possible to hold it in one hand. It is a cordless model that offers maximum mobility. Its ergonomic design and its non-slip Softgrip handle guarantee comfort of use. Equipped with an intelligent Syneon chip, the device uses only the energy adapted to your needs in order to optimize the battery life and exploit the best performance of the machine. Noise level, this leaf blower is one of the quietest on the market. Its charging time is 1.5 hours and its average autonomy is 14 minutes.

  • Lightness
  • Removable tube
  • Syneon smart chip
  • Silencer
  • No variable speed drive
  • Fragility of the start button

3. Skil’s Electric Blower

Delivered with a storage wall bracket and bearing Skil’s signature with its exclusive “Easy Storage” design, this blower hangs on a storage rail. It is equipped with a front swivel wheel that makes it easy to manoeuvre and offers 3 functions: blower, vacuum cleaner and shredder. It combines qualities that give it impressive performance, such as a motor with a power consumption of 2800 watts, a suction volume of 13 m³/min and a blower speed of 270 km/h. A large switch makes it easy to switch from the blower to the vacuum function and vice versa. The 45 litre capacity of the collection bag allows a large amount of rubbish to be collected. This unit is equipped with a shoulder strap and 2 ergonomic handles that optimise freedom of movement and comfort of use. Its reduction ratio is 10:1.

  • Easy Storage” rail for convenient storage
  • Large capacity collection bag
  • 3 functions
  • Powerful motorization
  • Gadget-like front wheel
  • Crankcase Fragility

4. The Black & Decker vacuum, blower and leaf shredder

This Black & Decker appliance is a 3 in 1 blower that also works as a vacuum cleaner and grinder. It is a wired model with a 3000 watt motor. The variable speed control ensures a perfect flexibility of treatment whether it is used as a vacuum cleaner or as a blower. Its double tube system consists of a large tube for suction and another with a removable concentrator nozzle whose air flow can reach 418 km/h. With a shredding ratio of 1/16th thanks to its ultra-resistant and robust metal turbine, this machine is ideal for composting. It boasts a suction capacity of 14 m3/min capable of easily removing wet leaves. This blower guarantees the user excellent manoeuvrability as well as great comfort of use due to its 2 handles. It is equipped with a 50 litre nylon collection bag with a zip for easy emptying. The strap makes transport much easier.

  • High blower and crushing efficiency
  • Metal cutting blade
  • Presence of a speed variator
  • Double pipe system
  • Fragility of the tank zip
  • Noise strongly present

5. Bosch’s vacuum blower

The Bosch vacuum blower reduces your cleaning effort with its speed and ease of use. With a padded shoulder strap and an adjustable handle, this blower prevents you from tiring your arms and shoulders. Its airflow speed reaches 300 km/h, which is powerful enough to sweep wet and dry leaves, branch ends and even small stones. It also offers a shredding function to further optimise the 45 litre capacity of its collection bag. The collection bag is made of textile, which allows the moisture to escape to the outside. It is easy to install and empty. Its shredding ratio of 10:1 ensures quality composting. It is also very easy to handle thanks to its low weight of 4.4 kg. Finally, this leaf blower has a powerful 2500 Watt motor.

  • 2 speeds in blower mode
  • Ease of emptying
  • Simple assembly
  • Silencer
  • Plastic turbine that locks up easily
  • Cable too short


Based on this comparison, the editors are of the opinion that the Black & Decker leaf blower is the most efficient. It is both handy thanks to its 2 handles for blowing mode and cleans without leaving a single leaf with its suction capacity of 14m³/min.
Its very high shredding rate is due to its robust steel turbine. The two strong points of the machine are the blower speed of up to 418 km/h and the high-performance 3000 Watt motor.
The zip-up collecting bag makes emptying much easier. This machine is ideal for removing dry and wet leaves and reducing them to compost.

Maintenance of a leaf vacuum blower

The maintenance of a leaf vacuum blower is really not complicated especially for those which are electric or battery powered because it is enough to clean the turbine from time to time to remove the leaves which can remain sticky.

For the thermal foil vacuum blower, it is a little more complex, as is the case with all thermal tools. You should regularly check the spark plugs or air filter, clean the cylinder fins or check and replace the air filter or fuel filter if necessary.

It is advisable to have a thermal leaf vacuum blower serviced by a professional every year. If you do not use it for several weeks, remember to drain all the fuel in the tank.

In summary

It’s important to take the time before buying a leaf vacuum and define your needs. If you have a small plot of land, a simple blower will suffice. Whenever the piles of leaves are large, choose a blower/vacuum or a blower/vacuum/shredder.

Take a good look at each feature and choose the leaf vacuum blower according to the ones you are interested in. There is no need, for example, to choose a (more expensive) thermal tool to simply clean a small terrace.

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