TCK SD30 Thermal Leaf Blower – Complete Test & Editorial review

The thermal blower is a device designed to generate a large air flow to loosen and sweep away dead leaves scattered on a yard, in a garage, on a balcony or on a terrace. Click here to find out more about this handy device for everyday use. If you are looking for a good quality thermal blower, we draw your attention to the TCK SD30. Having received very good marks from our testers, this model could help you maintain your outdoor living spaces with the greatest ease.

8.7 Total Score

The TCK SD30 is a 6 kg backpack thermal blower.

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107,35$ 149,90$

Negative points

The TCK SD30’s predicted wind tunnel speed is 450 km/h. During our test, however, we found that the actual speed is much less important. On this point, it is overtaken by the Bosch 06008A1000 ALS 25 which is a more basic model. It should also be noted that this model does not offer a suction and grinding function. Visit our test bench if you are looking for a multifunctional model.

Positive points

You could save several dozen euros by choosing the TCK SD30. Indeed, this thermal blower is offered at a price of around $107. This price is particularly advantageous when you consider that models like the McCulloch GBV 320 can be purchased for $40 more. The TCK SD30 is very comfortable to use. The device is easy to handle. Starting up is simple and requires relatively little effort. This is an important advantage for a thermal blower equipped with a 2-stroke engine. We also greatly appreciated the very low fuel consumption. This will not only help you save money, but will also help you cover more surface area with each fill.

In a few words

The purchase of the TCK SD30 is advantageous on several points. Offered at an affordable price, this model will help you save money. You’ll also get a handy, fuel-efficient device. This blower lacks power, it will nevertheless bring you great satisfaction.


Make: TCKModel
: SD30Type:
back-pack thermal blowerFunction:
2-stroke petrol engineDisplacement:
30 cm3Power:
1000 WMaximum
km/hMaximum airflow: 13 m3/minDimensions:
42 x 35 x 40 centimetresWeight:
6.5 kgColour:
black and
2 years

107,35$ 149,90$

TCK SD30 test: grouped controls for greater ergonomics

The design of the TCK SD30 promotes ergonomics. The device is quite light as it weighs 6.5 kg. The arrangement of the handle has been designed to provide a single control centre. Not only can the blower be turned on and off, but also the blower level is selected from this unique handle, which is also used to control the blower head. This is a dorsal model. It is therefore equipped with two very comfortable shoulder straps and a backrest. This configuration allows you to use only one hand when operating this thermal blower.

107,35$ 149,90$

A fuel-efficient model

The TCK SD30 runs on a 30cc two-stroke petrol engine. It is therefore a small-displacement engine that consumes very little fuel. You can use regular unleaded petrol, but also special alkyd fuels. No matter what type of fuel you use, you’ll save money as fuel consumption is always minimal. This model also has a lower carbon footprint due to this limited consumption. You will therefore be making an ecological gesture by buying it.


Although the TCK SD30 lacks power, it will be able to give you complete satisfaction by effectively removing dead leaves from your garden, terrace or balcony. Its purchase will also be a good opportunity for you to make a good deal.

107,35$ 149,90$