Skil 0792AA Vacuum Leaf Blower & Crusher – Complete Test and Reviews

Among the best-selling vacuum leaf blowers and shredders, there is an electric model which is convincing due to its attractive price/performance ratio. This is the Skil 0792AA, a gardening machine that looks promising. In order to be sure, we decided to test it and to share our impressions with you.

Presentation of the vacuum leaf blower Skil 0792AA

To get rid of the dead leaves cluttering up your garden, nothing beats the 0792AA, the Skil vacuum leaf blower with shredding function. Powerful and efficient, this model blows, sucks up and shreds all the green waste in your garden in record time. Light and easy to handle, this device will allow you to easily maintain your garden in all seasons. The Skil brand left nothing to chance when designing the 0792AA. Its design and various functions have been thought to facilitate its use at all times. The great innovation of this vacuum leaf blower-blower compared to other models is its swivel wheel, which makes it easier to handle and prevents you from having to turn to correctly orient its tube towards the areas to be cleaned.

With its 2800 W motor, the Skil 0792AA has a high power output. This 3-in-1 model has a large, strategically placed switch that allows it to quickly switch from blowing mode to suction and crushing mode. Quite light, this blower-vacuum has been designed to be as practical as possible. Thanks to its 2 handles, it is easier and less tiring to lift and manoeuvre it for long periods of time. In addition, the 9792AA has a comfortable shoulder strap for optimal transport and use.

The Skil 0792AA is a versatile unit perfect for garden maintenance. The power of the air blower that it emits allows all leaves and other plant debris to be quickly collected in piles. The 0792AA Skil vacuum leaf blower 0792AA Skil sucks up and crushes all this vegetable waste with a single flip of the switch. The elements thus destroyed will be stored in a large capacity 45 l bag. This Skil vacuum leaf blower-blower is part of the “Easy Series” range and therefore comes with an exclusive “Easy Storage” module. This is a brand specific rail designed to facilitate the storage of the 0792AA.

Technical data 0792AA Skil

  • Dimensions: 125 x 35 x 20 cm
  • Power: 2800 Watts
  • Voltage: 220 Volts
  • Weight: 3.30 kg
  • Power supply
  • Pack including a vacuum leaf blower, shoulder harness, 45 l bag and Easy Storage hanging rail
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: 2 years

Skil 0792AA vacuum leaf blower Grinder Test

Versatile and efficient, the Skil 0792AA blower is suitable for both amateur and professional gardeners. During the test, we were impressed by the power of this 3-in-1 model, which, with its 2800 W, blows, sucks up and shreds all the plant debris in the garden in just a few minutes. To assess the strength of its airflow, we started by collecting all the dead leaves from the garden in a heap. In a few minutes, we finished our task and sucked up the green debris to test the suction and shredding functions. With a simple touch on the switch ideally located on the side, we launched the 2 other modes of the 0792AA. With a suction volume of 13 m3/min and a reduction ratio of 1/10th, it only took a few moments to get rid of the pile of leaves, and all without filling the bag all at once.

One of the reasons we did this Skil 0792AA test is because we were able to test it on a very large garden with trees. The power of this model was a decisive factor in our choice, but its type of power supply also had a lot to do with it. By plugging this vacuum leaf blower into an electrical outlet, we were able to rid the garden of dead leaves without having to take frequent breaks to recharge the unit or fill up with gas. Its 2800 W allowed us to collect and chop up all the green waste, without the need to make several passes. As part of the Skil “Urban Series” range, this blower-vacuum is one of the most practical and economical. It has been designed to absorb less power and emit as little noise as possible. However, we recommend that you wear ear protection, especially when using this model for long periods of time.

The Skil 0792-AA is a model that has been designed to facilitate the maintenance of large gardens. At 3.3 kg, this vacuum leaf blower-blower is one of the lightest appliances. And for more comfort, the Skil brand has equipped it with a shoulder harness. It can be adjusted to suit the size of the user and ensures optimum comfort. The real advantage of this model is the presence of a swivel wheel on the end of the blowing tube. Thanks to it, the vacuum leaf blower-blower can be manoeuvred like a trolley and does not need to be lifted when travelling through the garden. It also keeps the model’s tube a few centimetres from the ground, allowing it to better blow or suck up dead leaves. The 0792AA also has an innovation from the Skil brand: the “Easy Storage” solution. This is a brand specific rail. Thanks to the latter, it is possible to hang this vacuum leaf blower-blower in any space. Simply install the rail on a small section of wall and the Skil 0792AA will find a designated storage space.

Opinions on blower 0792AA

All users of the Skil 0792AA agree on one thing: this device is really very practical. For the comfort of the gardeners, the brand has imagined a handy, light and efficient model that meets all their needs in terms of blowing or suction. The 0792AA is a 3-in-1 model that meets all the expectations of its users. Blow and vacuum modes work perfectly on dead leaves, even wet ones. Among the Skil 0792AA notices, the shredding function of a one-tenth ratio is also highlighted by those who have purchased it, which makes it possible to conserve large quantities of leaves before emptying the 45 l bag completely.

The Skil 0792AA is an electrical device that operates continuously by plugging into a mains socket. Although some people find that its 2800 W does not give it the optimum power, this vacuum-blower is nevertheless efficient enough to maintain more or less large surfaces. Switching from blower mode to vacuum and vice versa is done by a small, cleverly placed handle on the side. One touch is all it takes to quickly switch from one mode to another.

The various innovations of the Skil brand also allow the Skil 0792AA vacuum shredder to collect very good reviews. The first one is a swivel wheel located on the end of the blow tube, which makes it easier to move the blow tube at ground level. Some users prefer to do without the latter, as the model is already quite light and the wheel doesn’t evolve perfectly well on gravel surfaces. The other advantage of this vacuum leaf blower is the “Easy Storage” storage rail. To be installed on any surface, it allows the unit to be easily hung and stored before and after each use.

We have tested the Skil 0792AA vacuum leaf blower Crusher here is our opinion

3.8 (76.76%) 37 votes

Page last updated on 2019-01-18

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