Ryobi RBV3000CSV Vacuum Leaf Blower & Crusher Test and Reviews

For your gardening work you want to invest in a vacuum blower, and you hesitate between several models? In the range of electric leaf blowers is the Ryobi RBV3000CSV, which also has a shredding function. This brand is well known for its gardening equipment offering a very good quality/price ratio. To see if the RBV3000CSV vacuum blower/crusher complies with this, we decided to test it.

Introduction of Ryobi RBV3000CSV Vacuum blower Crusher

The concept of the multi-function vacuum blower is the savior of more than one home when the dead leaf season sets in. The RYOBI brand is sneaking up on the major references on the market to offer a leaf shredder-vacuum that also takes on the function of a blower. The brand remains faithful to its reputation by offering tools that are as efficient as they are light. RYOBI is known for developing devices that optimize the user experience. The RBV3000CSV is therefore a worthy heir to its predecessors, and combines the lightness of an ergonomic structure with the efficiency of 3 high-performance functions.

The brand chooses to integrate a 3000 Watt motor to generate a wind tunnel speed of 375 km/h. The blower has a suction speed of 16m3 per minute and a grinding ratio of 16:1. Everything in the RBV3000CSV is aimed at the quality of the work done, as well as saving time. The Power Mulching technology goes in this direction: the vacuum crusher ensures that the crushing process is maximised, thanks to a combination of metal blades and a turbine. The reduction in the size of the waste is guaranteed, reducing at the same time the size of the container carried by the user. The efficiency of the crushing machine means that the catch bag does not have to be emptied at every stage: the 45 litres of the bag only fills up with a very large quantity of dead leaves.

The treatment and disposal of this waste on the RYOBI RBV3000CSV facilitates its reconversion into compost: the level of efficiency is calculated to be high, and allows the user to get the most out of its cleaning. The blower function simplifies the removal of stubborn leaves: wet or not, they will not be able to resist the action of the flat nozzle, specially designed to optimise the concentration of air flows.

Technical specifications of the RBV3000CSV vacuum blower

  • Motor power: 3000 Watts
  • Inverter: integrated
  • Versatility: vacuuming, blowing, shredding
  • Blowing speed: 375km/h
  • Suction speed: 16m3/mn
  • Waste reduction ratio: 46/1
  • Capacity catch bag: 45l
  • Weight: 3.6 kg
  • Power Mulching Technology
  • Vibration rate: 4.6 m/sec.
  • Noise level: 108 dB

Testing the RBV3000CSV from RYOBI

The RYOBI machine is designed to collect dead leaves and other plant debris in a few minutes. The design of this vacuum blower is ideal for medium sized spaces and is difficult to adapt to larger surfaces. However, it is still possible to use it on large gardens, extensive lawns, or large terraces. Its versatility is one of its main strong points noted during our test: the main structure is accompanied by two types of pipes, optimizing the rendering of each function. These accessories are removable and work separately. The RBV3000CSV facilitates their mounting and inversion, thanks to a double handle. It adopts multiple positions and responds instantly to user needs. The two types can be swapped, and are positioned just above the pick-up bag.

The weight of the device is appealing because it is not very imposing, despite its pronounced power. When used, the 3.6 kg hardly weigh anything. Whichever mode is selected, the vacuum blower keeps a slightly impressive, and remains manageable in all circumstances. Two speeds are integrated to facilitate the work of each function: the suction power can thus be maximized, as well as the blowing power, whose activity is the first to be optimized. The tasks to be carried out do not require any special effort from the machine. The relevance of the two tubes is quickly revealed, as they offer a pronounced control over use. The blower, offering a concentrated flow, limits the risks of scattering and projections of debris. For the user, this is the first guarantee that he will not be subjected to the jets of pebbles that can cause injury.

The handle of the RBV3000CSV emphasizes ergonomics. Its micro-cellular composition makes it easy to handle and control the camera. The level of vibration and sound recorded by the device makes this addition indispensable, and directly impacts comfort over prolonged use. RYOBI has designed the camera to be easy to carry, and its weight is a testament to this practicality. Its design did not make the retaining strap indispensable during our test of this gardening appliance. The sound and vibrations generated are uncomfortable, however, and require some precautions just like any vacuum blower. Fortunately, the special features of the handle make it easier to grip. The handling remains firm despite the movements, and will not disturb more than a less constraining model. A strain relief function prevents disconnection of the mains plug from the mains socket, thus avoiding repeated shutdowns.

Accompanying accessories maximize performance. The collection bag is watertight and strong and has a sturdy zip for easy opening. Manoeuvrability is also a major factor, thanks in large part to the centralized controls on the aircraft. However, its compact design is not to be relied on: with its hoses, the tool takes on proportions that require two-handed handling. The yield rate of dead leaves is high: the technology used by the integrated shredder is interesting to save time and to convert the waste. The leaves are reduced to 1/16th of their original size, allowing a maximum of leaves to accumulate in the 45 litres available.

Opinions on the RBV3000CSV from RYOBI

The RBV3000CSV is an instrument that offers good value for money. The announced power offers a performance to this vacuum blower-blower that largely keeps its promises. The speed of the blower will appeal to users looking for high performance, and the suction capabilities will delight those who invest primarily in saving time. The model is among the references that have been selected for their power, but also for the performance of their functionalities. RYOBI is doing well with a machine that has nothing to be ashamed of against the competition and is getting very good reviews. The performance of the RBV3000CSV is suitable for both domestic and professional use. However, the tool is not recommended for large spaces, but can easily be adapted to meet this demand. Integrated technologies make it easy to get started, and optimize the time spent outdoors. For hobby gardeners, the device has everything you need to please.

However, its versatility can be a problem for those who do not appreciate impractical tools. The need to change the nozzle for each function can be inconvenient, even if the procedure takes no more than a few seconds. The detail is quickly forgotten by the users who will first retain the power of the air flow… as well as that of the air and sound. We also note that the gardening tool does not generate any unpleasant heat, and that slight changes in temperature do not interfere with its operation in any way. Its durable design will allow you to keep it for many years without a drop in power. The initial investment pays for itself quickly, thanks in particular to the efficiency of the shredder, which will not present any difficulties, whatever the nature of the plant debris.

We tested the Ryobi RBV3000CSV vacuum blower and grinder.

3.6 (72.59%) 27 votes

Page last updated on 2019-01-18

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