RYOBI RBL26BP Thermal Leaf Blower – Complete editorial review

Blowers with gasoline engines have several advantages, including portability. No cables will restrict your movements. On our site, we offer you several models of petrol thermal blowers. You can access this list by clicking here. Among the gasoline models tested was the RYOBI RBL26BP. This blower received a very good mark and very positive opinions from our testers. You will find in this review the complete characteristics of this thermal blower which is particularly interesting to buy.

8.5 Total Score

The RYOBI RBL26BP is equipped with a reinforced metal frame.

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168,00$ 179,99$

Negative points

Starting up the RYOBI RBL26BP is relatively difficult. It is important to read the manual carefully and follow the instructions in order to start the appliance successfully. With a power limited to 0.68 kW, this model is less powerful than the Makita BHX2501. In particular, it will not be able to blow a wet ground where dead leaves are stuck. If you’re looking for a more powerful model, check out our 2018 Best Thermal Blowers ranking.

Positive points

The flat nozzle of the RYOBI RBL26BP is an important advantage. In addition to increasing the air flow and speed, it also promotes the detachment of sheets. This trivial detail increases the capacity of the device. The RYOBI RBL26BP is also light as it weighs only 5.5 kg while models such as the TIMBERPRO Thermal Back Leaf Blower weigh more than 10 kg. It is therefore easier and less tiring to wear. The harness has also been designed to make wearing this backpack leaf blower very comfortable. You could afford this device for less than $168.

In a few words

Despite a few faults such as limited power and relatively difficult starting, the RYOBI RBL26BP remains a very interesting thermal blower. It has several advantages such as a flat nozzle that optimizes the blowing of leaves, but also a comfortable grip. So you’d make a good deal if you bought this thermal blower.


Brand : RYOBIModel :
RBL26BPType :
thermal blowerFunction :
backpack blowerFeeding :
2TC petrol engineDisplacement :
power :
0.9 hpPower
: 0.65 kWAirflow
: 290
starter for
priming pumpVariable
controlCushioned shoulder strapsBackrest and
nozzleReinforced metal
: 110 dBWeight:
5.5 kgColours:
grey and yellow

168,00$ 179,99$

RYOBI RBL26BP test: a very comfortable backpack leaf blower

Wearing comfort is a very important selection criterion for backpack leaf blowers like the RYOBI RBL26BP. This model has therefore been designed to provide maximum comfort when you wear it. Its harness is made up of wide, padded and padded shoulder straps. They distribute the weight of the device evenly over your shoulders. The device remains stable thanks to the provision of a hip belt. As for the backsplash, it has been ventilated to limit the rise in heat when you wear the blower for a long period of time.

168,00$ 179,99$

A compact and robust device

You could use RYOBI RBL26BP for many years if you take good care of it. It is indeed a robust device. It is equipped with a steel frame that has been reinforced to support the engine. The engine is also of good quality and does not require any complex maintenance apart from cleaning the air filter, which you could easily do. Other parts such as the blower head or the handle and harness are made from high quality materials. They are therefore resistant and easy to maintain.


The RYOBI RBL26BP is a thermal blower that our team recommends. It will provide you with great comfort of use and its superior quality to help you take better care of your garden for many years to come. In addition, its purchase will require reasonable expenses that you could make profitable with its great longevity.

168,00$ 179,99$