Ryobi RBL26BP : Test, Opinions and Advice from the Editorial Board

Need a makeover for your pelouse ? There’s nothing like a Thermal Leaf Blower to clean your garden. Now you don’t have to rake dead leaves by hand. This device guarantees you a perfect result in a very short time.

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We have tested several Thermal Leaf Blowers, the following lines will present you an exceptional model of the Ryobi brand: the Ryobi RBL26BP.

Ryobi RBL26BP Thermal Leaf Blower Test


  • Weight: 6.90 kg
  • Motor powers: 900 Watts
  • Blower speed (km/h)/air speed (m/s) v: 290 km/h
  • Air flow rate: N/A
  • Tank capacity : N/A

RYOBI is a do-it-yourself brand specialized in the design of garden utensils (drills, jigsaws, lawnmowers…), and power tools. The company also markets stationary tools, building site materials and accessories, household appliances, etc.

It is a company that constantly seeks to offer innovative and easy-to-use products. It makes sure to put on the market quality, high-performance and environmentally friendly items. This is demonstrated by his Ryobi RBL26BP Thermal Leaf Blower, a product whose technical aspect we present here.

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Technical aspect

Ryobi really impressed us with their RBL26BP model. The latter has the dimensions of : 36 x 45.8 x 37.6. The “  to dos ” category car weighs 6.90 kg and is equipped with a 2-stroke engine. The latter runs on petrol and has a power output of 26 cc, i.e. 0.65 KW and a power output of 0.9 hp. Blower speed is 290 km/h.

Like most Thermal Leaf Blowers, it has a noise level above 100 dB, about 110 dB. The unit is equipped with a padded harness and a flat nozzle. In addition, there is a variable speed drive and a quick-start system, the special features of which will be presented.


Some would find it quite heavy because of its high weight. But don’t worry, Ryobi thought of tout ! She equipped the aircraft with a padded harness, which allows it to be worn on the back. In addition, there is a ventilated backsplash for added comfort. If that wasn’t enough, she also equipped the device with a hip belt and wide shoulder straps, a way to distribute the load evenly for better handling. Moreover, it is easy to use.

Once the fuel tank is full, activate the priming pump. This in turn primes the carburetion system for an easy cold start. This Thermal Leaf Blower is equipped with a 3-position starter that optimizes starting and reduces the risk of engine flooding. Once the device is switched on, the engine prints a blower speed of 290 km/h, for fast maintenance of your lawn, terrace, etc…

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In addition, the blower has a variable speed drive. This allows the blowing and suction power to be adapted to the type of surface or task to be carried out, ideal for better maintenance of both flat and uneven surfaces. As the device is equipped with a flat nozzle, the plant debris is better removed, resulting in an impeccable result at the end of the cleaning process.

Like most Thermal Leaf Blowers, the Ryobi RBL26BP is suitable for both small and large areas. However, its noise level of 110 dB makes it rather noisy. We therefore recommend that you wear a noise-cancelling headset when using it. Out of respect for the neighbourhood, it is best not to use it between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m., let alone on Sundays. Apart from that, it is a device that has a frame made of reinforced metal, another aspect of the product that makes it strong, sturdy and long-lasting.