McCulloch GBV 345 Thermal Leaf Blower – Test and Review

The Mc Culloch brand is today one of the manufacturers of the best blowers on the market. It offers models that combine performance and quality and rival those of major manufacturers such as Kärcher or Black & Decker. Our team has selected the McCulloch GBV 345 from the brand’s range of blowers. This model, in addition to being particularly practical, will bring you several notable advantages. To know more about this model which could soon join the list of your garden maintenance equipment, follow this review written especially by our team.

8.4 Total Score

The McCulloch GBV 345 is relatively light.

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Negative points

The McCulloch GBV 345 is equipped with a gasoline time engine. This motor will save you the hassle of power cables. On the other hand, we found that it lacks power. Indeed, it has a power of 750 W. This lack of power is especially noticeable in the suction which takes longer than with other more powerful models such as the TIMBERPRO Thermal Back Leaf Blower. Its price, $163, is still high when the power of the device is taken into account.

Positive points

With a weight of only 4.4 kg, the McCulloch GBV 345 is one of the lightest blowers presented in our test bench. This lightness has a considerable advantage especially when you have a large surface to maintain. The grip will indeed be much less tiring. We also really appreciated the SoftStart function, which makes it very easy to start the device. This start requires much less effort than with other blowers equipped with gasoline engines. Low fuel consumption is also an advantage for this model.

In a few words

The McCulloch GBV 345 satisfied our team with its handling and fuel consumption. With this thermal blower, you can clean your garden without getting too tired. It remains a very good model that is recommended to buy despite its relatively high price and lack of power. Click here to find much more powerful blowers.


Brand : McCullochModel :
GBV 345Type
: thermal blowerPower :
750 W
Power supply: petrol engineDisplacement
: 25 cm3Function:
blower, vacuum,
grinderMaximum blower speed: 345 km/hVariable
speed driveAir
12.16 m3/minAir speed
: 95.83
: 16:
litresSoftStartSack capacity:
45 litresDimensions:
57.1 x 28.5 x 40.6 cmColours:
black and yellowWeight:
4.4 kg


McCulloch GBV 345 test: a multifunctional device

The McCulloch GBV 345 has all the features you would need to remove dead leaves, litter and grass cuttings from your garden. Indeed, he is able to blow them out to push them to a specific location. You can then suck them up easily thanks to the special nozzle. Before arriving in the bag, the leaves will be shredded by the shredder integrated in the machine. They will therefore lose volume and be easier to store. The bag has a capacity of 45 litres and is very easy to empty.


Simple and intuitive operation

The use of the McCulloch GBV 345 is within everyone’s reach. All handling and adjustments are done quickly from the adjustable handle similar to the McCulloch GB355BP Blower. The device is also very light as it weighs 4.4 kg on the scale. Its use will therefore not be tiring and you can cover large areas without too much difficulty. The McCulloch GBV 345 is also a great starter, thanks to the SoftStart technology you can start this thermal blower without much effort.


The McCulloch GBV 345 will make your garden maintenance as easy as possible. This high quality thermal blower will be very practical and will allow you to remove dead leaves and grass cuttings from your garden without getting too tired.