McCulloch GBV 345 Thermal Vacuum Leaf Blower – Test and Reviews

In the world of thermal blowers, the McCulloch brand has had a very good image for years with powerful and efficient models. At vacuum leaf blower, we were all eager to test the GBV 345, a promising model in view of the many positive opinions about it. Here are the results of our test of this petrol leaf blower.

Presentation of the McCulloch GBV 345 vacuum leaf blower/thermal blower

There is no shortage of ways to get rid of invasive dead leaves. The plant debris vacuum leaf blower is undoubtedly the fastest and most efficient alternative for a proper collection. For this task to be done quickly and well, there is no better than McCulloch’s GBV 345. With its thermal technology, this device will free you from the chore of shovel and rake. Its design makes it possible to say goodbye to the small inconveniences of a manual pickup: physical pain, lack of efficiency, fatigue, but also the loss of time on a task that is much more thankless than it seems.

McCulloch not only saves valuable minutes, but also helps to clean your green spaces of unsightly debris. The brand values the efficiency of the machine, promising that the leaves will be picked up as carefully as they are quickly. The GBV 345 plays in the big league, with features worthy of professional instruments. Its appearance, solid and robust, relies on the quality of the accessories. In addition to the vacuum leaf blower, the appliance is equipped with a head reserved for the blower, a 5l collection bag and a 750W power. Its ergonomic design is original and conveys the image of a high-performance machine.

A few things definitely distinguish it from the mass: the tool runs on petrol, with a tank capacity of 0.54 l. Easy to handle and start, the McCulloch GBV 345 is equipped with an anti-vibration function and a chopper that significantly reduces the volume of leaves harvested. The reference is also equipped with a flexible handle that can be manipulated with one hand, and with setting options that facilitate the work of gardeners, whether they are occasional or professional. The GBV 345 combines the 3 most important functions of an efficient leaf vacuum leaf blower and is easily positioned among the most attractive portable devices in its price range.

Technical data

  • Thermal tool
  • 3 functions: suction, blowing and grinding
  • Weight: 4.4 kg
  • Tank capacity: 0.54 l
  • Wrestling bag capacity: 45l
  • Displacement: 25cm3
  • Suction capacity: 12,16m3/mn
  • Blowing speed: 345km/h
  • Motor power: 750W
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: 24 months
  • Soft handle
  • Anti-vibration system

McCulloch GBV 345 test

The general appearance of the device makes it advisable to test it without delay. The McCulloch GBV 345 vacuum leaf blower GBV 345 has a simple appearance, but also a robustness that does not leave one indifferent. It has been carefully designed, and the device has a pleasant and practical design. The positioning of the handle is noticeable even before use, and switching on the device confirms that the accessory has a functional purpose. Strategically placed, this addition is easy to handle and allows you to operate the vacuum leaf blower with only one hand. The location of the buttons makes it easy to make adjustments, and even beginners can easily find their way around the small control panel. The instrument itself is simple: the buttons are minimalist, and only allow you to change functionality, hence its ease of use.

When the beast is switched on, the conclusion is clear: the GBV 345 is monstrously efficient, and the placement of the handle allows it to be used without great effort. However, the power of the device does not only have advantages: the motor roars with impressive force, forcing the user to equip himself with adequate protection. A few precautions are therefore essential when using the machine, which will tend to vibrate strongly when in use. The low sound output helps to spread the feeling of vibration that quickly takes the arm off. The sensation felt after a few minutes is at first bearable, before becoming totally disturbing. The lack of clearance between the engine and the handle is the cause of this discomfort, and can only be relieved with special tools.

The user’s ears must also be protected. Despite the presence of an anti-vibration system that also reduces the noise pollution generated, during our tests the McCulloch GBV 345 remained noisy enough to attack the eardrums. Luckily, the brand has thought of limiting these inconveniences with a soft composition at the handle level, reducing pain and unpleasant sensations. In spite of a positioning that allows a prolonged use, the stick is not optimized against the vibrations and heat propagated by the engine. The unsuitable length of the tube also encourages the user to tilt the instrument so that it reaches the ground well. The small size of the hose can quickly become a problem for tall users, who may be hindered by prolonged use.

Opinions on the vacuum leaf blower GBV 345 McCulloch

The features of the McCulloch GBV 345 herald a functional and well thought-out vacuum leaf blower. In addition to being easy to handle, this device is ergonomic. However, the handle positioning is not 100% optimized, and may cause some discomfort during prolonged use, resulting in some negative opinions. Maintenance is more complex than it looks and requires regular cleaning of the tank. Indeed, the use of gasoline can quickly clog up the machine’s mechanics. No matter how robust the GBV 345 is, it cannot withstand long if it does not receive the necessary care. Comfort in use is mixed. The device offers a clear comfort to the handling, but the proximity of the motor and the handle directs heat and vibrations all along the arm.

The catch bag offers a serious asset to the vacuum leaf blower: simple to place and empty, it is also resistant and receives positive feedback. It does not fear contact with liquids that can sometimes accompany the leaves. However, caution must be exercised when dealing with more massive debris, whether it is the GBV 345’s beak or the bag walls. Although the crushing function is effective, it does not reduce the size of the stones. These are not always well assimilated, and repeated impact with the fins will damage the grinder. Despite a few small dark spots, the McCulloch GBV 345 is a versatile vacuum leaf blower that delivers on its promises, while still offering an appreciable comfort of use… without being perfect! The price/performance ratio remains correct, and will suit both professionals and individuals looking for high performance devices. Investing in protective equipment is not a waste of money, however, as long and repeated use of the machine is very hard on the hands and ears.

What we think of the McCulloch GBV 345 vacuum leaf blower crusher.

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Page last updated on 2019-01-18

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