McCulloch GBV 320 Thermal Leaf Blower – Test & Review

In the blower market, the Mc Culloch brand is known for its models that combine quality and performance with genius. One of the brand’s models is included in our ranking of the best thermal blowers on the market. Click here to view this ranking. Our team also tested its McCulloch GBV 32 model. Lightweight, compact, yet powerful, this blower has been designed to allow you to sweep and vacuum dead leaves with the greatest of ease. Are you interested in this model? Follow all the details about him through this complete review prepared by our team.

8.8 Total Score

The McCulloch GBV 320 is one of the best and most popular gardening tools.

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Negative points

Compared to other similar models such as the Bosch 06008A1000 ALS 25, the McCulloch GBV 320 is relatively expensive. It costs about $148 to buy it. This price is still affordable. Despite the use of SoftStart technology on this model, starting this blower is still quite difficult, especially when the engine is hot. We also regret the absence of a second handle to more easily orientate the blower head. The comfort of handling is therefore reduced.

Positive points

The McCulloch GBV 320 is a very good quality unit. It is of course offered with a 2-year warranty. When properly maintained, its life expectancy far exceeds the warranty offered by Mac Culloch. In addition to this very satisfactory quality, this model offers very satisfactory blowing and suction capacities. Its engine has a displacement of 25 cm3 and consumes very little fuel. So you’ll save money in the long run by limiting your fuel expenses. In addition, we were very pleased with the very comfortable anti-vibration handle of the McCulloch GBV 320.

In a few words

Efficiency, performance and low fuel consumption are just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you purchase the McCulloch GBV 320. Of course, this device has a few faults such as a rather difficult start. It will still be powerful enough to easily clean your outdoor spaces (courtyard, veranda, terrace …).


Brand : McCullochModel
: GBV 320Type
: thermal blower
Power: 750Power:
petrol engineDisplacement
: 25 cm3Function:
blower, vacuum
cleanerMaximum blower speed: 320 km/hVariable speed
: 729
flow rate
: 12.16
: 0.54
not includedDimensions:
40 x 38 x 29.5 cmColours:
black and yellowWeight:
4.25 kgWarranty:
2 years


McCulloch GBV 320 test: a very comfortable anti-vibration handle

Thermal blower motors produce a lot of vibrations. These vibrations are not only uncomfortable, but can also be dangerous for the muscles. In order to limit these risks and make the McCulloch GBV 320 even more comfortable to use, it has been equipped with a very effective anti-vibration handle. The handle absorbs the vibrations of the unit so that they do not reach the hand. The configuration of this handle also allows the device to be used by both right-handed and left-handed people. So you can use it correctly and comfortably, regardless of your laterality.


An excellent tool to maintain your garden

Leaves that invade our garden, courtyard and other outdoor spaces such as verandas and terraces. With the McCulloch GBV 320 you could sweep these leaves very easily. The unit will be able to blow them out. The unit can also be used to vacuum them to collect them in a bag. You could then put them together and throw them away much more easily. Even if the unit does not offer a grinding function, it still performs very well in suction mode.


Forget the long hours spent sweeping up the dead leaves spread out on your yard. With the McCulloch GBV 320, cleaning will be done in minutes and with very little effort. This thermal blower will also make you benefit from a great comfort of use and a limitation of your expenses by its low fuel consumption. Visit our test page for details on other models of thermal blowers.