Our Review on the MC CULLOCH GBV 345 Leaf Vacuum Blower

Having a garden also means having mowing debris, falling leaves and plant detritus that must be picked up regularly. The best way to get rid of this chore is to buy a leaf vacuum blower that also has a blower and a shredder.

The models are numerous and there is therefore one adapted to each need and each budget. Thermal leaf vacuum blowers are the most powerful and don’t require you to have an electrical outlet handy.

I’ve had the opportunity to test several of them, including the Makita BHV2501 leaf vacuum blower, but it’s a bit expensive. More accessible, the Mc Culloch GBV 345 thermal leaf vacuum blower is one of my favourites. It offers good qualities and quickly makes itself indispensable.

So why is it in my Top 5 of the best leaf vacuums like the Black & Decker GW2810? I propose you to discover it in this complete test of the thermal leaf vacuum blower Mc Culloch GBV 345 !

The MC CULLOCH GBV 345 leaf blower is one of the best models of the moment thanks to its combustion engine. Its wind tunnel can reach speeds of up to 347 km/h, enough to remove dead leaves and detritus in just a few seconds. It is also supplied with a suction hose and a 45-litre tank with grinder. In short, he has everything of a professional model!

Value for money – 9.5

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Its technical characteristics

  • Type: thermal
  • 2-stroke engine
  • Operates on a 2% petrol + oil mixture
  • Displacement: 25 cm3
  • Power: 750 watts
  • Blowing speed: 345 km/h
  • Suction capacity: 740 m3/h
  • Grinding capacity: 16 : 1
  • Easy start system
  • Bag capacity: 45 L
  • Weight: 4 kg

The thermal foil vacuum blower Mc Culloch GBV 345 in detail

The Mc Culloch GBV 345 is a 3 in 1 tool, so it will first blow the leaves or others to make piles, then vacuum them and finally crush them. To do all this, it is equipped with a 2-stroke engine with a power of 25 cm3 or 750 watts.

It runs on a 2% petrol + oil mixture. Its blowing capacity is 345 km/h and its suction capacity is 740 m3/h. As you can see, this is a thermal leaf vacuum blower that promises great performance.

This Culloch leaf vacuum blower has a high shredding reduction capacity of 16:1 thanks to its wide steel blade and turbine.

Another advantage of this Mc Culloch tool is its simple and effortless starting system. It allows 40% less effort during the action of the launcher because it is no longer in direct action with the compression of the engine.

It is very easy to maintain (which is rare with thermal models) thanks to its tool-free access to the air filter. It is also equipped with a variable speed drive. This one allows you to choose the acceleration speed with a simple gesture.

Thermal leaf vacuums are generally heavy and unwieldy. That’s not the case with this McCulloch, since he only weighs 4 kilos. You will appreciate its anti-vibration handle with a soft coating that offers a good grip and comfort of use.

Please note that for optimal comfort of use, it has a gyroscopic anti-effect. This prevents the tool from rotating so that your wrist does not feel pressure when you use it.

The advantages of this thermal foil vacuum blower Mc Culloch GBV 345

  • Its excellent value for money
  • Its power
  • Easy start up
  • Its easy maintenance
  • Its performance
  • Its gyroscopic anti-effect system
  • Its manoeuvrability
  • Its weight

The disadvantages of this thermal foil vacuum blower Mc Culloch GBV 345

  • Need to disassemble the blower to install the vacuum system
  • No harnesses

My review on this thermal foil vacuum blower Mc Culloch

My review is more than positive and I am impressed by the performance of this vacuum blower, blower and grinder Mc Culloch. Its blowing and suction power means that nothing can resist it. Even wet, sticky leaves will be easily peeled off the ground.

In terms of handling, it’s flawless and it’s really designed for users. So for me it’s one of the best leaf vacuums of the moment and you can go ahead and buy it with your eyes closed!