Makita DUB 182 LXT Cordless Blower Vacuum Blower Test and Reviews

If there is one brand that enjoys a very good reputation in the world of tools, it is Makita! Among their product range is the DUB 182 LXT vacuum leaf blower. Offered at a small price given the fact that it is battery operated, we wanted to test it to see what it could do in a real situation. Let’s test the Makita DUB 182 LXT vacuum leaf blower.

Introducing Makita vacuum leaf blower

To clean up your exterior, the vacuum leaf blower-blower is a great ally. In its class, the Makita DUB 182 LXT has a dual function, powered by an 18V battery. A practical tool indispensable to the gardener, this model agglutinates the leaves with its powerful blow, and sucks them just as vigorously. The handheld unit simplifies maintenance of areas affected by green debris build-up, and is not out of work, regardless of the season. Makita’s main focus has been on this prototype, integrating specific features that set it apart from competing devices and that can offer everything gardeners are looking for.

On this model, the brand offers a low weight of 1.36 kg, for a power lower than 20V. The lithium battery is a big plus and makes wireless use of the product very convenient. Its operation is simple, not restrictive, and does not require complex handling. Makita’s DUB 182 LXT is a lightweight, functional instrument, powerful enough to blow 2.2 m² per minute. Its vacuum speed of 18,000 revolutions per minute is designed to increase the suction speed, and makes it possible to clean a small area in a very short time. Its autonomy, limited to 12 minutes, gives you information on the time needed to clean your outdoor spaces. Using a second spare battery will double the gardening time while the other charges, think about it.

The Makita DUB 182 LXT is a handy, easy-to-carry and even easier to operate vacuum leaf blower. The maintenance device also opts for a fast charging time, and is ready for use after 22 minutes plugged into a mains socket. The short battery charge time allows users to save time when picking up leaves from large areas, or simply to complete cleaning of more congested, high maintenance areas.

Technical specifications of DUB 182 LXT

  • Dimensions: 163 x 323 x 183 mm
  • Battery: lithium
  • Power: 18V
  • Weight: 1.36 kg
  • Blowing capacity: 2.2 m²/minute
  • Rotation speed: 18,000 revolutions per minute
  • Autonomy : 12mn
  • Charging time : 22mn

Makita Wireless vacuum leaf blower Test

Instruments with combined functions are becoming increasingly popular. Makita is positioning itself to meet the ever-increasing demand, with a leaf blower that can also be used as a vacuum leaf blower. The manufacturer makes no secret of its ambition to reach out to private individuals: the Makita DUB182z has a low weight of 1.36 kg, and a range of 12 min. These characteristics make it a device that is primarily intended for the occasional gardener or handyman, or for those who do not have to clear a large quantity of leaves every day. Compared to competing models, the specifics of Makita’s DUB 182 LXT may not be as good as they seem. But Makita’s great strength is that it has implemented a battery operated operation so that you can take the blower everywhere with you, be it to clean a roof, a gutter, etc… During our Makita wireless leaf blower DUB 182 LXT test we put it to the test and it performed well every time with exemplary handling and performance. And the brand goes one step further because the battery is compatible with other Makita portable tool models.

This small autonomy seems however sufficient to deal with small spaces, or to clear a driveway. The DUB 182 LXT will find takers among owners of small terraces, needing to clear the way with a blower. The absence of an external container confirms that this device is not suitable for professional use. Makita focuses more on the device’s portability than on its effectiveness in use. The DUB 182 stands out by assuming its simplified side, despite a power that can make much more powerful models tremble. The vacuum leaf blower-blower does not have a crushing function: for its usefulness and size, the addition would probably have seemed superfluous.

However, we regret this omission, as well as the omission of the pick-up bag. Accessories must be purchased separately for this model. If the beak can fulfil both functions, it may become necessary to adapt it to be more effective. The accessory that must be purchased separately is the charger, which is not supplied with the main body of the device. This purchase represents an additional investment and needs to be adapted to the device. A charger lacking power or having a higher voltage will quickly degrade the condition of the battery. The latter can also be purchased individually, and has a cost equivalent to that of the loading box. The price/performance ratio of Makita’s DUB 182 LXT can therefore be seen as disappointing at first glance, but this is without counting on the compatibility of the 18V battery with other Makita devices. This way you will only have to buy one charger to be able to use the same battery on several different devices.

The choice not to integrate a crushing function weighs heavily on the scales, because the Makita cordless vacuum leaf blower deliberately excludes elements that make its competitors successful. For occasional gardeners, the product can be interesting, and even get rid of a nice thorn in their foot. Its capacity is more than sufficient for small maintenance tasks, and the vacuum leaf blower offers a grip that remains within the reach of beginner gardeners.

Opinions on the Makita DUB 182 LXT

We can say that Makita has succeeded in her challenge to create a vacuum leaf blower-blower that is primarily aimed at private individuals. The DUB 182 LXT is a robust instrument that is suitable for use in both the home and the workplace. The device has assets that can please its users and which rely on safe values such as robustness in use, ease of use, or the speed of battery charging. These details seduce the private individuals who are numerous to have yielded to the charm of the device. The brand also manages to offer a sufficiently high power for a portable vacuum leaf blower-blower, although this is much lower than that of the major references on the market.

Relying on the Makita wireless vacuum leaf blower opinions gathered from the web, the brand has managed to position itself where it was not expected with a quality and rugged handheld electric appliance. Its compact size is unanimously acclaimed by its users, as well as the wireless operating mode that allows to free itself from the constraints of an electrical extension cord. If you’re looking for a small, high-performance machine to clean a driveway or construction site then the Makita DUB 182 LXT is for you. If you are looking for a blower that also makes a mulcher for garden use only, then we recommend the Black&Decker BDBV30 blower mulcher.

We have tested for you the Makita DUB 182 LXT blower-vacuum leaf blower

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