Vacuum Leaf Blower Crusher Hyundai HAS3200V Test and Reviews

If you’re tired of seeing dead leaves piling up in your garden, choosing a quality vacuum-blower can help. Today we are testing the Hyundai HAS3200V leaf blower  to see if it can easily solve this problem.

Introducing the Hyundai HAS3200V Leaf Shredder Vacuum blower HAS3200V

Leaf litter is a recurring problem that does not wait until autumn to invade the garden. For the practical mind, the adoption of the best vacuum-blower is the only valid alternative to get rid of these cumbersome elements without wasting time. Among the most famous models on the market is the Hyundai HAS3200V, a small jewel of technology announcing a 3200 Watt engine, with an idle speed of 15,000 rpm. The power announced by the manufacturer promises fast and efficient cleaning of the affected areas in just one pass. The unit, which is designed to be practical, offers a maximum air flow of 10.7 m3, with a crushing / grinding ratio of up to 10:1.

Hyundai also highlights other equally attractive features: while the maximum airflow speed is 250km/h, the collection bag offers a large capacity of 40l. Its functional aspect is confirmed by the presence of a second pick-up bag of the same capacity and a record weight of 2.70 kg. The Hyundai HAS3200V Leaf Blower is lighter than equivalent machines, so it has some enviable features that make leaf picking a real pleasure. Its light weight, together with the integration of a backpack, allows for easy and thorough clearing in just a few minutes.

Hyundai has built in enough power to peel off wet leaves, and has a wired power supply to ensure uninterrupted operation. The HAS3200V is a tool that can easily be used in large gardens or on long paths. It will appeal to professionals who need a high-performance leaf vacuum blower to maintain larger spaces in all weather conditions.

Technical Data HAS3200V Hyundai HAS3200V Hyundai

  • Dimensions: 508 x 418 x 314 mm
  • Motor power: 3200 watts
  • Power supply: mains plug
  • Pick-up capacity: 40 l x 2
  • Functions: suction, blowing, crushing
  • Revolutions per minute: 15,000
  • Air flow rate: 10.7m3
  • Grinding ratio: 10/1
  • Maximum air flow: 250km/h

Hyundai HAS3200V test

The versatility announced by the manufacturer made us want to test the HAS3200V vacuum blower. This blower features an engine that promises to be far more powerful than any competing unit. With 3200 watts to its credit, it is therefore certain that the device has what it takes to satisfy even the most demanding users. The use has somewhat cooled our ardour: the power is there, but the result is not necessarily what we expected. This is because the maximum airflow is slightly too low, and fails to deliver on the promise of one-pass cleaning. So we had to redo the aisles once or twice before we were completely satisfied. The lack of precision and relevance of the device is especially noticeable when the leaves are large and require a more concentrated blowing force. The flow rate is still sufficient for small amounts of plant debris.

One of the assets highlighted by the brand is the ability of Hyundai’s HAS3200V to peel off dead leaves in a matter of seconds. Again, the blower speed may not be sufficient, as the waterlogged leaves will have difficulty flying away. Those with moderate humidity, however, do not offer any resistance, so the hobby gardener can use the device throughout the autumn. Equipped with a 40l capacity container, the HAS3200V is equipped with a large pick-up bag, and is resolutely practical by integrating a first aid bag. The combination of this addition and the shredding function makes it possible to clean large plots of land without having to empty the attachment each time, a plus side in favour of the Hyundai blower noted during our tests.

The shredder is efficient and optimizes this capacity by reducing the debris to 1/10 of its original size. The difference is noticeable, as the collection bag becomes heavier less quickly, and is still sufficient for the maintenance of small green spaces. Its maintenance is just as easy: it only needs to be hollowed out, and does not require any particular care after accumulation of humidity. Hyundai has also thought about making it easier for the operator to move around: the machine, which is smaller than a standard model, weighs only 2.70 kg. This featherweight is a record for a device displaying its characteristics. Finally, the tool is equipped with a very practical roller guidance system that prevents the nozzle from dragging on soils that could damage it. The Hyundai HAS3200V is mobile, easy to handle and remains very simple to transport, even without a retaining cord.

Opinions on the Hyundai HAS3200V Vacuum Blower / Blower

User feedback on the Hyundai HAS3200V is mixed. For many, this is a unit that has all the features that are essential for a good vacuum blower-blower. Positive opinions underline its practicality, recognizing that the small volume of the device is a great advantage. A majority of users enjoy using the instrument and consider it a safe investment to optimise the time spent clearing the garden. However, its high power makes it noisy: a small noise pollution which can very well be minimal with the right protections, and which remains bearable for the neighbourhood despite a rather present sound.

A second category of users leaves a rather bad Hyundai HAS3200V review, explaining that the exhaust air speed is too low compared to the engine power. The combination thus seems irrelevant, and fails to convince Internet users with significant gardening needs. The use of the instrument may indeed require some patience, as it is not always suitable for picking up a dense foliage upstream. The blowing quality is average, forcing the repetition of passages even in the narrowest areas. This lack of efficiency does not represent a disadvantage for the amateur gardener, but is not always appreciated by professionals who will then turn more to models such as the Black & Decker GW3030 or the Skil 0792AA blower-shredder which manage to make a consensus around their performances.

The integration of a second collection bag is a good point that brings together many good opinions on the Hyundai HAS3200V vacuum blower, as the budding gardener will be able to switch containers without wasting precious minutes emptying one that he will have to reuse. The machine combines all the advantages to optimize the collection time, and manages to remain practical in spite of some small disadvantages.

We have tested the Hyundai HAS3200V vacuum blower/crusher/shredder…

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Page last updated on 2019-01-18

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