How to use a leaf blower?

Here’s how to use a leaf blower. Also known as a leaf vacuum, this tool allows you to group all the leaves in your garden in one place and make it easier for you to pick them up.

Whether you prefer a simple leaf blower model or a shredder blower that removes waste, a clean and well-maintained garden is yours.

How to use your sheet vacuum cleaner

The first thing to do is to read the operating manual supplied by the manufacturer. It sounds logical, but when you buy a vacuum cleaner, the excitement of the purchase often makes you want to have fun with your equipment before reading the manual.

Today’s leaf blowers are indeed so ergonomic, practical, and easy to use that we forget the basic precautions.

If your leaf blower is powered by petrol, first find out about the correct fuel mixtures. Putting in the wrong fuel could quickly damage your unit.

Once you have understood the manual, connect the hose through which the exhaled air will exit. A single clip is sufficient on several models.

Then attach the waste collection bag. On the blower shredder models, this is where the shredded debris from the vacuum sheet shredder comes to rest. Conveniently eliminates all those little twigs that are difficult to pick up.

Most models of sheet blowers have a strap adjustable to your size, this strap allows you to carry the unit without getting tired. Do not hesitate to test different positions to be as comfortable as possible with your blower/crusher.

If you are using an electric sheet vacuum cleaner, make sure you have a cable long enough not to get in the way.

Start using your leaf blower

The start-up steps having been respected, it’s time to get started and finally have fun with your leaf blower!

If the sheet feeder is empty, turn the power switch on the machine. Start at low power to familiarize yourself with the operation of the vacuum cleaner. Increase power as you use it.

Leaves are easier to pick up when they are dry and clumped. You will quickly understand what gestures to have, the sweeping to be done with the arms quickly becomes intuitive.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the leaf filler bag, don’t let it get overloaded, the leaf blower will become less efficient. Even blower mill models must be emptied regularly. Current models have large storage capacities, so you don’t have to waste too much time commuting to and from the garden.
Once the bag is full, turn off the unit by turning the power knob to the “off” position, unplug the vacuum sheet blower and unclip the bag so that it can be emptied.