How does a leaf blower work?

For most of us, the vacuum blower has become the household appliance we can no longer do without. The vacuum blower is used as a tool for doing everything… corners, cobwebs, parquet and floors, carpets…

There’s a great all-rounder outdoors too: the vacuum leaf blower.

The leaf blower is a piece of equipment that has revolutionized garden maintenance. The principle is simple, a simple fan or vacuum blower with a tube to let the air escape, with a bag for the blower-shredder models to shred and dispose of the rubbish.

Designed to remove twigs, leaves, or small debris from your yard, the Leaf Blower is based on the Leaf Vacuum. The leaf vacuum blower was developed in the 1970s in Japan, originally for the purpose of injecting insecticide spray.

The United States then took up the concept and identified the potential of this tool as a complete garden tool. They very quickly launched on the market a leaf blower model for garden maintenance, accessible to all individuals as well as professionals.

The leaf blower and the mulcher blower have been designed for workers who are tired from their working week yet wish to maintain their garden on weekends efficiently and effortlessly.

Today the leaf blower is even more practical, it hangs on the back, it is lighter… It has become more ergonomic. The leaf blower is now easy to manoeuvre to effectively sweep leaves and twigs from the field.

The blower-crusher, the real innovation

The traditional leaf blower has gradually evolved into a blower-crusher. Instead of blowing the leaves into a pile and then picking them up, he sucks the leaves up to remove them or return them to the ground as compost.

Recycling is thus complete and your lawn is spotless.

The range of leaf blowers has expanded, in DIY stores today you can find models of all powers, sizes and budgets.

The choice should be made according to the size of your garden and your needs. Make several model comparisons before making your choice.

Maintaining a pleasant outdoor garden is something difficult for homeowners, caught up in the hectic pace of their work, who take care of their families and the upkeep of the home. Thanks to the leaf blower it is now easier to take care of your land efficiently and simply… while saving precious time.

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