GT Garden Thermal vacuum leaf blower – Test and Reviews

Thermal appliances have the reputation of offering unbounded efficiency, as we saw during our previous test on the McCulloch GBV 345, which has remarkable power. We have decided to continue the success of our thermal models by offering you today the GT Garden vacuum-blower. Having good opinions on the web, we put it to the test to make sure they were constructive. Here is our analysis of this promising thermal device!

Presentation of the GT Garden thermal blower-vacuum leaf blower GT Garden

GT GARDEN’s thermal blower is one of these devices that make collecting dead leaves no longer a thankless task. The instrument is as imposing as it is effective. This leaf shredder vacuum is a practical garden tool with a high capacity collector and enough power to move leaves sticking to the ground.

The GT GARDEN thermal vacuum leaf blower GT GARDEN is equipped with a 50l collector bag, making it one of the vacuum leaf blowers that can hold a very large quantity of leafs in one use. The choice of this high capacity underlines the practical spirit that the French brand wished to convey.
GT GARDEN gives its vacuum leaf blower a motor power of 1hp, for 26cc in displacement. The volume of air generated can also be considered high, as it is 10m3 per minute. The system provides instant engine cooling and airflow of up to 225 km/h. The noise level, for its part, assumes a particularly high flow rate, with 113 dB in use. The total weight of the unit is 8.5 kg before fuel addition and suction of leaves.

Fans of the brand will find a very low consumption on the thermal vacuum leaf blower. This tool has a 400 ml reservoir. This is the recommended amount for clearing a small area, and may also be sufficient for a medium sized green space with low leaf fall. The prototype also includes an advanced crushing function, as well as an indispensable canister for mixing the debris. The latter encourages composting and optimizes the use of the shredder.

Technical data

  • Engine cooling system
  • Power: 1hp for 26 cc in displacement
  • Air volume: 10m3 per minute
  • Expulsion flow: 225km/h
  • Tank capacity: 400ml
  • Wrestling bag capacity: 50l
  • Noise level: 113dB
  • Functions: blower, vacuum leaf blower, grinder
  • Recovery canister
  • French after-sales service
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: 2 years
  • Total weight: 8.5 kg

GT GARDEN Thermal Blower Test

GT GARDEN uses its experience of the French market to develop a blower that can also function as a vacuum leaf blower and a leaf shredder. The garden maintenance tool has a power that may seem small: the manufacturer opts for a small 1CV and a limited tank size. The GT Garden thermal blower is an instrument that does not have the characteristics required for long term use.

However, tests of the vacuum leaf blower prove to us that the device is ergonomic and also very economical. The small amount of fuel needed to operate allows enough time to remove the plant litter that invades small outdoor spaces. On a small courtyard, or an equally small terrace, the gt garden thermal blower will have no trouble removing plant debris that has become embedded. The grip is done in two steps, three movements, and remains accessible, whatever your knowledge of thermal appliances.

The brand was quick to develop a robust and impressive leaf vacuum leaf blower. Its considerable weight leaves no room for doubt: the GT GARDEN thermal vacuum leaf blower is heavy, and does not become lighter in use. Its bare weight is 6.6 kg. With its accessories, it proudly displays 8.5 kg, and continues to grow in weight as the main container fills. This tool is not recommended for small statues and users with back problems. The shoulder support strap is not integrated, and handling the device cannot logically be done with one hand… unless you have enough strength and patience to support a significant increase in its mass in record time.

The GT Garden thermal blower cannot be said to be easy to handle for long periods of time. After a few minutes, the structure weighs more than necessary, and the sound flow is not helping. The model roars powerfully, and spares neither the user’s ears nor those of the neighbours. At 113 dB, the vacuum leaf blower is very aggressive to the ears. Wearing suitable protection is mandatory (see our advice on this subject here), and should be doubled for the most sensitive ears. Gloves may also be required to dampen weight and vibration. Prolonged handling of this maintenance tool can quickly become uncomfortable or even painful. However, the device blows and sucks in fast enough so that the user does not have to use it more than necessary.

Its maintenance is obviously complex: like all thermal system appliances, it requires a complete and thorough cleaning. This maintenance must be regular, and requires some practice in order not to damage the inside of the structure. The tank is the first to be affected, and must be closely monitored. However, GT GARDEN can ensure that this container will not pose a significant risk when the recommended fuel composition is followed. The after-sales service of the brand can take care of repairs, if necessary. The unit is guaranteed for 2 years, which suggests that particular care has been taken with the finishes and the quality of its components.

Opinions on the GT GARDEN leaf blower vacuum leaf blower GT GARDEN

Those who have had the chance to use the GT GARDEN thermal blower are mostly satisfied with its performance. The maintenance tool does not malfunction and allows an optimized cleaning of outdoor areas in a limited time. Promises are kept, and GT Garden proves once again that its knowledge of the needs of individuals and professionals is perfectly mastered.
The technical specificities of the appliance put us in front of a vacuum-blower that will satisfy all types of users. The shredding mode, although almost unnoticed compared to the performance of the other two functions, brings a real plus to the machine. In addition to being a great help in maintaining the garden and driveways, the thermal blower will also be your best ally in making homemade compost. The recovery canister has a large enough capacity to hold more than one pile of shredded leaves.

Despite all its strengths, the GT Garden thermal blower also has some major drawbacks. In particular, it weighs twice as much as competing tools. The tank size is minimal, however, and the engine takes up no more space than a larger model. The large mass is largely due to the thickness of the materials and the power of the device in operation. While a shoulder strap could have alleviated the problem, it is not an accessory, just like the protections, which are essential. The noise level of the vacuum leaf blower is also very high, and will not only be offensive to the user. Checking the noise tolerance of the surroundings will be a precaution not to be neglected.

We have tested the GT Garden vacuum leaf blower shredder.

4.6 (92%) 10 votes

Page last updated on 2019-01-18

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