Einhell GE-EL 3000 E electric leaf vacuum Blower : buying guide

Are you tired of picking up leaves in your garden every fall or do you always have your broom and shovel in your hand to keep your walkways clean? Buying a vacuum/blower/shredder may be the solution. It’s even safe!

You will rediscover the pleasure of having a well-kept pitch without making any effort and above all very quickly. But you still have to choose the right tool.

If you just want to make piles of leaves, a simple blower such as the Makita BHX2501 can be enough. If you want a tool that blows, sucks and grinds the Ryobi 5133002188 and its small price can do the trick. So is the Einhell GE-EL 3000 E, and that’s what I’m going to talk about today.

I had it in my hands for several weeks last fall and it’s time I gave you my review!

9.8 Total Score

The Einhell GE-EL 3000 E electric leaf vacuum blower offers a really pleasant use, thanks to its compact design, good manoeuvrability and adjustable wheels. And when it comes to performance, it does a great job with its 3000-watt motor. With it, you can not only vacuum, but also crush dirt and push it with the blower function!

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Technical specifications

  • Type: electric
  • Power: 3000 watts
  • Blowing speed: 300 km/h
  • Speed : 7000- 13000 rpm
  • Crushing: 12 : 1
  • Speed controller
  • Bag capacity: 50 l
  • Additional adjustable handle
  • Harness
  • Weight: 6.2 kg

The Einhell GE-EL 3000 E electric leaf vacuum blower

With its 3000 watts of power and a blower speed of 300 km/h, nothing is going to stand up to this Einhell leaf vacuum blower. Getting rid of all the leaves and other litter lying around in your garden and driveways becomes child’s play.

Very complete, you will have nothing to do or almost nothing to do. Indeed, he blows to put the leaves in heaps, he sucks them up and finally he crushes them. Its bag has a good capacity (50 l), so you don’t have to empty it every 5 minutes.

To give you a better idea of its shredding capacity, it will shred leaves and plants to about 1/12th of their original size.

If you don’t like complicated tools, this one should appeal to you. A simple button allows you to switch from one function to another.

In terms of handling, it must be acknowledged that it is a heavy one for an electric model: 6.7 kg. Fortunately, it comes with a harness that will relieve you and allow you to use it longer without back or arm pain.

The second handle is adjustable and ergonomic and provides a good grip for this GE-EL 3000 leaf vacuum blower.

The advantages of the Einhell GE-EL 3000 E electric leaf vacuum blower

  • Complete tool
  • The capacity of his bag
  • Its power
  • Its ease of use
  • Its quality/price ratio
  • Its variable speed drive

The disadvantages of this Einhell GE-EL 3000 E electric leaf vacuum blower

  • Its weight
  • Some jams in shredder mode

My review about this Einhell GE-EL 3000 E electric leaf vacuum blower

This leaf vacuum blower has a few flaws like its weight or some jams when it crushes the leaves but considering its price, I find it’s a model that is worth the detour. It is powerful even for blowing out wet leaves that are stuck to the ground, it sucks up well and its grinder is on the whole satisfactory and practical.

In terms of handling, it is sure that it is not a featherweight but thanks to its harness, you will be able to use it without getting tired. One of the advantages of this Einhell leaf vacuum blower for me is its power variator, in addition to its power.

It’s not a top-of-the-range model nor the easiest to handle on the market but I think it has a very good quality/price ratio because the performance is there, that’s for sure!


Einhell GE-EL 3000 E Electric Blower Vacuum Blower (3000 W, Air Blower Speed,…

  • Vacuum blower blower shredder ge-el 3000 e – 3000 w – air blast speed max 300 km/h – suction power 1080 m/h – electronic speed variator 7000 – 13000 rpm – aluminium turbine – shredding ratio 12:1 – 50 l collection bag and adjustable strap – adjustable wheels

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