All the different types of leaf vacuum blowers : Infos and Advices

Some of you just need a blower to make piles of leaves while others will also want their tool to suck them up or even crush them. There are indeed 3 types of blowers: the simple blower, the blower and vacuum and finally, the blower, vacuum and grinder. Each of them responds to a specific need.

You don’t know which model to choose? Here are a few explanations that should make your life easier!

The blower

The blower will allow you to clean your paths or your terraces and to get rid of dead leaves and all the plant detritus that is lying around in your garden. He’ll group them together and save you the chore of sweeping.

The blower will also make your job easier when it comes to removing wet leaves that are stuck to the ground. The blower can also be used to clean gutters for example.

The vacuum cleaner/blower

This type of tool is very advantageous. It allows you to pile up leaves and other plant detritus so that your broom stays in your garage, but it will also vacuum them up. So you don’t have to pick them up and put them in a bag, because he takes care of them.

With a blower that also vacuums leaves, cleaning your exteriors is child’s play. All you have to do is empty the bag of your tool and that’s it.

The blower/vacuum and grinder

It is the must and the most complete tool to have a clean garden and walkways! First he will blow the leaves to gather them into a pile and then he will suck them up. This type of leaf vacuum blower is therefore additionally equipped with a shredder system which is located at the inlet of the suction bag.

The shredder can reduce plant detritus up to 16 times and therefore empties the bag much less often than if you choose a model that simply acts as a leaf blower and vacuum blower.

This model also allows you to make compost, so it’s great! Personally, this is the type of vacuum blower I prefer because it saves you a lot of time and, above all, it allows you to make much less effort to have a clean and tidy field!

My advice

These 3 types of tools are complementary but different. They meet specific needs. For small gardens and small areas, a simple blower is enough if you only make a few small piles. If you have a large number of heaps and therefore a large garden, you need a blower that also works as a vacuum blower and shredder.

You must therefore first define your needs before setting off in search of the model that will become a real ally, especially in the autumn!