Vacuum Leaf Blower & Grinder Bosch ALS 25 – Complete Test and Review

The Bosch brand has been present in the range of electric vacuum cleaners and blowers for quite some time. Its model also making the ALS 25, referenced under the number 06008A1000, is very popular. So to make sure it deserves its reputation as the best vacuum leaf blower, we put it to the test. Here is our test and our opinion of the Bosch ALS 25.

Presentation of the Bosch ALS 25 blower mill

To prepare for the arrival of autumn, buying an electric vacuum leaf blower like the Bosch ALS 25 can be a good idea to get rid of leaves and debris in your garden or driveways. It’s a versatile and easy-to-use unit with a multitude of advantages over conventional petrol vacuum leaf blower models. Easily transportable, the Bosch ALS 25 vacuum leaf blower can be easily stored inside your house or garage. The ALS 25 has a power output of 2500 Watts and provides a suction volume of up to 800 m3/h, allowing you to quickly remove leaves and organic debris from your garden by accumulating them in a 45-litre bag.

This device can also shred dead leaves and twigs by about 1/10, saving you from having to stop regularly to empty the bag. With a blower speed of up to 300 km/h, the Bosch ALS 25 vacuum leaf blower allows easy removal of even the most humid leaves. The vacuum function, combined with the blower mode, also helps to remove debris and particles from hard-to-reach areas. The device is relatively light in weight and is designed for medium-term use. The user can rely on the padded shoulder strap to assist him in carrying the vacuum cleaner. The addition, designed to optimise comfort in use, facilitates movement and makes the handling of a blower that remains constraining when worn for a long time. Wired power prevents battery problems and sudden power failures, but limits the distance the user can travel while keeping the device powered on, depending on the size of your extension cord. Bosch‘s compact and sturdy ALS 25 has a large tip and a strategically positioned handle to be accessible to each hand without discomfort, no matter what the angle of handling.

Technical data

  • Type : Electric
  • Power: 2500 W
  • Capacity: 800 m3/h
  • Bag capacity: 45 l
  • Mill reduction: 10:1
  • Adjustable handle
  • Delivered with shoulder strap
  • Weight in blower mode: 3,2 kg
  • Weight in vacuum mode: 4.4 kg (4.4 lbs.)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 500 x 360 x 290 mm
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: 2 years

Test of Bosch ALS 25 vacuum leaf blower blower-crushers

To switch to blower mode, it is necessary to assemble the accessories such as the blower nozzle, a protective grid for the shredder and a strap that carries the blower. Mounting the device is simple, as it is simply clipped on. In the vacuum-shredder mode, two suction hoses must be connected, as well as an adjustable handle and a collection bag. The strap has the role of effectively holding the vacuum cleaner on the user’s shoulder while giving the user the possibility to easily handle the device. During our Bosch ALS 25 vacuum cleaner-blower test, the adjustable handle was found to be very practical and can be adapted to all morphologies. The ALS 25 is light and compact. The connection cable is located at the back of the unit and does not interfere with operation.

This blower-crusher is equipped with a large recovery bag. With a volume of 45 litres, it will be possible for the user to finish cleaning his garden easily. The Bosch ALS 25 is also very manoeuvrable, as we soon found out during our tests. Equipped with ergonomic handles and a padded shoulder strap, you are guaranteed a better weight distribution of the device, so you don’t have to put a lot of effort into it. This multi-function unit provides the function of blowing, suction and grinding. It weighs only 3.2 kg in blower mode for sweeping and removing wet and sticky sheets thanks to its blower speed. The BOSCH ALS 25 vacuum leaf blower has a power of 2500 W and can reach a blower capacity of 800 m3/h, and has a blower speed of up to 300 Km/h. To collect the foliage it weighs 4.4 kg in suction mode. The leaves are then shredded at a shredding ratio of 10:1 to simplify composting.

In blower mode, the Bosch ALS 25 weighs only 3.2 kg, which is rather light for its class. The ALS 25 from Bosch switches from blower mode to shredder-vacuum mode in just three clicks. The unit remains light and weighs only 4.4 kg, even when equipped with the removable suction tube and collection tray, making it a highly versatile tool for cleaning your lawn or terrace. Thanks to its two ergonomic handles, the weight of the Bosch ALS 25 vacuum cleaner-blower is well distributed and it is not tiring to use. The appliance also has a strap to help relieve its weight if you need to do a long term garden cleaning. In addition, the padded shoulder strap and the second adjustable handle make the Bosch ALS 25 blower vacuum cleaner an effective tool. Indeed, this second handle is adjustable for a better grip. With a suction capacity of up to 800 m3/h and its shredder system, the leaves will quickly be reduced to a tenth of their basic volume. To make it easy to empty the bag, the bag has a large zipped opening so that you can get into every nook and cranny. The bag can be opened on both sides at the same time, which quickly releases the leaves. The pick-up bag is made of watertight, pearled textile, which prevents moisture from stagnating and the user from getting wet, not to mention the unpleasant odours that can persist inside the bag.

In addition, by shredding dead leaves and organic matter, the Bosch ALS 25 vacuum-blower offers you enough material to obtain quality compost, a natural product that will enrich the soil of your vegetable garden and plantations, thus optimizing the fertilization of your soil.

Opinions on the Bosch ALS 25 vacuum cleaner-blower

The Bosch ALS 25 vacuum-blower saves time and effort, as you no longer need to pick up piles of leaves. Its manoeuvrability and comfort of use are appreciable. It is a very practical and lightweight unit and this is what the vast majority of Bosch ALS 25 vacuum cleaner blower reviews come up with first. The collection bag is easy to handle, install and empty. The capacity of the collection bag is ideal and allows the maximum number of sheets to be stored. It is also a robust device for outdoor use, with an attractive price/performance ratio. Indeed, it is one of the most affordable vacuum cleaners on the market that offers a satisfactory performance.

However, the Bosch ALS 25 has some disadvantages. When used outdoors, it is a little noisy. Draining the unit is simple. However, like many electric models such as the Black & Decker GW3030, it does not easily suck up wet leaves, as they are heavier.

The absence of a battery in favour of a wired power supply divides users in their opinions of the Bosch ALS 25 blower, who nevertheless acknowledge that the device benefits from real stability in use. Apart from the power of the blower, the quality of the shredder and the manoeuvrability of the vacuum cleaner are among the strong points that appeal to users. The ease of use provided by the strap is a real advantage, and has a positive impact on the distribution of its weight in use.

Many Internet users mark the swivel side of the second handle as indispensable for the stability of the vacuum cleaner. The handling, less complex than it seems, can be learned in a few tries, and adapts to all user profiles.


Bosch 06008A1000 Vacuum garden blower ALS 25

  • 2 in 1: Vacuum cleaner and blower
  • Grinding function
  • Power consumption: 2500 W
  • Variable air flow speed: 300 km/h
  • Volume current: 800 m³/h
  • Speed (sheet blower): 3.2 kg
  • Weight (garden vacuum cleaner): 4.4 kg
  • Reduction in sheet quantity: 10:1
  • Supplied accessories: Collection bag 45 L
  • Padded shoulder strap

We tested the Bosch ALS 25 vacuum leaf blower-blower-crusher.

4.6 (92.73%) 11 votes

Page last updated on 2019-01-18

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