Bosch 06008A51: Tips and Advice from the Editorial Board

The leaf blower is the best way to effectively erase the traces that autumn has left behind. It allows you to easily peel wet leaves off the ground and gather them into piles very quickly. It is also useful after mowing the lawn, as it saves you the chore of sweeping.

Leaf blowers come in several types: thermal, electric and cordless. In this article, we offer you our comparison of some of the most powerful of these devices. This comparison is included in a buying guide that you can consult here: buy thermal leaf blower. Here we present you a product that we have tested with great success: the Bosch 06008A51.

Bosch thermal leaf blower Test 06008A51


  • Weight: 1.80 kg
  • Motor powers: N/A
  • Blower speed (km/h)/air speed (m/s) Air flow rate: N/A
  • Tank capacity : N/A

Before this test we take you to discover the brand that designed the product.

Founded by Robert Bosch in 1886, Bosch is a German company specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of household appliances and power tools. It is also the official supplier of several major automotive firms with equipment and other specialized tools in this field. Its products are appreciated by customers for their quality and their resistance over time. This is also the case of their wireless blower that we tested for you. You will find below its technical aspects.

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Technical aspects

The Bosch ALB 18 is a cordless blower that runs on a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. At first glance, a Bosch article is clearly recognizable thanks to this very characteristic green color. With dimensions of 47.4 cm long by 18.4 cm wide by 24.3 cm high, this device weighs no more than 1.8 kg. This weight and dimensions make the device relatively easy to carry and very ergonomic.

As for the battery, it recharges for 1 hour and a half to gain 14 minutes of autonomy. With a voltage of 18 volts, it allows the unit to release air at a speed of 210 km/H. It’s a very easy accessory to handle as you will see now.

The package on delivery contains :

  • one 18 V-2.5 Ah lithium-ion battery,
  • a quick adapter for AL 2215 HP lithium-ion batteries and the cordless blower


If you have a small garden, or if you intend to use it for occasional use, the Bosch ALB 18 is suitable for you. Indeed, its 14 minutes autonomy will not allow you to work in large spaces. However, its blower power of 210 km/h is enough to allow you to take off wet leaves that are sticking to the ground or to each other. The special feature of this device is that it accepts all batteries of the same type, as long as the format is suitable.

A Syneon smart chip is integrated into the device as is often the case with lithium-ion battery tools. It saves battery power so you can work longer. Being relatively light, this cordless blower does not need to be worn on the back like some of its competitors. That’s why Bosch has simply equipped it with an ergonomic carrying handle. The latter is SoftGrip and non-slip. This feature allows you to work with ease even when your hand becomes clammy under effort.

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The start button is located exactly underneath this handle, allowing you to keep the unit running simply by holding it. To optimize storage, the blower hood can be removed with a click. This makes the accessory even more compact and takes up less space.

In conclusion, we can say that the Bosch ALB 18 is a quality appliance that does its job well. Compact, light and easy to handle, you will have no difficulty using it. In addition, the absence of a power cord will allow you to work in complete freedom. The only criticism we have against it is that it has little autonomy. But it really doesn’t affect its overall quality.