Black&Decker GWC3600L20 Wireless Vacuum Leaf Blower – Test and Reviews

The German brand Black & Decker has a wide range of vacuum leaf blowers. Each model has its own specificities and design. Today we are focusing on the GWC3600L20, which according to user reviews is the lightest and most maneuverable wireless battery-powered model in the world. So we tested him to put his performance to the test.

Black&Decker GWC3600L20 vacuum leaf blower crusher presentation

Black & Decker confirms its position in the vacuum leaf blower market with the GWC3600L20. The wireless model competes with high-performance devices, choosing to switch to mains power in the majority of cases. Black & Decker’s GWC3600L20 is an exception to the rule by opting for a rechargeable lithium battery. This makes it one of the few in its category to offer this power supply mode, while at the same time offering a multitude of functions. To make the difference, the unit displays a small 36 volt, and two modes of operation. The first, in turbo, announces a suction capacity of 3.5 m per minute. The second, in eco, limits this performance to 2.7 m per minute.

The small suction performance is backed up by a blowing speed of 182 km/h to 218/km/h in turbo, compared to 145 km/h in eco. The Black & Decker GWC3600L20 also features a shredding option with a 7:1 ratio. Adapted to the small capacity of the filling bag, this capacity is more than enough for cleaning a terrace, a driveway, or a small garden. This is one of the only Black & Decker models to use a Lithium battery. Charging recommendation is spread over a few hours, and offers an autonomy of 32mn in turbo mode, compared to 60m in economy mode.

Battery life varies greatly depending on the charging time and the mode of use. The 17.5 l of the collection bag is significantly less than that of a mains operated model. However, the weight remains equivalent to that of a larger reference, with 3.5 kg in blowing mode. The weight increases slightly in suction, with concentrated power in a spiral pattern, following the flow of focused air that the device is equipped with. The GWC3600L20 from Black & Decker announces maneuverability and lightness, for maximum comfort of use.

GWC3600L20 Technical Specifications

  • Removable 36V lithium battery, long life and anti-discharge
  • An alternating bitube system for each function
  • Spiral air flow for concentrated performance
  • Light and easy to handle design
  • Power select button for intuitive switching between modes
  • Comfortable handle, protected by a rubber membrane
  • Dimensions: 276 x 216 x 519 mm
  • Weight: 3.5 kg
  • Blowing speed: 182 to 218 km/h
  • Crushing ratio: 7/1
  • Suction capacity: 2.7 to 3.5 m per minute
  • Capacity: 17.5 l

Black & Decker GWC3600L20 vacuum leaf blower Test

Black & Decker puts forward proven functionality on this GWC3600L20. The vacuum leaf blower is equipped with a powerful battery, defying competing models that today are few and far between to offer equivalent features. The specificities are promising, and we can only succumb to what the brand offers. The unit announces an extended range of 60 m in economy mode, compared to 32 minutes in turbo mode. Black & Decker simply offers a performance that cannot be found anywhere else. With this autonomy, it is possible to use the device several times before recharging it.

During our tests, we therefore decided to alternate between the two modes, in order to see if the vacuum leaf blower-blower could remain convincing. It can be said that a frequent switch from turbo to eco can split the pear in half. The Lithium battery can last for more than 35 minutes, but not more than 60 minutes. The performance is notable, because Black & Decker manages to offer a much longer life span than other models that must be charged after a few minutes. The Power button, positioned at the top of the handle, remains at your fingertips for maximum comfort. It is easy to activate and does not require any manoeuvres that might be disturbing for the user.

Black & Decker’s GWC3600L20 blower has a simple, space-saving design with a lightweight main structure that is very easy to handle. Switching from one hand to the other is easy, while the handle keeps a soft and gentle contact with the hand. The presence of a rubber membrane is the reason for this softness, and also makes it easier to wear the device when it has to be used over a long period of time. The tool becomes slightly heavier when the vacuum function is activated, especially when the user turns on the turbo mode. In spite of the power of the focused air flow, the noise generated by the device remains bearable… as long as it is not spread out. At maximized power, the sound output can be a source of discomfort for even the most insensitive ears. While hearing protection is not essential, it is strongly recommended.

The lithium battery, for its part, is easy to recharge, as you only need to plug in the device to get it to juice again. However, the charging time can be long, which is why users only charge it at night. The efficiency of the shredder, finally, is remarkable on a device of this trunk. While it is slower and less efficient than a model without batteries, it is still relevant enough to optimize the available storage. The ratio is only 7:1, but is still satisfactory for a small vacuum leaf blower-blower for household use. Dry leaves, as well as wet ones, are easily sucked up without the machine experiencing any difficulty during this task.

Opinions on the Black & Decker GWC3600L20

Black & Decker once again offers practical and easy to use maintenance equipment. The GWC3600L20 is an interesting reference, not only because it is one of the only existing models to use a Lithium battery, but also because it offers more than interesting performances for a device in its category. The choice not to include a mains plug is judicious and can be felt in the notices vacuum leaf blower black and decker GWC3600L20, because it facilitates the user’s movements without loss of efficiency. The product appeals to nomads, but also seems to find its mark with professionals. This performance, which is much lower than that of a conventional, permanently powered model, remains more than acceptable on a portable device.

The ability to choose between economy mode and turbo mode is a real bonus. Black & Decker achieves this feat by varying the available suction and blowing speeds, which not only maximizes battery life, but also optimizes the use of the tool. The vacuum leaf blower-blower can thus be operated for almost an hour without users feeling a drop in performance due to a decreasing load. A major asset that contributes to his good opinions. Its space-saving design appeals to fans of practical appliances and justifies the absence of a holding strap, despite its weight, which tends to be confirmed when suctioning. Economical in every way, the Black & Decker GWC3600L20 is also functional because the absence of a power cable makes it easy to transport over large areas. However, switching between the blower and suction tube is not always easy, and may require some practice to be fully mastered.

Black + Decker Lithium GWC3600L20 3-in-1 leaf blower vacuum leaf blower with lithium battery 36 V 2 Ah

  • Interchangeable battery with all 36V BLACK+DECKER Gardening products.
  • 2 in 1: One machine with 2 tubes for Blowing and Suction
  • Very efficient tool thanks to its spiral shape. The air flow is concentrated and therefore more powerful.
  • Ultra-light and handy
  • No more cable. Lithium battery for long life, no self-discharge…always ready to use.
  • With Power Select you can choose between ECO and TURBO modes.
  • Rubberized handle for more comfort
  • Sound power level: <95 dB(A)

Black & Decker GWC3600L20 vacuum leaf blower Crusher Test

4.5 (89.47%) 19 votes

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