Leaf Vacuum Blower Black & Decker GW3030 Complete Test & Review

The Black & Decker garden care range includes the GW3030 electric blower-vacuum blower, which is renowned throughout the world for its high quality. Offering a complete data leaf and impressive performance for a reasonable price, we wanted to test it and give you our opinion on it to see whether or not it deserves the praise it gets everywhere.

Presentation of the Black & Decker GW3030

The Black & Decker GW3030 is the ideal device for garden maintenance. This 3 in 1 model blows and/or sucks up leaves efficiently. Its shredding function also reduces these into pieces that can be used to make compost. The GW3030 consists of the vacuum blower, a bag, 2 tubes and a strap which are easy to assemble. The Black & Decker brand has thought of every detail of this device to make it as practical as possible. The elongated shape of this blower-vacuum has an ergonomic and balanced design designed to make it easy to handle and perfectly manoeuvrable. A compact handle allows the device to be manoeuvred while relieving the user of its weight.

Black & Decker’s GW3030 is a versatile model with great power. Its 3000 W electric motor allows you to blow, suck up and/or shred all the leaves in the garden. Thanks to its variable speed drive, it is possible to modulate its power and adapt its air flow to your needs. When connected to the mains, this unit has a continuous power supply, allowing it to service large areas. Supplied with an extension cord, it can be easily moved around the garden without having to cut off the power supply.

This Black & Decker GW3030 vacuum blower comes with a 50 l bag and a concentrator nozzle. The high power of the GW3030 allows it to suck up and shred large quantities of leafs. Thanks to the bag, it is possible to collect a lot of green debris in the form of leaves or crushed elements according to your needs. The concentrator nozzle concentrates the air flow and blows out all the elements of a given surface in a single pass. Thanks to it, you’ll save more time and you won’t have to perform several passages.

Data leaf of the leaf blower GW3030

  • Dimensions: 24.2 x 20.5 x 69.5 cm
  • Weight: 4.8 kg
  • Power: 3000 Watts
  • Voltage: 230 Volts
  • Material: PVC
  • Flow rate: 14 m3/min (ideal on wet leaves)
  • Blower speed: variable from 230 to 418km/h
  • Noise level: 106 dB
  • Power supply by wire
  • Length of the wire: 2 m
  • Pack including a vacuum blower/crusher, bag, two tubes, retaining strap and concentrator nozzle
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: 2 years

Testing of Vacuum Blower GW3030

The Black & Decker GW3030 is a device appreciated for its practicality and power. With nearly 3000 W under the hood, this vacuum blower which also acts as a shredder, removes all leaves, even wet ones. Equipped with 2 tubes, it saved us from back pain by preventing us from bending down to effectively blow out the dead leaves. We started by testing the blower function by making piles of leaves. In a few minutes, there’s a neat little mountain.

We then used vacuuming and crushing to get rid of the leaves and reduce them to small pieces that could be used as compost. The debris was easily absorbed by the GW3030 and stored in the bag. After a few passes, the garden was cleared of dead leaves and half of the bag was not even filled yet. Thanks to an integrated zip, it is very easy to empty the bag when it is full. A well-thought-out function that will help you to do a clean job in your garden.
The GW3030 is an efficient model designed for ease of use. Thanks to a handle designed to fit perfectly in the hand and the support strap, carrying this device weighing almost 5 kg is child’s play. When one of our arms got tired, we just had to move the machine to the side to be able to continue blowing the leaves. It is equipped with a sturdy and very resistant metal turbine.

The latter allows it to absorb different types of plant debris without destroying the engine. The Black & Decker GW3030 blower also has a variable speed drive which gives it great flexibility. With a single rotation it is possible to adjust the power of the air flow or suction to suit dry or wet leaves.

Powered by electricity, the GW3030 is powered by a mains plug. Moving through the garden is made easier by the 2 m extension that can be extended with a standard extension. The vacuum blower-blower is continuously powered, allowing you to work without having to recharge the unit. It is also supplied with a concentrator tip. Thanks to him, we were able to blow all the leaves present on a large surface in a few seconds. Small flat: the Black & Decker GW3030 is quite noisy. Due to its high power, it emits noise that we are not used to and we recommend the use of noise-cancelling headphones to avoid hearing damage (see our article on this subject).

Opinions on the Black & Decker GW3030 vacuum blower blower

From a general point of view, the Black & Decker GW3030 is a real gem. While it is appreciated for its power, this model also impresses with its versatility and manoeuvrability. Easy to assemble, this device ensures the cleaning and maintenance of gardens in record time. Operating on dry or wet leaves, it blows or sucks up plant debris efficiently. Thanks to its variable speed drive, it is possible to adapt the power of the air flow or suction to your needs. Thanks to its shredder and its 1/16th ratio, it is possible to reduce the leaves into pieces, which avoids having to empty the bag of the machine each time. Most reviews Black and Decker gw3030 are very good and confirm our feeling about this very good product.

The GW3030 is an electric blower model that is continuously powered from a mains socket. The unit is operated with an extension cord, so it can be transported over long distances without stopping operation. Equipped with an ergonomic handle and support strap, the Black & Decker GW3030 is easy to carry. These 2 elements add to the GW3030 Black & Decker blower blower reviews, as it is easy to handle the vacuum blower without getting tired quickly.


Black + Decker GW3030 3000 W Vacuum/Blower/leaf Shredder

  • Type of power supply: Wired
  • Vacuum blower blower grinder 3000 w
  • Blower speed: variable from 230 to 418km/h
  • Concentrator nozzle (removable) for blowing everything in one go
  • Suction capacity of 14 m3/min to remove wet leafs
  • Metal turbine: ultra-resistant and robust, vibration: 9.8 m/s².
  • Shredding ratio of 1/16th – Ideal for compost
  • 50L recovery bag
  • 2 tubes for more efficiency: 1 wide tube for suction + 1 narrow tube for blowing
  • Vibration: 9.8 m/s².

We have tested the Black & Decker GW3030 vacuum blower blower

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