Black & Decker GW2810 Leaf Vacuum Blower : Our Complete Review

Tired of spending hours every fall picking up falling leaves? Is it a real chore for you to maintain your driveways and garden so that no litter is lying around? Then it’s time to equip yourself with a leaf vacuum blower.

The key is to choose a tool that blows, sucks and grinds, saving you time with much less effort. There is a whole range of 3-in-1 tools. I have several of them in my hands and while some are to be avoided at all costs, others are to be preferred.

In the same price range as the Bosch ALS 25 and much cheaper than the Mc Culloch, the Black & Decker GW2810 is one of the best leaf vacuums available today.

Want to know more? So here is my complete test with the features, advantages and disadvantages of this Black & Decker leaf vacuum blower with my detailed review.

9.9 Total Score

Multifunctional vacuum blower which, in addition to providing optimum suction power, can also blow and shred leaves and detritus. Its compact design makes it easy to handle. Moreover, its use is really very simple while its price is attractive!

Value for money – 9.7

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Its technical characteristics

  • Type: electric
  • Power: 2800 watts
  • Blower power: 380 km/h
  • Suction capacity: 14 m3/mn
  • Grinding ratio: 16:1
  • Power variator
  • Bag capacity: 50 l
  • Carrying strap
  • Weight: 3.4 kg

This Black & Decker GW2810 Electric Leaf Vacuum blower in detail

Black & Decker offers us a 3 in 1 tool that makes a blower, leaf vacuum and shredder. Its power is 2800 watts. A variator allows you to adjust the power of your tool according to your needs in either blower or leaf vacuum mode.

Its suction capacity of 14 m3/min, exceptional blower speed of 380 km/h and 16:1 shredding ratio enable you to work efficiently and quickly. Your gardens and driveways will be neat and clean with no effort!

The bag has a capacity of 50 l, which is not bad and will also save you time as you will stop less often to empty it as you do with other leaf vacuums.

It will be delivered with a wide tube for suction and a narrower tube for blowing. To go from one to the other, nothing complicated!

In terms of handling, it’s flawless. It is equipped with an ergonomic first handle that offers a good grip and a second one for more comfort when you vacuum the leaves. The weight of this Black & Decker GW2810 leaf vacuum blower is 3.4 kg in blower mode and 4.6 kg in vacuum mode.

Advantages of the Black & Decker GW2810 leaf vacuum blower

  • Its excellent value for money
  • Its power
  • 3 in 1
  • Its ease of use
  • Its manoeuvrability
  • Easy to clean

Disadvantages of the Black & Decker GW2810 leaf vacuum blower

  • Noisy
  • A few jams in suction mode

My review on the Black & Decker GW2810 Leaf vacuum blower

Efficient, powerful, handy, that’s how I sum up this vacuum blower, blower, grinder from the Black & Decker brand. Its power is top but what makes all the difference with many models is its blower power. Nothing resists this tool, let alone leaves stuck to the ground for example.

In terms of manoeuvrability, the weight is well distributed and the handles are ergonomic. It is pleasant to use. For all these reasons, I advise you without the slightest hesitation.


Black + Decker GW2810 3 in 1 Electric Garden Vacuum blower 2800…

  • Vacuum blower, blower, leaf and debris blower
  • Infinitely adjustable suction and blowing power
  • Switch for easily switching from the vacuum function to the blower function

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