Black & Decker GW2810. A powerful vacuum leaf blower

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Would you like an opinion on a tool that would allow you to easily get rid of the leaves each fall? Maintaining your garden regularly can quickly become a real chore. To do this, you need to choose a model that blows, sucks, crushes the leaves and saves you a maximum of time with less effort. Among the many 3-in-1 models I’ve had to test, some are to be avoided at all costs and others to be preferred. This is the case of the Black & Decker GW2810, in the same price range as the Black + Decker DBBV30 and much cheaper than the Bosch 06008A1000. This blower is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Here is my complete test with the performances, advantages and disadvantages of this very practical device.

7.6 Total Score

The Black & Decker GW 2810 is a powerful, versatile unit with an easy grip. It offers optimal ergonomics to its users. It also allows a quick and easy changeover from the blowing to the suction function. Its performance combined with its price makes it a good deal.

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Leaf vacuum leaf blower Black + Decker GW2810

Performance and ease of use

Black & Decker GW2810 Leaf Vacuum Blower GW2810

What you need to know about this product

The Black & Decker Leaf GW2810 is a multi-functional appliance that can be used as both a vacuum leaf blower and a blower. Its weight is 3.4 kg for the blowing mode and 4.6 kg for the suction function. With its compact dimensions and ergonomic guiding handle, it offers a good grip and is easy to handle. The GW2810 also has an integrated shredder, with which the sucked-in leafs are automatically shredded. Huge amounts of foliage can be sucked up in one operation.

The leaf vacuum function

The 2800 watt motor of the Black & Decker GW2810 creates excellent suction. Even wet leaves are swallowed without problems, as well as larger leaves and small branches.

Leaves, small branches and loose debris enter the powerful shredding turbine through the suction channel. It has a plastic cutting wheel, which has a larger diameter and greater capacity than many other models. Thus, the shredder reduces the aspirated material to one-sixteenth of the original volume. This is convenient because it allows a much larger area to be treated before emptying the bag. In addition, the shredded foliage can be used very well as fertilizer.

The chopping wheel is made of plastic. It appears extremely stable and shows few signs of wear, even after long use. However, the small stones seem to interfere with its operation. The suction power is between 7.5 and 14 m³ per minute and is variable. This means that larger gardens can be cleared of leaves in a very short time.

The low weight of 4.6 kg in the suction mode and the ergonomic design make the work very pleasant. In addition, a padded shoulder strap is included, so that even after prolonged work, it is impossible to complain of any back pain.

The supplied 50 litre collection bag can be opened with a zip and is therefore very easy to empty. The design of the collection bag and all other parts is excellent, as you would expect from a Black & Decker unit. The bag can be mounted individually under the vacuum leaf blower as well as behind the main handle. A zipper allows easy emptying of the catch bag.

The leaf blower function

By replacing the hose, the unit can be converted into a leaf blower in a few simple steps. This may take a little longer than for devices with a switch. This must not bear the full weight of the suction tube and the tank.

Overall, the weight in fan mode is reduced to 3.4 kg. As a leaf blower, it blows the air flow through the hose at a high speed (up to 380 km/h) and removes whole leaves. The speed is infinitely adjustable, as in suction mode. Unfortunately, the lowest flow rate is 230 kilometres per hour, which makes it difficult to work on narrow, uneven areas requiring a fine touch. This handy device allows even the narrowest spaces to be cleaned of dirt and leaves.

Advantages :

  • Excellent value for money
  • Multifunction
  • Good suction power
  • Ergonomic design


  • Pretty noisy

Conclusion Test/Advice of the Black + Decker GW2810 leaf vacuum leaf blower

The Black & Decker GW2810 is an excellent vacuum leaf blower, which can also in blower mode show solid performance and does an excellent job. The ergonomic design, low weight and padded shoulder strap make performing tasks extremely comfortable. The operation is easy and the conversion from suction to blowing mode takes very little time.

Leaf vacuum leaf blower Black + Decker GW2810

Performance and ease of use