Black & Decker BDBV30 – Simply Very Handy Leaf Blower

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Cleaning dead leaves from your garden is a real chore. In my humble opinion, you would need a leaf vacuum blower, having passed and passed a few tests. Instead of having to drag brooms, garbage cans and shovels around, this device will allow you to clean up your green space in the blink of an eye without great effort. Among the many models you can see on the market, I tested the BDBV30 vacuum blower from Black & Decker and I present you here my conclusions.

7.3 Total Score

The Black & Decker BDBV30 Electric Leaf Vacuum is the ideal accessory you need to remove dead or dry leaves. It is a fully equipped 3-in-1 device that ensures speed and comfort during your cleaning sessions. This vacuum-blower-shredder is ultra powerful, practical and ergonomic.

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Leaf vacuum blower Black + Decker BDBV30

Excellent and practical!

The Black & Decker BDBV30 sheet vacuum blower

Physical and technical presentation of the product

The BDBV30 electric leaf vacuum blower from Black and Decker is a black and orange appliance with a sober and elegant design. The rugged design weighs 4.5 kilograms and is much lighter than the Black & Decker GW2810, which weighs 6.21 kilograms. It is a high-performance accessory that combines performance and high blower speed.

The BDBV30 electric leaf vacuum blower from Black and Decker has a power of 3000 W. Thanks to this high-performance device, you will now be able to complete your tasks in no time at all.

A versatile, high-performance vacuum blower

Black & Decker’s BDBV30 is a 3-in-1 electric appliance that is a vacuum, grinder and blower all in one, allowing you to speed up the cleaning process. Equipped with a wide suction tube with squeegee, the machine makes it easy to remove leaves.

What impressed me the most with this model was its 50-litre collection bin. The vacuum blower took care of properly blowing the dead leaves left by my trees, sucking them up and then shredding them thanks to its shredder function (16:1). The rubbish is automatically sent to the integrated pick-up bag. Thanks to its large capacity, I didn’t have to empty it before the end of my cleaning session. It saves you the chore of picking up your waste after the maintenance of your driveways, but also frequent trips to the trash can.

The BDBV30 from Black & Decker offers 3000 watts of power, which is superior to other models such as the ALS 25 from Bosch, which is limited to 2500 watts. It has an estimated speed of 418 km and promises to suck in about 14 m3 per minute. As you can see, this device is very powerful. You will therefore get rid of the dead leaves that foul your environment very easily.

As far as handling is concerned, this product is a real no-fault. It has a very ergonomic handle that can be adjusted on five levels. It was easy for me to adapt it according to my preference for more comfort. It is equipped with a second handy handle for the blower function that allows it to be handled without suffering any imbalance.

As I mentioned earlier, this is an electrical appliance that requires a cord for its power supply. So I had to plug it into a power outlet before I could turn it on. As the cord is only 1.5 metres long, I also needed to pull out the power strip at some point.

Advantages :

  • Multifunctional electrical apparatus
  • High performance, powerful and very ergonomic
  • 50 litre collection container
  • Light and easy to handle
  • Quality product and not expensive


  • Power supply by wire
  • Relatively noisy

Black & Decker BDBV30 Vacuum blower Tested & Approved

If you’re looking for a practical and efficient device for the maintenance of your garden, this Black & Decker 3 in 1 vacuum blower is the right equipment. Now you can collect the dead leaves that are lying around your home and vacuum them up to smash them to pieces. In addition to being light, this device is very ergonomic and offers outstanding manoeuvrability. For a device of such quality, the selling price is very attractive. You won’t pay a fortune for this essential device.

Leaf vacuum blower Black + Decker BDBV30

Excellent and practical!