Best Thermal Leaf Blower For 2020!!!!

In this article, you will find seven of the best Thermal Leaf Blowers in a price range above and below $150. We will first present you with a ranking of four Thermal Leaf Blowers priced over $150, and then three blowers priced under $150. Then, another section shows you how you can choose your Thermal Leaf Blower according to your needs and financial situation.

Best Thermal Leaf Blower (price more than 150$)

1. The Mcculloch gb355bp Thermal Leaf Blower

This device produced by the American company Mcculloch takes the first place in this top 4, it is a formidable and ergonomic Thermal Leaf Blower manufactured specifically for the piling up of plant waste in gardens. Under its metal-covered hood is a high-performance 2-stroke engine with a 48 cc cylinder volume. With a monstrous and enormous power of 1500W, it generates an air speed of 355 km/h and an air flow rate of 874 m3/h. This blower speed allows you to easily remove all plant waste such as dead leaves and grass clippings. For more comfort, the manufacturer equips this model with an anti-vibration system and an ergonomic handle, this allows the user to control his balance with the machine.

With a noise level within the legal limits and a weight of 9 kg, this blower works efficiently on wet as well as dry floors. Indeed, whatever the surface you want to sweep, the Mcculloch gb355bp gives you the guarantee to treat your ground with a very high efficiency.

Finally, the body of this blower is made of very high quality metal, which allows it to withstand the passage of time. And despite its weight, this blower is backpackable, so you only need to put it on your back to use it. In addition to that, it is equipped with a harness that can be adjusted according to the user’s height, which allows the weight of the blower to be distributed over the shoulders and back, making the work easier and more comfortable.

In order to adapt and maintain the air flow at a constant speed, this blower is equipped with a speed regulator easy to adjust manually.

2. The RYOBI RBL26BP Thermal Leaf Blower

The Japanese company Rioby presents a Thermal Leaf Blower weighing 6.9 kg. It is a particularly interesting and suitable machine for a better value for money. It is a knapsack blower, equipped with a 2-stroke engine and a cylinder with a volume of 26 cm3, giving it a blowing power of 900 W, i.e. the air coming out of the nozzle can reach a speed of 290 km/h. This brand has shown its performance on wet and dry terrain, as well as its handling. The slightly light-weight backing of this machine allows the user to move around comfortably and requires no additional physical effort. Thanks to its high power and a variable speed drive to control the blower speed, the Rioby RBL26BP will surprise you with its design and will help you to work efficiently. It is a pleasant product because it does not make too much noise thanks to its low noise level.

One of the good things about this model is that it can be used as a leaf shredder-vacuum. Thanks to its 40 litre capacity bag, you can vacuum all the dead leaves from your garden or car park.

As a summary, this model has some strong points which are manifested in its light weight and its efficiency in suction and grinding, while it has some weak points like its body which is completely covered in plastic and one in hand less ergonomic compared to other Thermal Leaf Blowers.

Beside its marvellous strong points, the Rioby RBL26BP presents some negative points, first of all, the starting up of this device is relatively difficult and it is advised to read the user’s guide which accompanies the device and to follow the various instructions in order to start it.

3. Garden blower Mcculloch gbv 325

A second Mcculloch product appears in this list, the Mcculloch GBV 325. It works as a blower, vacuum blower and grinder at the same time. It is a formidable product that allows you to sweep large surfaces to clean them of plant waste (dead leaves, debris, cut grass, etc.). Since it works as a vacuum blower, it is equipped with a 45 litre collection bag. These three functions (vacuum blower, blower, grinder) are available thanks to the presence of an 800 W power motor with a 25 cc cylinder. This allows it to reach a blower or air jet speed of 345 km/h. Thanks to its light weight (4.4 kg) and its ergonomically designed handle with anti-vibration system installed, this sophisticated model gives the user enormous advantages and high safety requirements.

Another very important point is that this blower-vacuum does not make noise due to its low sound pressure, so it is ideal for use in residential areas to maintain the gardens in the neighbourhood.

4. Makita BHX2501 Thermal Leaf Blower

This machine designed and manufactured by the Japanese company MAKITA is an efficient blower and vacuum blower for the invasion of leaves and cut grass as well as their collection. It has a 4-stroke engine which is more ecological, efficient and economical than the 2-stroke engine. The engine connected to a 0.52 litre petrol tank generates a fairly high power output of 810 W. Although its tank is relatively small compared to other blowers, you will notice that the manufacturer is right since the engine’s consumption is low.

With its light weight (4.5 kg), the BHX2501 model gives an air flow rate of 606 m3 per hour with a blower speed of 230 km/h. Despite this average value, its power allows you to sweep a large area to better maintain your garden. Another point is that this model also works as a vacuum blower with a 40 litre capacity bag. Thanks to these technical features related to the motor, as well as its design regarding its comfortable handle that allows to distribute the weight of the blower, this model remains more pleasant and easy to handle without any additional physical effort.

If you have noticed, the MAKITA BHX2501 model has similar characteristics to the Rioby RBL26BP but with a more expensive price. Moreover, the absence of a shredder coupled to the blower is regrettable because the collection bag fills up very quickly since the leaves are not shredded. This blower-vacuum has a silent system, so it is less noisy and does not disturb the neighbours while working.

These are the four powerful Thermal Leaf Blowers, whose prices range from 176 to 268 EURO. As a summary, the table below provides a comparison between these four Thermal Leaf Blowers presented above in terms of power, typical blower speed, is there an anti-vibration system or not, weight and price.

Cheap (price under $150)

1. Thermal Leaf Blower FX-LBS126

It is a special Thermal Leaf Blower with a double blowing function. It is provided with straight and curved blowing tubes that make it easy to clean surfaces. The use of these tubes depends on what you want to clean. For example, if you want to send air under the elements you are aiming at, curved tubes are more efficient, whereas straight tubes are used directly on surfaces to clean properly.

Inside this blower is a 26 cc single cylinder 2-stroke engine that runs on a gasoline mixture. With a speed of 7,000 revolutions per minute, it generates 700 W of power, from which the air flow produced allows a speed of 255 km/h to be reached.

In addition to these technical features, this model is multifunctional, you can use it as a vacuum blower and blower, for the suction mode, a large 45-litre bag is connected to the blower in order to collect the vegetable waste to be sucked up, and this allows an efficient and guaranteed work. Remember the snow blowers? This model is a handy tool for blowing snow from your car, allies or sidewalk.

Finally, every user can use it comfortably since this model is equipped with a non-slip handle and an anti-vibration system.

2. McCulloch GB320 Benzine Leaf Blower

It is an easy to handle, powerful and efficient blower for cleaning debris, cut leaves and fallen leaves from patios and gardens. Equipped with a powerful 0.750 kW motor, which enables it to generate an air flow with a speed of 322 km/h. With a weight of 4.5 kg and a handle made specifically for the comfort of the user’s hand, this hand blower shows its performance on cleaning gutters and removing dead leaves. Moreover, it is advisable to use this model in residential areas without disturbing your neighbours as it works silently. Comparing this model with the one from the same manufacturer we presented earlier, the Mcculloch GB 320 and the Mcculloch GBV 325 have relatively similar characteristics in terms of power and weight, but totally different prices.

Other important features that give added value to this mode, in addition to the anti-vibration technology installed and a priming pump to facilitate starting the machine, this model has a catalytic converter to reduce the harmfulness of the exhaust gases.

3. The GT Garden Thermal Leaf Blower

It is a little less expensive, this French brand has its place in this market and presents an ideal blower to maintain your garden and give it a great makeover. Its 2-stroke, air-cooled engine gives you 700 W of power, generating an air speed of 225 km/h. In addition to these technical properties, the product has a multifunctionality, as it can be used as a blower, vacuum blower and grinder. With its pure weight of 8.5 kg without fuel, and a priming system for easy starting, this product remains a very good blower for those who wish to maintain their garden and carry out this work without fatigue.

This model comes with a 50 litre collection bag and since the shredding mode is available, this bag can hold your garden waste all at once and you won’t have to empty it every time.

On the other hand, this blower roars loudly and requires the use of earmuffs. As well as the use of gloves is recommended in order to dampen weight and vibrations. Thus, this French model requires complex regular maintenance, it must be cleaned thoroughly and carefully to avoid damaging its structure.

To conclude this section, the table below summarizes the characteristics of the three cheaper Thermal Leaf Blowers presented above.

Factors to consider when buying a blower

As mentioned in the introduction, Thermal Leaf Blowers are a great help in maintaining gardens and cleaning terraces. Like any product, when you want to have a blower, several criteria are taken into consideration in order to choose a good product. In this section, we will give you some tips and necessary information to consider when you decide to buy a blower.

Before talking about these criteria, it is important to keep in mind that price is excluded from these criteria, because it is only the price that makes the difference in terms of quality.

Weight of the device

A lighter blower is still the most requested, as it will be less tiring and does not require extra effort. In addition, you will have to move around in the field, so it is important that you choose your blower according to your weight and that you will be able to handle it without any problem.

Blower type

What do you prefer? A manual or backpack Thermal Leaf Blower? It’s a question you have to prepare an answer to. If you want to save your physical effort, you will choose the one you can carry on your back. Indeed, the manufacturer manufactures this back mode just for blowers that weigh a little over 9 kg. This type of blower is equipped in such a way that the weight of the device is distributed evenly over your back and allows you to work more safely. On the other hand, lightweight blowers are usually hand-held, but they are armed with a handle made of a special material to prevent slipping in the user’s hand, and at the same time, it helps the user to balance the weight of the blower with the weight of the blower.

Engine power

Engine power is very important because it controls fuel consumption and air speed. The choice of such an engine with such power depends on the nature of the terrain. For example, if the ground is smooth and the waste is dry, a motor with a power of 600 W is sufficient, whereas if the ground is cluttered with plants, tall grass and stones, this time a power of more than 1000 W will be more suitable.

Blower sound pressure

The human ear requires a very precise decibel range (the decibel is the unit of measurement of sound), for this reason, sound pressure, or what is also called the sound level of the device, is an important criterion. Always look for blowers that have a legal noise level, and for added safety, a noise helmet is required. But, if you want to use a blower in residential areas, it is better to see the quiet category, so that on the one hand you take care of your ears and avoid damaging them, and on the other hand you will keep the good relationship with your neighbours.

At the end of this section, we end with some additional options that differ depending on the user. As we have seen, some machines offer the functions of vacuuming and shredding plant waste. However, this type of machine becomes less efficient as a blower. But if you want to have these suction and shredding modes, try to see a fairly large capacity of the collection bag that varies between 40 and 50 litres because it will allow you to do the job once and you won’t have to empty the bag every time.


Maintaining a garden and cleaning a car park or terrace is not a relatively easy job. In addition to physical exertion, other factors such as dust disturbs the user, especially if the user is allergic. The choice of the Thermal Leaf Blower as a tool to facilitate these tasks is not a random decision. Different manufacturers around the world compete with each other to present a better product that meets the need.

In this article, we presented a ranking of seven Thermal Leaf Blowers (TOP 7), we classified the seven blowers into two categories according to price. The first category for $150 more and the second for less than $150.

Not to mention the price, the Thermal Leaf Blowers presented in this article differ according to weight, blower type, motor power and other important technical features. These last three characteristics are fundamental criteria that should be considered when you want to buy a Thermal Leaf Blower.

Finally, and as a tip, even though you have chosen your blower, remember to read the user’s guide carefully and practice in front of friends or colleagues who have experience with these machines. Use caution when handling a machine that runs on highly flammable fuel.

all reviewed Thermal Leaf Blower

  • MAKITA BHX2501
  • FX-LBS126
  • McCulloch GB320 Benzine
  • GT Garden

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