Best Thermal Lawn Mowers Reviewed in 2020


The lawn mower is a machine manufactured specifically to cut grass in an area in order to unify the height of the grass and make the surface with an even height. This machine was invented by Edwin Beard budding in 1830. This invention is not a coincidence, but it is linked to the invention of several sports that require a green surface such as football, cricket, rugby or golf. These types of sports require surfaces with a regular grass height.

With the number of football stadiums, golf courses, rugby fields and large gardens, the demand for lawnmowers is still growing. This leads several international companies to develop several types of lawnmowers. In addition to conventional manual mowers, thermal and electric mowers have gained the confidence of many users.

Thanks to technological development, manufacturers have succeeded in creating stand-alone mowers that can maintain the lawn without the user pushing it. In addition, there are solar lawnmowers equipped with small solar panels that guarantee its operating energy.

In general, thermal and electric lawnmowers are the most commonly used. Thermal engines run on fuel and are equipped with 2 or 4-stroke engines. While the electric one is found with o without electric cable.


Example of mowers with different shapes and features

As a principle of operation, these machines are equipped with blades that rotate at a speed that depends on the power of the engine and cut the grass they encounter. There are three types of blades and each one has these characteristics.

Spiral blade: Mowers equipped with these blades are capable of cutting grass a few millimetres off the ground and are often used on golf courses.

Rotating blade: As its name suggests, the high-speed rotation of the blade is used to cut grass.

Flails: Some mowers, usually electric, are equipped with flails attached to a horizontal disc that provides a very fine cut of the grass.

This article aims to present a TOP 7 thermal mowers, this top is divided into two parts: The first part aims to present 4 high end mowers whose price is very expensive and the second part presents three mowers cheaper. The rest of this article contains tips and suggestions to help you choose your lawnmower, so don’t hesitate to read on.

Top 7 thermal mowers

In this top, the first four mowers have a very high price, then the last three have a low price.

1) Murray EQ700X

The Murray EQ700X self-propelled mower is powered by the powerful and reliable Briggs & Stratton 750EX Series engine ™ DOV®. This Briggs & Stratton engine offers exceptional performance with technology that makes all the difference. The patented Direct Overhead Valve (DOV®) engine offers more torque, improved sound quality and less noise and vibration than competitive engines in the same class.

The 53 cm (21 inch) EQ700X steel mower deck with a 70 liter soft bag is ideal for mowing medium sized lawns. You can choose to collect the clippings in the grassbox or discharge them from the back or side. A fourth option is to mulch the grass blades with the included mulch plug.

The mower has 6 cutting height positions ranging from 25 mm to 92 mm. The Murray EQ700X has an ergonomic soft grip handlebar and is adjustable to 3 heights. It can be easily folded for storage to reduce valuable space. All these features make this model very popular for mowing large areas such as football fields or golf courses.

2) 163CC B&S675IS MOWER

It is a self-propelled mower with easy electric start, it is equipped with a Briggs & Stratton engine linked to a 1.2 liter fuel tank. It offers a working width of 510 mm. Its cutting system is adjustable in 8 positions and the cutting height varies between 25 and 75 mm. Its collection box has a capacity of 60 liters. As a top-of-the-line machine, this model has rear and side discharge and more than one mulching function. The rear wheel diameter is 10″ while the front wheel diameter is 8″, this makes it easier to move the machine and keeps the body of the mower off the ground. The housing is made of steel and has an integrated cleaning system. In addition to these technical features, this model has a beautiful design and a super ergonomic handlebar that makes the user very comfortable when using it. Also, its handlebar is of the adjustable type, so it allows you to set the right cutting height and this is especially useful in case another user is going to use it.

3) Einhell GC-PM 51/2 HW-E thermal lawnmower

It’s a robust, high-performance mower that proves to be a reliable helper for any ambitious hobby gardener looking after large lawns. Its powerful, air-cooled, single-cylinder four-stroke engine provides high torque, allowing even high growth densities to be processed quickly. It can be started particularly conveniently and quickly thanks to the electric start function with a turn of the key. The E-Start lawnmower is equipped with a maintenance-free battery that recharges during operation. The optional starter cord is easily accessible from the ergonomic handlebar, which offers high operating comfort thanks to the soft grip handle and three-stage height adjustment. It can also be folded for space-saving housing. The disconnectable rear transmission allows continuous feeding and also makes mowing over large areas easier. As a high-speed vehicle, this equipment has large rear wheels mounted on ball-bearings, which enable it to work in difficult areas. Thanks to the central six-stage cutting height adjustment, the cutting height of this lawnmower can be preselected easily and individually. The robust housing is made of an attractive powder-coated sheet steel. With a capacity of approx. 70 liters, the grass-resistant pick-up bag offers sufficient space for extended work.

4) Mc Culloch M51-150WRPX

The manufacturer McCulloch offers you this magnificent combustion engine equipped with a powerful 2300 Watt engine. This is a push mower ideal for mowing the lawn and grass on your flat or sloping ground. It is equipped with an ergonomic and folding handlebar. With its electric start mode, simply use the starter button. The blade that cuts the grass has been specifically developed to optimize the yield. It offers a cutting width of 51 cm and an adjustable height between 30 and 90 mm. The Mc Culloch M51-150WRPX has two cutting functions, a rear discharge and a mulching kit to ensure a perfect lawn forever. The cut grass is stored in a semi-rigid, easy to clean, 60-liter container.

This mower is easy to use, with a steel frame and a standard collection system with rear bag and mulch. When mulching, the grass is cut into fine pieces and is designed to decompose in the soil as a natural fertilizer. You don’t have to pick up the grass.

Take a look at the table below which summarizes the difference between the four mowers presented in terms of some important criteria.

Comparison table of the 4 thermal mowers shown above

ModelCutting width (cm)Cutting height adjustmentEjection systemCollection box (l)Weight (kg)
Murray EQ700X536 positions (28mm-92 mm)Backwards and sideways7037
163CC B&S675IS50.86 positions (25mm-75 mm)Back and side-Mulching function6048
Einhell GC-PM 51/2 HW-E516 positions (30mm-80 mm)Backwards and sideways7042.4
Mc Culloch M51-150WRPX516 positions (30mm-90 mm)Reverse and mulch cut6033

The three mowers that are still in the top 7 are in the range of mowers with the best price-performance ratio.

5) MTD Smart 395″ Thermal Mower

It is a very light thermal mower compared to other mowers (19 kg). It is a pushed machine that is started manually. Its powerful motor named Mtd ThorX Ohv gives the machine a rather important power of 1600 Watt, this allows it to rotate the cutting blade of 3000 rpm. When the blade rotates at this high speed, it cuts the grass and turf in front of it at a height adjustable by the user. With a cutting width of 39 cm, you can manually set your BTM to three positions to set the cutting height you want from 36 mm to 72 mm. Its housing is made of polypropylene which guarantees the life of this small machine. The cut grass is ejected backwards and you can collect it in an integrated 40 liter bag.

6) GREATLAND CL to 139T 46 SP

This model has been designed and manufactured to the highest standards of reliability and safety. It is self-propelled and allows you to swallow the lawn without any secondary effort. It is powered by a 4-stroke engine which gives it enough power to mow a lawn of up to 800 m2. It has a cutting width of 45 mm and a cutting height system adjustable from 25 mm to 70 mm and centralized in 7 positions. The grass or grass clippings are ejected according to your choice, you can set the machine to eject grass clippings either backwards or into the 50 liter capacity grass bag and this allows you to avoid emptying the bag often. It is equipped with a very ergonomic handlebar that makes it easy for you to adjust the cutting height of the grass. Also, the wheels are based on ball bearings, which makes it very easy to move around in the field. Despite all these features, this model is ranked among the cheapest lawnmowers.

7) Hyundai HTDT46354F

Hyundai presents this self-propelled intonative model with a better price/quality ratio. It is a self-propelled thermal mower, its powerful 135 cc engine has a displacement of 135 cc and the cutting blade can reach a speed of 2850 rpm. This 4-stroke combustion engine gives the machine enough power to mow areas of more than 1000 m2.

Its cutting height adjustment system is centralized in 5 positions ranging from 25 mm to 60 mm. The cut grass is ejected backwards with or without a grass catcher (55 liters) and sideways. It is a machine that looks robust, but like most thermal mowers, it is heavy and noisy. It is equipped with a blade that is not disengageable, so you cannot cross gravel with the engine running. With a ball-bearing, moving the mower becomes very easy.

Comparison table of the 3 thermal mowers shown above

ModelCutting width (cm)Cutting height adjustmentEjection systemCollection box (l)Weight (kg)
MTD Smart 395393 positions (36mm-72 mmBack with tray4019
GREATLAND CL to 139T 46 SP467 positions (25mm-70 mmBack with tray5030.5
Hyundai HTDT46354F465 positions (25mm-65 mmRear with or without side ejection-Mulching5534

Factors to consider when choosing a lawn mower

Since thermal mowers allow you to mow quite far from the house, they are more usable even if they are noisy compared to electric mowers. The choice and purchase of a thermal mower is subject to several conditions and factors directly related to the machine itself and the nature of the land to be maintained.

There are several factors to consider when you decide to purchase a new lawnmower. Here are a few tips to help you get the perfect mower to meet your needs.

The engine of the machine

We have presented that there are two types of combustion engines, 2- and 4-stroke. Think about buying a mower with a quality engine, adapted to the surface of the land you want to maintain. For example, for a surface area between 500 m2 and 1000 m2, a 4.5 horsepower engine is sufficient, whereas a surface area between 1500 m2 and 2000 m2 requires a power of 6 horsepower.

Width of cut

The width of the cut of the thermal mower is a very important criterion to take into consideration, generally this width varies between 40 and 52 centimetres and depends on the surface of the land.

collection box

If you are looking for a mower equipped with a grassbox, consider a rigid plastic grassbox because it is easy to clean, except that it will fill up quickly, so it requires several emptying operations. Today, there are semi-rigid bins combining plastic and canvas on the market, they allow an optimized filling and an easy emptying.

Start-up mode

There are two starting modes in thermal mowers, one manual and one electric. Concerning the manual mode, the starting is done thanks to a launcher in the form of a handle and a rope linked to a block of the engine to be pulled. While the electric mode is very easy, just turn a key to start the mower.

Wheel diameter

The diameter of the mower wheels is an important factor. A large diameter ensures comfort for the user, as it provides better traction and preserves the lawn for highly efficient mowing.

Other criteria not essential

There are high-end mowers that are equipped with a blade disengagement that allows the blade to be braked and the engine to be switched off. The presence of a bumper is also important to ensure the life of your mower.


Mowing a lawn is one of those skills that many people think is too easy to follow. It is also a skill that most people could really use good information for. Here are a few practical tips for mowing your lawn safely and with good results.

Choose the right mower

Take into consideration the factors we presented earlier when you decide to buy a thermal mower, choose the right machine that meets your needs, taking into account the budget you have and the area of land to be mowed.

Keep the mower in good condition

Before you start mowing, look for obstructions in the area of the mower blade, especially if you have just purchased the mower. Add a little oil to moving parts if they are too tight. If the mower is more than a year old, you may need to sharpen the blades or your lawn will look ragged after mowing.

A little-known fact is that the new mowers have not very sharp blades. A new mower will work better if the blade is sharpened before first use.

Adjust the wheel height correctly

As a general rule, warm-season grasses such as zoysia should be cut to a height of 1/2 to 1 inch, or 2 inches maximum. Cool season grasses such as bluegrass and fescue grow to a height of about 3 inches or even 3 1/2 inches. The cutting height can usually be adjusted by raising or lowering the mower wheels.

Before mowing, clean the yard

For added safety, clean objects and mark obstacles before starting to mow the lawn. Use a rake to pick up branches, stones, dog bones, small toys, bottles, cans, or anything else of that nature.

When mowing

When mowing lawns, avoid accidents by mowing on slopes, not up and down. Avoid cutting wet grass. Wet grass can cause you to slip, and soggy clippings clump and clog your mower.

Remember to wear an outfit suitable for this kind of work, long trousers and sturdy gloves more than a noise helmet and glasses are very desirable.


Lawn mowers are machines designed specifically to cut and collect grass on lawns on golf courses, football fields or in your home garden. They are available in various forms and brands, thermal and electrical as well as manual. Because thermal mowers are not tied to a cable like electric mowers, they are very desirable to use because you can move them away from the house.

Several international manufacturers present intonative models and competition is still present because of the growing demand for these machines. In this article we have presented a TOP 7 of thermal mowers, 4 of which are the most expensive and 3 the least expensive.

There are dozens of brands and models on the market, each model targeting a specific area. For this reason, the choice of a thermal mower to mow your lawn follows several criteria. The type of engine, cutting width, cutting height adjustment system, grass catcher box, and wheel size are important criteria that every person wishing to buy or rent a mower should consider. Once you have your machine, tips before, during and after use are offered at the end of this article.

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