Vacuum Leaf Blowers : The best models for 2020

In summer and autumn, leaves in gardens can be a problem. If they are not collected in time, they can promote weed growth. However, how do you pick them up quickly and without getting tired? The best way is to use a vacuum blower. Our platform is designed to help you find the product that suits you best. For this purpose, we provide you with several pages containing both purchasing advice and vacuum blower-blower tests in order to help you appreciate the performance of the latter in real conditions.

What’s a vacuum leaf blower?

A vacuum blower-blower is a motorized device that generates a strong current of air that blows scattered leaves into the garden or driveways. With this device it is easier to collect all green waste in one heap. It also has a suction function that allows leafs to be absorbed into the machine for storage in a bag. This function makes collection easier and, as a bonus, also makes it easier and quicker to dispose of plant waste.

Comparison of the 3 best vacuum blower blowers

If you’re looking for the best vacuum blower, this is the podium of the best of the best right now. According to your needs, we have selected the best thermal, battery and wired vacuum blower blower.

Bosch ALS 30 Vacuum Blower Blower Grinder Bosch ALS 30Black & Decker GWC3600L20 3-in-1 Leaf Blower/Vacuum blowerVacuum blower blower thermal crusher Mc Culloch GBV 345
Weight1.4 kilograms2.4 kilograms4.4 kilograms
FoodElectric wireWith 36V Lithium Ion batteryThermal gasoline
Grinder functionyesyesyes
Grinding rate1/10th1/7th1/16th
Blower speed300 km/h (200 mph)218 kilometers per hour.345 km/h
Suction volume787 m³/ hnc730 m³/ h
Pick-up bag capacity45 liters17.5 liters45 liters
Power adjustmentyesyesyes
Sound power82 dB(A)<95 dB(A)108 dB(A)
Carrying strapyesnono
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Vacuum Leaf Blower & vacuum leaf blower crusher, what are the differences?

There are different types of equipment for cleaning and maintaining gardens. We often talk about a blower, a vacuum blower blower or a vacuum blower blower/crusher, but it’s hard to tell the difference between the three when you’re not a regular. So, to make a long story short:

  • The blower is a device whose function is to generate a current of air to sweep and collect leaves and other green waste in the garden and driveways into a pile.
  • The vacuum blower is a version of the blower with a suction function. When in use, this device blows the leaves and can also absorb them by blowing and sucking them into a bag provided for this purpose.
  • The vacuum blower/shredder has the same options as the previous model with the addition of a shredder function. When the machine sucks up the leaves, a shredding system reduces them to pieces. This makes it easier to store waste in the bag and the bag can hold up to 16 times the volume of a vacuum blower blower. Small advantage: the shredded leaves can be reused as compost.

Whether you have a blower, a vacuum blower blower or a vacuum blower blower/crusher, this type of appliance can be used for gardening but also for cleaning gutters or drying garden furniture.

Top 10 Vacuum Leaf Blowers in 2018

#OverviewProductCustomer ReviewsAwards
1Black & Decker GW3031BP-QS Electric Blower-Blower-Crusher Vacuum with Backpack, Black34 Reviews99,90 USD
2Bosch 06008A1100 Vacuum Blower Blower Grinder ALS 30 3000W68 Reviews69,90 USDView on Amazon
3Black + Decker GW3030 3000 W Vacuum/Blower/leaf Shredder314 Reviews94,99 USDView on Amazon
4Black + Decker G W2500-QS Wired Vacuum Blower Blower Crusher – 2500w42 ReviewsFrom 89,99 USDView on Amazon
5Einhell Electric Blower/Vacuum GC-EL 2500 E (2500 W, 40 l collection bag, 2 castors, 2 wheels with…44 Reviews32,99 USDView on Amazon
6Black + Decker Lithium GWC3600L20 3-in-1 Leaf Blower Vacuum with Lithium Battery57 Reviews192.48 USDView on Amazon
7Electric Blower, 3000W TECCPO Blower, Vacuum Blower Blower Crusher 3 in 1 function, dust bag,…22 Reviews89,99 USDView on Amazon
8Black + Decker GW3050 Leaf Blower46 Reviews99,90 USDView on Amazon
9Vacuum – GARDENA ErgoJet 3000 Electric Blower: Leaf Blower/Vacuum with…33 Reviews92.46 USDView on Amazon
10Black + Decker GW2810 3 in 1 Electric Garden Vacuum blower, 2800 W46 Reviews71,99 USDView on Amazon

Consult our tests and opinions on several Vacuum Leaf Blowers and Crushers

In order to make our ranking of the best way to blow and vacuum leaves in a garden, we have tested a number of devices. To see if a cheap vacuum blower blower can do better than a top of the range model, we decided to be as wide as possible by testing brand name blowers but also less known models.

The same applies to the materials that make up each of these leaf vacuums. Metal or plastic turbines, cordless models on battery, electric or thermal, we have tried to make our tests as wide as possible to be sure that among all the models we present on the site you will find at least one that is perfect for your use. Here are all the models of leaf vacuums and blowers that you will find in test here:

Vacuum Leaf Blower Buyer’s Guide

There are many criteria to help you choose a vacuum blower blower. The most important factors to consider when making the choice are the size and layout of the site, the work to be carried out and the frequency of use of the device. From there, it is easier to select the right type of device.

Type of motorization

The wireless electric motor

Blowers powered by lithium batteries are often used for cleaning small areas. In spite of their high power, they can only absorb a small amount of leafs. This type of device is appreciated for its great lightness and manoeuvrability. It is also very quiet and has a more or less important autonomy according to the model. To determine the latter, the current and voltage of the device must be checked. The higher these values are, the more powerful the vacuum blower blower will be and will have a greater autonomy. Since the battery powered vacuum blower-blower is self-contained, it can be carried anywhere and does not need to be connected to a power source. This will also reduce the user’s electricity consumption. The
problem with a cordless vacuum blower-blower is that it has an autonomy of no more than 60 minutes. It is therefore preferable to always carry a spare battery when you are away from a power outlet. The battery is also quite heavy and expensive. In addition, the power of this model is not sufficient to remove wet leaves or to clean the lawn.

The electric motor

To be connected to the mains, the electric vacuum blower-blower is perfect for the maintenance of a garden with a maximum surface of 2000 m2. More powerful than the wireless model, it is still quite light and handy. One-handed operation, easy to start and almost noiseless. Easy to maintain, it is quite ecological and does not consume much energy. The only disadvantage of this device is that it needs to be plugged into the mains to operate. It will therefore be necessary to plan several back and forth trips or to use extension cords to finish cleaning the garden and driveways.

The combustion engine

For the maintenance of surfaces larger than 2000 m2, it is advisable to use a thermal vacuum-blower. More powerful than the electric models, this unit projects a powerful air current that blows and sucks in efficiently while drying the targeted surfaces. This type of blower is appreciated for its power, but also for the great freedom of movement it gives thanks to a 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine.
While the efficiency of this thermal
model is undeniable, with the famous Stihl vacuum-blower at the top of the list, it is still heavy and noisy and emits exhaust fumes. Aircraft with 2-stroke engines are lighter and more compact, but they make more noise. In addition, they run on a mixture of gasoline and oil that is very polluting. Vacuum Leaf Blowers with a 4-stroke engine are very large and heavy, but they have the advantage of being less noisy and produce less vibration. Working with lead-free super, they are also more environmentally friendly.

The necessary power

The choice of a leaf blower-vacuum often depends on the size of the land to be maintained and the use to which the appliance will be put. Therefore, it is important to select a model with the right power. This varies depending on the type of blower to be used.
For models running on electricity, the power is expressed in watts (W). This ranges from 750 W to 3000 W. However, all Vacuum Leaf Blowers have a power range from 2500 to 3000 W. For appliances using thermal energy, the power value is expressed in cc (cubic capacity) or cm3. The majority of them use between 25 and 50 cm3. However, some professional models can deliver up to 70 cc of power.

The mode of movements

Whether it is powered by electricity (wired or wireless) or thermal energy, the vacuum blower blower can be transported in several ways. It depends on the weight, the intended use and the physical condition of the user. As a reminder, electric models weigh between 3 and 6 kg while those powered by thermal energy range from 4 to 18 kg. These categories are divided into portable, harnessed and wheeled devices.

  • The portable model: very light, it has a handle for easy use and transport. To be held at arm’s length, it also has a strap to be fixed on the shoulder to relieve the arm during use.
  • The harness model: the rather heavy blowers are carried on the back thanks to a harness. It is padded and adjustable for optimum user comfort and support.
  • The model with casters: this device is equipped with casters that are located on the end of the tube. These make the model lighter and easier to handle. For easier transportation, this vacuum blower blower can be mounted on self-propelled wheels.

Points to consider before choosing a vacuum leaf blower 

The bag

When selecting your leaf vacuum blower, make sure that the volume of the bag is appropriate for the machine. There are several versions ranging from 30 to 50 l, or even more depending on the model. A bag that is too large can weigh down the vacuum blower while a smaller bag needs to be emptied constantly. It must also be ensured that it is equipped with a fastening system and a strap to facilitate the use of the device. An important detail, the universal blower-vacuum bag can allow you to adapt it to most existing models.

Sound power

It is important to remember that some blowers are louder than others. At the time of purchase, a check of the sound power of the engine is therefore necessary. Expressed in decibels, the latter is more or less important depending on the type of device used. Remember that thermal Vacuum Leaf Blowers make more noise than electric models.

Options to check

The variable speed drive is used to control the power of the air expelled or sucked in by the unit. The power variator can be limited to 2 speeds and allows the device to be adapted to the type of elements to be blown or sucked and to the type of ground or surface to be treated. Thanks to the variator, it is possible to avoid vacuuming hard elements (stones, wood…) or blowing gravel for example.

Simplified starting system

According to the brands, thermal Vacuum Leaf Blowers and blowers are equipped with systems to facilitate their starting. Examples include force reducers to make it easier to fire the launcher, automatic starters, electronic starting systems or priming pumps that raise the fuel level.

Flat or round nozzles

To be placed on the blower tube, these nozzles control the air flow rate emitted by the unit. They also allow the model’s breath to be concentrated on specific areas. Nozzles of different sizes are available to increase the power of the air flow. The narrower these are, the more powerful the flow.

The anti-vibration system

Some blowers can produce strong vibrations that are not pleasant for the user. To avoid this discomfort, the models are equipped with elements placed between the handle and the motor to minimize or even absorb vibrations.

The gutter kit

To facilitate the maintenance of gutters, the Vacuum Leaf Blowers have a long bent tube. The latter makes it possible to effectively clean and reach hard-to-reach places.

The blower/vacuum switch

It switches from suction to blower mode in a single movement. This blower/vacuum switch is only a push of a button.

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