Best Leaf Vacuum Blowers – Guide & Comparison with Test & Reviews

After comparing over 40 different cordless leaf blowers, we bought the top 10 models available in 2020 to see for ourselves which one blew away the competition. We spent close to 200 hours clearing decks, patios, and pathways, comparing and scoring how much power each product has and how effective each blower is at clearing leaves, pine needles, or other types of debris. We also had a panel of judges evaluate and rank the ergonomics and comfort of each leaf blower. Finally, we measured the operation time of each tool and the noise level generated. Take a look at our complete review and analysis below to see which leaf blower leaves the rest in the dust, which is the best for not blowing your budget, and which is the best if you want to use a single battery system across all your battery-powered tools.

With a leaf vacuum blower you can get rid of dead leaves very easily without much effort. It is an important tool in cleanup involving the removal of waste from vegetation, roads or other areas. There are many criteria for the selection of quality vacuum blowers, including motor power, weight and power supply. Are you new to vacuuming or do you just want to change your old vacuum? Either way, making a choice on your own is not an easy thing to do. So we have made this comparison to help you. It includes 3 different models of this type of accessory.

Comparison table of the best leaf vacuum blowers

Test/Advice of the 3 best leaf vacuums

The Bosch 06008A1000, a powerful and handy blower

Bosch presents us the model ALS 25 06008A1000 which offers very interesting aspects. The criterion we’re going to start with is its design. The latter presented by the Bosch model is well designed. Black and green, it is a 3 in 1 accessory, that is to say; it is equipped with three practical functions to do your cleaning in an optimal way. We have functions such as vacuuming, blowing and grinding.

This gardening tool from Bosch has a powerful 2500 Watt motor, enough to meet your needs. Nevertheless, some models in the same range are equipped with a more powerful engine.

To fill this gap, it is equipped with a system based on the blower speed of the leaves going up to 300 km/h. The use of such a system makes it possible to get rid of wet leaves that are difficult to remove. In addition, it also has a suction speed of 800 m³/hour. With such options more annoyance with the performance of this accessory, as the three options it has make sure that no debris is left lying around where you use it.

To increase its performance, it has a grinding rate of 10:1. Please note that everything you dispose of is collected in a bag (capacity 45 l). It is easy to remove or put it back in place. In terms of handling, it weighs about 3.2 kg. This weight is well distributed thanks to its two ergonomic handles, making it perfectly manageable and light. In addition, it is equipped with a padded strap useful when you are doing work that requires endurance. A little reminder! The second handle is adjustable to make it easy and comfortable to hold.

Technical data

  • Reasonable engine power for your small jobs
  • A blower speed of up to 300 kg/h to handle complicated jobs (e.g. wet dead leaf).
  • Suction speed of 800 m³/h for higher efficiency
  • 3.2 kg weight for superior manoeuvrability
  • Two ergonomic handles for a good grip

Advantages :

  • Well finished and ergonomic product
  • Good power
  • Handy
  • Easy to use
  • Good value for money


  • Equipped turbine made of plastic
  • Insufficient suction power
  • Problem closing the bag

Bosch leaf vacuum blower ALS 25

2500 W to blow the waste at more than 300 km/h !

The Black & Decker BDBV30, a high-performance tool

Black & Decker is a well-known brand in the design of household appliances. It offers us the model BDBV30 in the category of leaf vacuum blowers. The design of this product is quite simple and successful. Orange in colour, it is of the electric wire type with a cord length of 1.5 m.

Bosch has equipped its vacuum blower with a powerful 3000 Watt motor to which can be added a blower speed of up to 418 km/h. To further increase performance, it has a 14 m³/minute suction system. With its features, your cleaning work will be easy.

This makes this vacuum blower an accessory capable of satisfying your requirements. Whatever the quantity of dead leaves, they are easily managed, especially with the cake nozzle supplied with the vacuum blower.

The blade turbine it is equipped with is made of metal. It offers a 16:1 capacity useful for handling debris. When in use, the waste is collected in a nylon collector. The latter has a capacity of 50 litres. You can also connect the vacuum blower directly to your trash can. This process is much more convenient, fast and saves you time. Another important point to know is the variable speed drive it has at its disposal. In this case you can adjust the device to your needs. This applies to the different modes which are, vacuum and blower.

Let’s get to the issue of handling the device. With its dimensions (63.4 x 39.8 x 27 cm) and weight (4.50 kg), it is easy to handle. Don’t forget that it has two handles like most models on the market. Its two handles are ergonomic and ensure a much better manoeuvrability.

Technical data

  • The weight (4.5 kg) allows for optimum manoeuvrability.
  • Availability of a security system thanks to a locking option
  • Metal turbine design for better performance
  • Attractive mill capacity for efficient output
  • Several accessories are supplied with the unit
  • Speed variation system for perfect adjustment as required

Advantages :

  • Handy product
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Power variator
  • Less complex use
  • Supplied accessories


  • No harness
  • Somewhat noisy apparatus
  • Less efficient blower function
  • Quality of the bag to review

Leaf vacuum blower Black + Decker BDBV30

Excellent and practical!

The Black & Decker GW2810, a tool accessible to everyone

The latest vacuum blower on our list is from Black & Decker. This is the GW2810 model with modest design features, so no particular innovation has been introduced. It is black and orange and has the dimensions (24.2 x 20.5 x 69.5 cm) which are respectively in terms of length, width and height.

In terms of performance and other options, you should know that this is a 3 in 1 model, we have options such as blower, vacuum and finally the crusher. First of all, you should know that to meet your needs, it has a powerful 2800 Watt motor.

The latter is smaller compared to the BDBV30 model offered by the same brand. Still, we have to admit that they are not in the same price range. Continuing on the performances, it is noticeable that it has a system of continuous adjustment with regard to the suction and blowing power.

For more details, Black & Decker has equipped its device with a switch. This is intended to make it easy to switch from the vacuum to the blower function. This process is rather practical and makes it convenient to use. It has the particularity of reducing the volume of rubbish by up to 16 times. This is possible thanks to its plastic turbine. It weighs 6.21 kg, a bit like heavy. But don’t play on his manipulation.

Technical data

  • Plastic turbine for better waste management
  • Power of the device good (2800 Watts)
  • Continuous control system
  • Switch for varying usage options

Advantages :

  • Powerful engine
  • Easy to use
  • Handy
  • Good value for money


  • Noisy apparatus
  • A little heavy
  • Suction mode to be reviewed

Leaf vacuum blower Black + Decker GW2810

Performance and ease of use

How to Choose a Better Leaf Vacuum Blower

The importance of this tool is no longer to be proven. As you probably already know, it is, as one might say, practical and very useful. With him you no longer need to sweep your garden or terrace, to name but a few. Some important criteria come into play when it comes to the selection of the latter.

We have therefore listed the most important ones to make your choice easier in the future.

Leaf vacuum blowers come in several types. So we’re going to start by clarifying them for you so that you’re at the same level of information as we are. Here they are!

Different types of leaf vacuum blowers

In this respect, the choice will be made as follows:

The blower: this is the primary tool for a vacuum blower. Simple to use, it allows you to collect your waste in one place. You can just pick them up later.

Leaf vacuum blower and blower: the blower allows you to mix the waste, to save you the task of collection the vacuum blower intervenes. When the blower operates, leaves and other waste are sucked into the bag.

Blower, vacuum blower and grinder: if the number of elements treated is abundant, this type of tool will meet your expectations. As the first two functions are known (blowing and sucking), the third option allows you to grind them. Depending on the model, others are equipped with a system to reduce the volume of waste collected. You can use it to make your composts.

After the different types of vacuum blowers, we have the type of power supply. We have three types available on the market. Let’s go into more detail!

Electrical, thermal or battery power supply

We would like to notify you that you would make this choice based on certain criteria. It can be the size of your lot, its configuration, the desired power and not forgetting your budget. Among other things, we have:

Electric leaf vacuum blower: this is the model most used by most consumers. Such a tool is useful for areas up to 2000 m². Generally, it is lighter, which means that it is more comfortable to use. Also note that it is quieter than other models available on the market (thermal vacuum blower). However, be aware that you have to hang on to an electrical mains supply for its power supply. Note that this model usually weighs between 2 and 7 kg.

Battery-operated leaf vacuum blower: like any vacuum blower with its special features, this one is useful for small quantity jobs. As far as its grip is concerned, note that it is light and even silent. However, it is generally exposed to the problems of lack of power. When faced with wet dead leaves (stuck to the ground), it is often ineffective. Moreover, when using it, you only have 30 to 40 minutes. Which implies that you are limited to a certain point in time.

Thermal foil vacuum blower: In terms of power, this type of accessory is superior. It is therefore recommended for much larger surfaces. Ecologically speaking, it is much less so since it runs on gasoline. In addition, it offers freedom of movement, but it is quite noisy. Tip, a four-stroke engine pollutes less than a two-stroke engine. It is much heavier and weighs between 5 and 18 kg. Other models have more power, however, they are heavy. To compensate for the weight, they have built-in castors at the bottom of the tube. This design is practical.

Apart from the type of power supply, motor power is an important criterion. We thought it would be good to inform you about this. It’s important to know which one to choose.

Motor power

The power that this type of accessory offers is a question that many people ask themselves. Know that its power is between 2500 and 3000 Watts. As I said earlier, making a choice will depend on the size of the field. In addition, if you want to clean wet dead leaves stuck to the floor, you’re going to need more power.

As far as it is concerned, that of thermal models is more often noted in cm3. The latter is in the range of 25 to 50 cm3.

Tip: You must be aware of the power in blower and vacuum mode supplied by the machine. Higher power means that wet leaves will no longer be a problem. On the other side, too, the suction will be quick and good. For information, the power in blower mode is between 100 and 500 km/h. The air flow rate (suction) is in the range of 5 to 20 m3/h.

This machine has some options for its proper operation. Here are a few of them.

Variable speed drive

We’ve talked enough about dead leaves being a problem enough in this chore. The variable speed drive is a practical system to remedy this. While a powerful motor can handle this kind of situation, a variable speed drive will no longer damage your lawn or trees. Up to 3 speed levels are available, depending on the models offered. When cleaning, adjust the speed according to the areas being treated. This system works in both blower and vacuum mode.

Anti-vibration system

A powerful device is equivalent to dealing with considerable vibrations. In this case, an anti-vibration device is very much in demand. A multitude of things are built into the machine to inhibit vibration. Such a process not only reduces vibrations, but also increases comfort of use.

Start-up assistance

This system is used on thermal models. Turning on the motor of a thermal vacuum blower is like shooting a launcher. For simplicity, some models are equipped with a system with a much faster start option. It can be an effort reducer, or better yet, an electronic starter. The absence of this option forces you to pull on the launcher each time to start the device. Which is a little tiring.

Nozzle type

Nozzles are equipment that can be placed on the machine for more convenience. We have round nozzles designed to handle large piles of leaves.

Another accessory called the flat nozzle has the specificity of concentrating the air flow at a given point. This helps get rid of hard-to-remove garbage. In order to reach certain difficult areas when cleaning, some nozzles can be straight or bent.

Bag capacity

A variety of bag capacities can be applied on the same model. Generally, the volume of the bags is between 20 and 50 L. Remember that the greater the volume, the heavier the bag will be once the limit is reached. A portable vacuum blower has a smaller bag volume than a thermal vacuum blower. For simple and easy use, make sure the bag fits easily on the unit without the use of tools.

Having a vacuum blower with you and using it is at times like thinking about maintenance. Let’s see how to do this.

Vacuum blower maintenance

A suite of accessories is at your disposal to help maintain it. Despite this, the maintenance of some models requires technical knowledge. Get into the habit of decanting the bag after each use. As far as the fusion of oil and fuel is concerned, that of internal combustion engines must be in proportion. It is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. When it comes to maintenance, thermal models require more than electric models.

Conclusion of the comparison and buying guide for the best leaf vacuum blower of 2019

To make an optimal choice you must see in short the type of use you want to make. To treat larger surfaces, opt for a thermal or electric vacuum blower. The accessories supplied with the machine allow you to do an optimal work. After using the machine, think of a place to store it. Thermal models are larger than electric models. Which means they’re asking for more space. So take this criterion into account. It is important to know that for a better performance you have options integrated in some models. The use of this device requires a certain amount of maintenance that must be done. It prolongs the life of the latter. Now let’s go shopping!

Disclosure: We are a professional review company & our reviews are not biased towards any of the products we review. We test each product thoroughly and give marks to only the very best that is given by our author. We are very independently owned & the opinions expressed here are our own. However, if you purchase anything after clicking the links present in the articles then we get some commissions for it which help maintaining the websites expenses like servers, security etc.