Best Electric Vacuum Leaf Blowers That Makes Low Noise


Maintaining public gardens or your home is not an easy task, but it does require physical effort. The invention of leaf blowers makes this task very easy. These are thermal or electric machines that replace the use of a broom and clean your garden in an efficient way. Thanks to the technological development, these machines are becoming more sophisticated and present other modes than the blowing operation. This is the suction mode, i.e. there are blower-vacuums that have two completely different functions. In the blower mode, you can pick up plant waste such as debris and dead leaves, while the vacuum mode allows you to suck up such waste.

The question is, where does this waste accumulate? It’s simple, this kind of machine are equipped with storage bags whose volume varies from one model to another.

As mentioned above, there are several types of equipment to clean and maintain your garden. We often talk about blowers, vacuum blower blower, or vacuum blower blower crusher, but for people who are not used to it, the difference between the two models is difficult.

As their names suggest, blowers just generate a current of air to sweep, collect and pile up dead leaves and other plant waste. However, the vacuum blower has a second function, which is suction, i.e. it can absorb the collected waste and store it in a bag attached to the machine. And finally, the blower-vacuum-crusher machines have the same function as the others in addition to a third crushing mode. They are equipped with a shredder to crush the sucked leaves and accumulate them in the bag.

The choice of a blower, whether thermal or electric, or a vacuum blower is not random, but depends on the tasks and goals you want to achieve. Of course, vacuum blowers have a higher price than simple blowers, so they require a lot of energy and have the suction mode. In addition, vacuum blowers are very practical in case there are a lot of deciduous leaves, and it allows you to avoid picking up with a shovel and a wheelbarrow.

However, it must be said that even if this suction function is attractive at first, it nevertheless shows its limits because the collection bag fills up quickly and has to be emptied each time. So the best compromise is to have a vacuum blower with a shredder, and this allows you to optimize the volume and store more waste.

Here are a few reasons why renting or buying leaf blowers and leaf vacuums can make garbage collection in your garden easier:

Saves time: Using blowers and vacuum blowers to clean up dead leaves is much faster than raking, especially if you are not fast. You can save a lot of time and sweat by using blowers and vacuum blowers.

Collect leafs from corners and tight spaces : It can be difficult to rake leaves manually when trying to clean up fallen leaves in the corners of your fenced yard, or other hard-to-reach areas. Leaf blowers and vacuum blowers can reach these spaces and pick up more leaves than possible with a rake.

Ease of use: Spending a lot of time bent over a rake and constantly pumping your arms back and forth can be extremely tiring. Using leaf blowers and vacuum blowers can be much easier on the body than trying difficult manual labor.


GT Garden (EUR 144.90)

The French brand GT GARDEN presents you this blower-vacuum and shredder to better clean your garden. Its air-cooled 2-stroke engine with a 26 cc cylinder generates a power of around 700 watts, when expressed also by a single horsepower. The air expelled from the nozzle outlet can reach speeds of up to 225 km/h. The fuel tank has a capacity of 0.4 litres and you will check that it is not a small volume, but this French brand is very economical.

Regarding the noise level, this model reaches 113 db, so it is a bit noisy and requires the use of earmuffs and working away from residential areas. Despite its rather heavy weight (8.5 kg) without fuel, so it is not equipped with a harness, but the manufacturer has made it in such a way that you can distribute the weight of the machine thanks to its ergonomically designed handle and resists the slipping of your hand.

Finally, and since the GT GARDEN has both suction and shredding functions, it is equipped with a 50-litre collection bag. So, you have enough volume to pick up dead leaves and you avoid emptying it every time, but remember if the bag is full, it becomes very heavy.

McCulloch GBV 345 (EUR 241.41)

It is a thermal blower-vacuum blower equipped with a shredder, in other words, it allows to group, suck up and reduce the volume of absorbed leaves by shredding them. It has the latest technological innovations. The motor hidden inside with a 25 cc cylinder generates 700 watts of power. With a maximum blower speed of 345 km/h, this high speed guarantees a good cleaning of dry and wet dead leaves. Since it has three modes (blowing, suction and shredding), it is equipped with a collection bag with a capacity of 45 litres.

Also, it is equipped with an ergonomically manufactured handle with anti-vibration system installed, this sophisticated machine gives the user enormous advantages and quite important safety conditions. Thus, it is important to point out a very important point, this blower-vacuum does not make noise thanks to its low sound pressure, so it is ideal for use in residential areas to maintain the gardens of the neighbourhood.

Its starting system is simple and effortless, but it requires disassembly when you want to use the suction mode.

In terms of noise level, this machine has only 74 db of sound pressure, so it is very quiet.

Makita BHX2501 (EUR 268.73)

The Japanese company MAKITA has designed this machine with an attractive design to offer you the best working conditions. It is a powerful blower and vacuum blower to invade dead leaves and cut grass as well as to collect them.

On the technical side, the MAKITA BHX2501 model has an efficient 4-stroke engine that is economical in terms of fuel consumption and is also environmentally friendly as it is less polluting than other 2-stroke engines. The fuel tank has a capacity of 0.52 litres. The strength of the motor is manifested in the high power it generates (810 Watt). And if you’ve noticed that the tank capacity is relatively small, you’ll see that the manufacturer has designed an economical engine. This model gives an airflow of 606 m3 per hour with a blower speed of 230 km/h. Its relatively light weight of 4.5 kg allows you to move around easily, above all, it is equipped with a very comfortable handle for your hand.

Another point is that this model also works as a vacuum blower with a 40 litre capacity bag. Moreover, the absence of a shredder coupled to the blower is regrettable because the collection bag fills up very quickly since the leaves are not shredded. This blower-vacuum has a silent system, so it is less noisy and does not disturb the neighbours while working. All these features make this model more pleasant and easy to handle.

To summarize this part, the table below summarizes the characteristics of the three vacuum leaf blowers presented above.

Table 1: Comparison table between the three vacuum blowers shown above

ModelLikePowerBlower typeBlower speedAnti-vibration systemweightPrice ($)
WG GARDENThermal700 WManual225 km/hYES8.5176.90
McCulloch GBV 345Thermal700 WManual345 km/hYES9174.90
Makita BHX2501Thermal810WManual230 km/h (230 mph)YES4.5268.73

Bosch ALS 30 Vacuum Blower Blower Crusher (EUR 90,00)

The Bosch ALS 30 has three functions to help you clean your garden in a professional manner. In addition to the blower mode, this model is capable of simultaneously sucking up and crushing vegetable waste. It is an electric machine with wire and with a very light weight (3.2 kg). Its very powerful electric motor (3000 Watt) generates a blower speed of 300 km/h and adjustable power for easy sweeping and removal of wet and sticky leafs.

This air speed makes it easy to remove dead leaves whether dry or wet. The collection bag has a capacity of 45 litres. It has two unbreakable and non-deformable tubes, one for blower mode and the other for vacuum mode.

On one side of use, this model is characterized by safe handling, equipped with ergonomic handles for better weight distribution and more comfort, thus, for fatigue-free work without pain in the shoulders or arms. Finally, a collection bag that is easy to handle, easy to install, easy to empty and made of a specially water-repellent textile material. In terms of sound pressure, the blower-vacuum has a sound pressure of 97 db, so it is a little noisy and the use of a noise-cancelling headset is recommended.

A disadvantage of this model is that wet leaves stick to the turbine, so an internal cleaning operation is necessary at the end of use.

Black +Decker GW3030 Vacuum/Blower/leaf Shredder(EUR 74.74)

This super beautiful model works with electricity, it is of wire type and has the three functions (blowing, suction and grinding). It is equipped with two tubes, one narrow tube for the blowing operation and the other wide tube for the suction of the leaves. Its electric motor requires 230 volts for it to work, it generates a very large power of 3000 Watt. This enormous power is shown by the blower speed that it generates, which varies between 230 and 418 km/hour.

It also features a lightweight design for optimal comfort and handling. The large 40 litre capacity bag minimises the need for frequent emptying. The large opening of the bag makes it easy to empty the debris. The high performance suction power for quick removal of the toughest wet garden debris makes this model one of the best vacuum blowers available.

To conclude this section, the table below summarizes the characteristics of the two vacuum blower blowers presented above.

Table 2: Comparison table between the three vacuum blowers shown above

ModelLikePowerBlower typeBlower speedAnti-vibration systemWeight (kg)Price ($)
Bosch ALS 30Electrical3000 WManual300 km/h (200 mph)No3.290.00
Black + Decker GW3030Electrical3000 WManual230-418 km/hNo974.74

Factors to consider when buying a vacuum blower

There are several factors and criteria to consider when buying or renting a vacuum blower blower. The most important elements to consider are the size of the device, the frequency of use and the tasks it can provide.

Factor 1: Type of motorization

It is necessary to know which type of engine you prefer, here we present each type and its characteristics.

Electric motor its wire: This kind of vacuum blowers blowers work thanks to the lithium battery, they are often used for cleaning small surfaces. Also, they are very light and quiet. However, they cannot exceed one hour of operation, which requires a power source to charge the battery. So it’s always better to have a secondary battery, but the problem is that the battery is quite heavy and expensive.

Electric motor with wire: The electric vacuum blowers are great for garden maintenance, in general they can sweep an area of up to 2000 m2. They are easy to start and make almost no noise and do not consume much energy. The only disadvantage of these machines is that they have to be connected to a source of electricity, which requires the use of a number of extension cords.

Thermal engine: They are very powerful in front of the other types and can sweep an area exceeding 2000 m2. Even though they are heavy, they are of the dorsal type, which gives you the freedom to move around in your field. The internal combustion engine exists either as a 2-stroke engine which makes more noise and as a 4-stroke engine characterized by its ecological behaviour.

Factor 2: Engine power

Each vacuum blower aims at a specific size of land and depends on the use of the machine. Also, it is important to choose a model with adequate power.

For electric motors, their power varies between 750 Watt and 3000 Watt. While the power of internal combustion engines depends on the type of cylinder.

Factor 3: travel mode

The mode of travel means the way in which the vacuum blower blower is carried, it can be transported in several ways depending on its weight and the physical conditions of the user. Generally there are three categories, namely portable, harnessed and wheeled devices.

Factor 4: The pick-up bag

There are several versions of bags ranging from 30 to 50 litres, when choosing your device, make sure that the volume is adequate for your situation. A bag that is too big can make the machine heavy when it is filled and a bag that is too small needs to be emptied constantly, which is a little annoying to the user if there is a lot of waste.

Other factors are also important to consider:


Blower speed or air power is measured in kilometres per hour (km / h). This can vary from 200 to over 400 km/h – the more powerful the blower, the higher the speed at which air is propelled from the nozzle. A variable speed model allows you to perform a wider range of tasks than a fixed speed version.


Hand blowers can feel surprisingly heavy in a short period of time, especially if you use them in vacuum mode to collect leaves. Their weight ranges from about 1.8 kg for the lightest leaf blowers to about 6.8 kg for the largest vacuum blowers.


The noise level of leaf blowers and vacuum blowers is measured in decibels (dB). More than 85 dB is considered dangerous and requires the user to wear hearing protection. However, many fans emit more than 100 dB, which is not only bad for your hearing, but also annoying for your neighbours. Wireless blowers are the quietest, at about 65 dB.

Fan design

The area housing the fan or impeller must be easily accessible to eliminate any blockage. Metal fans tend to last longer than plastic fans, although they are more likely to rust.


We have seen in other articles the importance of leaf blowers for the maintenance of your garden. Vacuum blowers have more advantages due to the added value of the suction mode, and even grinding. They are all equipped with a collection bag to store the absorbed dead leaves. The third shredding mode optimizes the volume of the leafs, which allows more waste to be stored. Several types of vacuum blowers are available on the market with different types of motors (wired electric, wireless electric or thermal). The difference between all these devices is based first of all on the type of motor, the power, the mode of movement, i.e. dorsal, manual or wheel.

In this article, we have presented a top 5 blower vacs according to a price range, this top contains the RYOBI RBL26BP, McCulloch GBV 345 and Makita BHX2501 models which are priced over $100, as well as Bosch ALS 30 and Decker GW3030 with a price under $100.

When buying a vacuum blower-blower, a number of factors must be taken into account, such as the type of motor, its power, the mode of travel and its noise level, and of course it all depends on the size of the land you want to maintain.

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