Comparison of the Best Brushcutters – Buying guide 2020

Effective for clearing, pruning and mowing tall grass, bushes and brambles, versatility is the main advantage of the brushcutter. Our selection of the best brushcutters to help you better equip yourself with gardening tools.

  1. McCulloch’s thermal brush cutter
  2. The professional thermal brush cutter from ECHO
  3. The Bosch electric brushcutter
  4. Makita’s brushcutter
  5. Ryobi’s electric brushcutter

How to properly select a brushcutter?

It is important to choose a brush cutter according to distinct characteristics and functionalities. The performance of the device and the ease of use will depend on it.

The type of terrain

There is a brushcutter model suitable for each type of terrain. The portable version is the most recommended for regular maintenance of your lawn. For large areas, it is better to opt for the wheeled brushcutter for more power.

The cutting head

The clearing will give an impeccable result if you use a brush cutter equipped with a 40 teeth blade suitable for brambles, copses and grasses. While 3 to 4 teeth are enough for an intensive cutting of little bushy brush. If you plan to use your machine to cut tall grass in your garden, look for a 4-wire brushcutter head instead. You also have the version with 2-wire head which is suitable for the fine grasses of your lawn.

The motorization

For motorization, you have the choice between cordless hydraulic and thermal brushcutters which are the most suitable for large areas. The electric models guarantee permanent autonomy, but require the use of extension cords and the presence of a power outlet nearby.

Which cutting system is best?

It is important to know that on the brushcutter, the cutting system is the functionality that will influence the performance of the machine. In general, a brushcutter has 2 interchangeable heads. As for the cutting system, it will be either steel knives or nylon threads. With the first, the cutting width is 20 to 25 cm, which is suitable for intensive cleaning of coppices, brambles or tall grass. The second choice offers a cutting width of 42 to 43 cm. Working in advance by striking the ground, the nylon threads are effective for mowing fine grasses and lawns.

Some accessories and options for better clearing

The strap is an equipment that allows you to carry the brushcutter over your shoulder. For more comfort of use, especially with the models with flexible handle, one can opt for a carrying harness. It is an effective accessory to prevent back pain. Because there is always a risk of flying debris or stones, even with a cutting head fitted with a protective cover, wearing a protective helmet with a visor is recommended. The double handlebars provide better support for clearing large, sloping and uneven terrain. He does not forget to wear high shoes or boots. If you choose a thermal brush cutter, check the capacity level of the fuel tank. Finally,

How to maintain your brushcutter?

A brushcutter is not difficult to maintain. Simply clean the cutting deck after each use to prevent debris from decomposing on the various parts and damaging them. It is also important to systematically check that the cutting tools and heads are properly tightened. Checking the power cable is a must have for electric brushcutters.

McCulloch’s thermal brush cutter

Economical and ecological, the McCulloch thermal brush cutter is equipped with an Oxypower 75% less polluting engine and which consumes much less fuel (-20%). Its head of wire benefits from an effective technology which consists in tapping on the ground to bring out the wire automatically. This model is suitable both for working in tall grass and for domestic work. The fact that it emits only weak vibrations is a quality more than appreciated. As safety solutions, it is equipped with a doubly efficient centrifugal clutch and a device which avoids any accident at start-up as during use in the event of an obstacle. Equipped with a complete crankshaft mounted on ball bearings, this brushcutter is robust to guarantee you a durable use. Thanks to the efficiency of the engine, this brushcutter reaches its full power from 76% of the engine capacity. It makes it possible to obtain a satisfactory yield even at medium or low speed.

Engine performance

Basic assembly

Effectiveness of security solutions

Excellent yield

Complicated thread change

Unsatisfactory ergonomics

The professional thermal brush cutter from ECHO

The ES Start technology from which this professional thermal brush cutter from ECHO benefits ensures effortless and ultra-simple starting. With its weight (6.9 kg), it is easy to handle and can be used for a long time without tiring the user. It is one of the models with the lowest vibrations. Its engine with a displacement of 30.5 cc delivers satisfactory power while the transmission is made by rigid steel axle. This model has a great strong point: it is endowed with the exclusive easy starting system ES ECHO, with reduced traction force and with automatic return. Its cutting head is equipped with a 3-tooth blade. Its high yield makes it one of the benchmarks on the market. It meets the requirements of professionals thanks to its maneuverability, its perfect finish and its comfort of use.

Easy start with Es Start

Weak vibrations

Rigid drive shaft

Clogging of the exhaust at the end of work

The Bosch electric brushcutter

Ergonomic and powerful, this electric brushcutter from Bosch leaves no chance for the most stubborn grasses. With a power of 950 W, this device guarantees cutting performance. It is equipped with an adjustable strap which ensures a perfect balance of the machine and an optimal comfort of the grip. The user gains doubly since this accessory also allows him to adopt a posture suitable for work. Its double cutting system (3-tooth blade and 3.5 mm diameter wire) easy to change guarantees its efficiency. The smart handle provides storage for the wires and effectively absorbs shocks thanks to its anti-rebound system. What makes the difference: rear safety, good weight distribution and a double Softgrip handle. Due to its characteristics,

Double cutting system

Ergonomic design

Impressive engine power


Incompatibility with non-Bosch wires

Fragility of the handles with the threaded insert

Makita’s brushcutter

This Makita brushcutter works with a 4-stroke engine. Power is therefore real with this thermal tool, and it is also a model with very low emissions and silent. The optimal lubrication of its 24.5 cm displacement engine is not unrelated. The brushcutter is also distinguished by its universal protection system for the cutting blade. It gains a lot in maneuverability thanks to its ergonomic handle. The starting of this machine facilitated by the Easy start-up system. As handy as you would like, it weighs only 5.5 kg. The brushcutter stores discreetly and occupies a minimum of space thanks to its small dimensions (17.65 x 6.20 x 4.74 cm). The tool comes with a harness to be even more manageable.

Lower emissions

4-stroke engine

Low operating noise

Ergonomic handle

Only for light work

Ryobi’s electric brushcutter

Ryobi’s electric brushcutter weighs 4.8 kg, which greatly facilitates its transport and handling. This model is simplified to the maximum to suit small brushcutting as well as finishing work. Its large diameter and semi-automatic double-wire head are its best assets for getting rid of tall grass. The user is not obliged to disconnect the extension cord during work thanks to the strain relief, which testifies to the ease of use of this brushcutter. The latter is equipped with an adjustable front handle which ensures good control of the machine and offers the user the possibility of adapting it to his posture as well as to his size. As for the other handle, bi-material, it allows a firm and comfortable grip. The lifespan of the device is optimized by a location of the engine at the rear which also guarantees the machine a better balance. The tube is removable for easy storage and transport. It should be noted that this brushcutter is compatible with accessories from the Expand It range.

High power

Adjustable front handle

Suspender harness supplied

Semi-automatic double wire head

Installation of accessories requiring tools

Spare parts not available


At the end of this comparison, the choice of editorial team turned to the McCulloch thermal brush cutter. It is robust and reliable. Its startup requires little effort (-40%) thanks to the Soft Start technology.


It is one of the least noisy in its category, but also the one with the least vibrations. The safety system at start-up and during work is flawlessly effective in the event of an obstacle.

On the performance side, this brushcutter provides maximum output, even at its lowest speed. It is a model with low emissions and which consumes very little energy, which is perfect for maintenance work and light cuts.