Best 3 in 1 Vacuum Leaf Blower Crushers in Market


Buying a 3 in 1 blower-vacuum crusher but especially choosing one of the best, can be a difficult task given the number of references and models or given the price differences offered etc…. This is why we have chosen on our website, to make you discover the public’s selection of the best 3 in 1 blower-vacuum shredders that can be found and bought on the internet in 2020. Below, you will be able to discover a comparator of the best sales first, then a detailed presentation of each of the 3 in 1 blower-vacuum-cleaner-crushers, in order to allow you to choose the best 3 in 1 vacuum leaf blower crushers, the one which corresponds the most to your expectations and your needs!

Ranking & Comparison

1Bosch Vacuum Blower Blower Crusher – ALS 30 (3000W, up to 300km/h, 45L bag)107 Comments/NoticeView Product
2Greenworks Cordless Leaf Blower/Vacuum on 40V Lithium-ion battery with 2 batteries…58 Comments/NoticeView Product
3Bosch Wired Vacuum/Blower/Crusher – Universal Garden Tidy20 Comments/NoticeView Product
4IKRA electric vacuum blower-blower-shredder IBV 2800 E, blowing speed 275 km/h, 2800W10 Comments/NoticeView Product
5AOSOME ASBV3405 3 in 1 Thermal Leaf Shredder Blower Vacuum Blower Vacuum Garden Shredder, 3 in 1, Garden…5 Comments/NoticeView Product
6BLACK+DECKER GW3031BP-QS Vacuum Cleaner, Blower, Leaf Shredder wired – Suction volume:…58 Comments/NoticeView Product
7BLACK+DECKER GWC3600L25-QW Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Blower, Leaf Shredder – Suction Volume1 Comments/NoticeView Product
8TACKLIFE Garden Blower, Electric Vacuum Cleaner, Leaf Shredder, Power 3000W, 5…No notesView Product
9TECCPO Vacuum, Blower, Wired Leaf Shredder 3 in 1 Function, 3000W, 40 L Backpack,…34 Comments/NoticeView Product
10Blaupunkt Vacuum Blower Blower Leaf Shredder Electric BV4100 Powerful Motor AC 3500W …No notesView Product

The Top 10 Best 3 in 1 blower-vacuum shredders to buy in 2020!

Do you want to buy a 3 in 1 blower-vacuum crusher? And why not let yourself be tempted to buy the best! Find below, the selection of regarding the best 3 in 1 blower-vacuum shredders that can be found in stores as well as online in 2020!

Our TOP N° 1Our TOP N° 1

1. Bosch Vacuum Blower Blower Crusher – ALS 30 (3000W, up to 300km/h, 45L bag)


Features :

  • 3 in 1 tool: vacuum / blower / shredder for all leaf cleaning jobs in the garden
  • Blower speed up to 300 km/h for easy removal of leaves, even wet ones
  • High grinding rate of 1/10th which avoids frequent stops, suction volume 800 m/h
  • Recycling bag: 45 litre capacity, innovative waterproof textile, robust zip opening, easy to use
  • Ease of use: adjustable handle, handgrip on shoulder strap

Our TOP N° 2Our TOP N° 2

2. Greenworks Cordless Leaf Blower/Vacuum on 40V Lithium-ion battery with 2 x 2Ah batteries and charger – 24227UC


Features :

  • Perfect for removing leaves and dust
  • Powerful and quiet thanks to a brushless DigiPro motor
  • Blower speed of 280 km/h
  • Air flow rate 578 m3/h
  • Tool-less changeover from blower to vacuum mode

SaleOur TOP No. 3Our TOP No. 3

3. Bosch Wired Vacuum/Blower/Crusher – Universal Garden Tidy


Features :

  • Universal garden tools from Bosch – flexible and powerful with intelligent solutions for a wide range of projects.
  • Up to 75% noise reduction for quieter working in the garden.
  • Leaf vacuum function – Excess dust and moisture are evacuated by the user through the integrated bag.
  • Blower function – Variable air flow speed for different surfaces.
  • Scope of delivery: UniversialGardenTidy, blower and vacuum tube, collection bag (45 litres), handle, box

Our TOP N° 4Our TOP N° 4

4. IKRA electric vacuum blower-blower-shredder IBV 2800 E, blowing speed 275 km/h, 2800W


Features :

  • 3 in 1 multifunction tool: leaf vacuum, leaf blower and leaf shredder
  • Blower speed: up to 275 km/h/ variable speed drive/powerful motor: 2,800 watts
  • Telescopic/comfortable tube: guide wheels
  • Collecting bag volume 45L/ shredding rate 10: 1
  • Strap included for back and shoulder-friendly work

SaleOur TOP No. 5Our TOP No. 5

5. AOSOME ASBV3405 Blower Vacuum Blower Thermal Leaf Chopper Garden Shredder, 3 in 1, 2-Stroke Gas Engine, Easy Start, 25.4CC, 60L Collector Bag


Features :

  • MULTIFUNCTION FAST SWITCHING – 3 in 1: sheet blower air speed 62.7m/s & sheet vacuum air speed 47.5m/s (adjustable) & sheet shredder ratio 12:1 (metal blade)
  • POWERFUL LIGHT WEIGHT ENGINE – 2-stroke petrol engine, 25.4CC, 1.0HP, 0.75KW, single-cylinder, air-cooled, fuel mixture (ratio – petrol: oil = 40: 1)
  • COMFORTABLE USE – 2 shoulder harness straps (one for the engine, one for the 60L collection bag), easy start unit, anti-vibration handle can reduce vibrations by 40%.
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE – the product is approved by GS, CE, 1 year quality guarantee, the professional technical team of the manufacturer offers after-sales service
  • WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS – Can be used by different users (professional or amateur gardeners …) in different environments (parks or gardens …) for different objects (different types of leaves, maple leaves, pine needles …). dry or slightly damp … even hedges or sawdust …)

SaleOur TOP No. 6Our TOP No. 6

6. BLACK+DECKER GW3031BP-QS Vacuum cleaner, Blower, Wire leaf shredder – Suction volume: 14 m3/min – Capacity: 70 L – 1 concentrator nozzle, 1 rake claw and 1 belt 3000W, Black,


Features :

  • Blower speed: variable from 230 ? 418 km/h
  • Suction capacity of 14m/min. for removing wet sheets of paper
  • 2 tubes for more efficiency: 1 wide tube for suction + 1 narrow tube for blowing
  • The backpack considerably reduces the stability for long term use (optimal weight distribution over the entire back).
  • Backpack with clip-flap closure system: can be emptied in a single movement.

SaleOur TOP N° 7Our TOP N° 7

7. BLACK+DECKER GWC3600L25-QW Vacuum cleaner, Blower, Cordless sheet shredder – Suction volume : 3,4 m3/min – Capacity : 17 L – 1 battery – Charger 1h50 , 36V, Orange


Features :

  • 36V – 2.5Ah light and compact battery
  • Two-tube system: one tube for blowing, one tube for sucking, for optimized efficiency and lightness in both modes.
  • Integrated squeegee at the bottom of the tube to remove leaves in blower mode
  • Ultralight: less than 4kg
  • Handle with rubber coating

SaleOur TOP N° 8Our TOP N° 8

8. TACKLIFE Garden Blower, Electric Vacuum, Leaf Chopper, 3000W Power, 5 Variable Speeds, 15:1 Mulching Ratio, 45L Collection Bag, KABV35A

Features :

  • ※【5 Speeds Variables】Réglez the 5 speeds using the black knob on the machine handle to meet the different needs of your work. The high capacity air intake volume can reach 840 m³/h and the air speed up to 280 km/h, providing high wind power to make work more efficient.
  • ※【Sac de Collection Amélioré】Le side that is close to the operator is designed with an internal coating to prevent dust from spreading. The widening of the bottom increases the surface area of force, to better disperse the wind and is more durable. New ventilation holes are added to prevent clogging and to ensure adequate suction.
  • ※【Conception Lightweight and Ergonomique】La adjustable auxiliary handle provides a comfortable grip, easy one-handed operation and reduced stress on your arm. The front end of the hose is equipped with wheels, which can be placed on the ground for easier use.
  • ※【Roue in Metal Durable】Différent similar products on the market, the enlarged blade space considerably reduces the risk of clogging, the work efficiency is higher and the shredding ratio is 15:1. Stainless steel blade, high impact resistance
  • ※【Commutation Instantanée】Avec an interchangeable tube design, easy to dismantle without tools. As long as the suction tube is installed in the air inlet, place the collector bag at the air outlet, conventionally simple and quick, switch from blowing to vacuuming in a few seconds

SaleOur TOP No. 9Our TOP No. 9

9. TECCPO Vacuum, Blower, Wire Leaf Crusher 3 in 1 Function, 3000W, 40 L Backpack, Variable Blowing Speed 210-350km/h, Suction Capacity 13 m³/min – TABV01G


Features :

  • ☘【Remarque】Veuillez install the tube correctly, otherwise the blower will not start normally. For detailed steps, see Figure 5 and 6 on the left.
  • ☘【Haute Performance and 3000W Dimmer from Vitesse】Moteur. The blower speed is variable from 210 to 350 km / h and the suction capacity can be up to 13 m³ / min to remove wet sheets.
  • ☘【Proportion 16: 1】Le shredding rate up to 16:1, which allows for compression of 16 volumes of sheets enter a 1 volume bag. The metal + plastic impeller can prevent the machine from becoming clogged during grinding.
  • ☘【Sac de 40 L】Le bag has a large capacity of 40 L, which reduces pressure on the arms and offers superior shock resistance
  • ☘【Contenu from Emballage】TABV01G 3000 W blower x1, suction tube x2, blower tube x2, 40L bag x1, user manual x1

SaleOur TOP No. 10Our TOP No. 10

10. Blaupunkt Vacuum Blower Blower Leaf shredder Electric BV4100 Powerful motor AC 3500W Air blower up to 270km/h Mulching

Features :

  • Blaupunkt Vacuum Blower Blower Leaf shredder Electric BV4100 Powerful motor AC 3500W Air blower up to 270km/h Mulching
  • To allow you to vacuum up all types of organic residues and that will clear your driveways, entrances and patios in no time.
  • Speeds are easily set using the speed regulator integrated into the unit.
  • Its 10:1 automatic mulching function and its large 45L bag (very well thought out for composting), guarantee you a fast and efficient clearing.
  • Comes with a “Blue Dot” warranty, valid for 3 years.

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