ALS 25 from Bosch What is this leaf vacuum blower really worth?

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If you need some advice to help you decide on a cleaning machine for your garden, you’ve come to the right place.

One of the appliances you can afford to lighten your load is a leaf vacuum blower. I have tested for you the model 06008A1000 or more simply ALS 25 from Bosch and present you my detailed test / review.

6.3 Total Score

If you are looking for a snow blower that can save you time in the chore of sweeping your garden, the Bosch ALS 25 will do the job. This multifunctional device will then allow you to shred your waste to turn it into compost. It is equipped with an easy-to-mount collection bag.

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Bosch leaf vacuum blower ALS 25

2500 W to blow the waste at more than 300 km/h !

The Bosch ALS 25 test, a light but effective device

This model, also referred to as the Bosch ALS 25, is a 2-in-1 unit that acts as both a blower and a vacuum blower. This classic-style unit has dimensions of 50 cm by 36 cm and is 29 cm high. It operates in wired mode and is equipped with a 2500 watt motor. The device weighs 3.20 kilos and is carried on the shoulder using a padded shoulder strap. It is equipped with a collection bag with a capacity of 45 litres, intended to collect the collected waste. As far as performance is concerned, I was able to draw some conclusions after my test.

The performance of the Bosch model: what to think about it

First of all, this tool is less powerful than the Black & DecKer BDBV30. The latter offers 3000 watts of power compared to only 2500 watts for the ALS 25. But the strength of its engine was more than sufficient to allow the machine to provide a wind tunnel speed of nearly 300 km/h. So I was able to sweep and collect the dead leaves from my garden pretty quickly. The device is quite light and its padded strap allowed me to attach it to my arm very comfortably for the duration of my task. Since the tool operates in wired mode, make sure you have a long power strip and avoid getting your feet caught in the power cord.

The device can be used as a vacuum blower and to this function it attaches a plastic waste disposal turbine. This is also the case with its competitor, the Black & Decker GW2810. Unfortunately, the vacuum blower is not very ergonomic for several reasons. Firstly, it is not powerful enough to suck up wet leaves. Then the shredder does not allow any hard waste such as twigs and dust grains. Finally, the leafs stick to the plastic turbine which stalls, and the blower has to be disassembled each time to remove them. However, the shredding function avoids frequent trips from the garden to the trash can. In addition, the crushed leaves can be used as garden compost.

One small detail saddened me during my test of the Bosch ALS 25: the plastic turbine is not a changeable part. So, if it jams, you’ll only own one blower from now on.

Advantages :

  • Very light
  • Easy handling and ergonomic handle
  • Integrated waste collection bag
  • Padded carrying strap
  • High blowing power


  • Inefficient grinder function
  • Plastic turbine.
  • Absence of a rechargeable battery or not

Conclusion Test/Advice of the Bosch ALS 25 wet vacuum blower

In conclusion, I will say that the Bosch 06008A1000 is more of a snow blower than a vacuum blower. It’s perfect for sweeping leafs, allowing you to collect them very quickly. With its blower power, it can even peel off wet leaves stuck to the ground. For these various reasons, I recommend this product.

Bosch leaf vacuum blower ALS 25

2500 W to blow the waste at more than 300 km/h !