All the necessary accessories for a leaf vacuum blower

The vacuum cleaner-blower is a versatile device that can perform many services in the maintenance of the garden. Powerful and efficient, it allows you to collect the leaves in heaps or to vacuum them and then throw them away. To make it even more practical, there are a few accessories that you absolutely must know about.

Accessories for a leaf vacuum cleaner blower

There are common accessories for all types of vacuum cleaners and blowers. We find:

  • Flat or round nozzles: these small accessories make it possible to control the air flow produced by the unit. To be installed on the blower tube, these nozzles increase or reduce the power of the air flow. They also allow the airflow to be directed to more specific areas.
  • The swivel tube: ideal for the maintenance of large surfaces, this tube allows the air flow to be projected over larger areas without the user of the vacuum cleaner blower having to move around a lot.
  • The gutter kit: the vacuum cleaner blower can also be used for gutter maintenance thanks to this kit. It is a long bent tube to be installed on the unit, making it easier to reach gutters and hard-to-reach areas on the roof.

Safety-related accessories

Whether you use an electric blower-vacuum cleaner or a heat-powered model, you should always think about safety. When the leaves are blown away, debris can be blown away by the wind. These can then hurt the eyes, hence the need to protect oneself. The same applies to the noise emitted by the blowers. The more powerful the model, the louder it makes. And if it is used continuously, hearing may suffer. To remedy these problems, consider using :

  • Protective goggles: made from several materials such as polycarbonate, these special goggles exist in different models. Depending on the needs, you can choose between basic models (glasses with polycarbonate lenses or plastic lenses with stems) or those that look like diving masks. Equipped with straps, they adapt perfectly to the user’s head and ensure safety and comfort at all times. Protective eyewear with grids placed over the lenses to prevent foreign objects from settling on the eyes is also available.
  • Protective goggles
    • Safety glasses
    • Encompassing design, adjustable legs and moulded deck
    • scratch-resistant polycarbonate glass
    • in accordance with the en166 standard.
    • Encompassing design for maximum field of view and eye protection
    • Moulded deck at the nose for more comfort
    • Complies with EN166
  • A noise-cancelling helmet: since some vacuum cleaners emit more or less powerful noises and are used for extended periods of time, it is important to protect yourself from noise. The choice of a hearing protection helmet must be made according to certain criteria. First of all, it must be light, comfortable and must fit the user’s head perfectly. It must then be made with waterproof and sound-absorbing materials that attenuate noise. Its components must also be easily replaceable to ensure hygiene. Finally, the headphones must be able to block sounds ranging from 37 dB to more. On the market, there are some noise-cancelling headphones that are coupled with a visor. These models have the advantage of serving as both goggles and headphones against annoying noise.
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  • Noise-cancelling headphones for a vacuum cleaner blower
    • 【Gardez your world tranquille】Ideal for turning, running, reading, studying and operating machines for hearing protection, particularly suitable for work in construction and landscaping.

Specific accessories for electric models

The accessories required for a vacuum cleaner-blower depend on the model of the vacuum cleaner-blower. A device that runs on thermal energy does not need the same gadgets as one that uses electricity or runs on batteries. For blowers that need to be connected to a mains socket for operation, it is essential that they are equipped with an extension cord. Remember that electric vacuum cleaners and blowers can maintain surfaces of up to 2000 m2. This accessory will therefore make it possible to feed it continuously. There are different models of extension cords on the market. Made of various resistant materials, they are designed to adapt to all uses. Available in several lengths, extension cords will provide continuous power to the unit without the need to move them from outlet to outlet in the field.

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