11 things to know before buying a leaf blower


Here is a series of tips to help you buy the right vacuum leaf blower or blower/shredder for your situation and needs.

Each garden has its own model. Find out which appliance is right for you to effectively maintain your green spaces.

If you’ve never bought a leaf blower vacuum cleaner before, these tips will help you get the hang of it. Some models may not offer all of these options and others may offer options not listed. In any case, with the knowledge of these precautions, you will be able to choose the model of blower-shredder that suits you.

  • 1. How is the leaf blower powered?
    There are 3 power options for a blower/shredder: electric, gas and wireless. The choice will have to be made according to the type of ground covered by the leaf vacuum cleaner. The wireless model limits you to small areas. The electric blower limits
    you by the size of the cable. The gas-powered model is suitable for large areas and large requirements.
  • 2. What type of engine to choose?
    This question might seem incidental, there are 2-stroke engines and 4-stroke engines. For a private individual, the difference is not really perfectible on standard leaf blower models. But for a professional it can be useful to choose your model.
  • 3. Beware of noise
    models of blower shredders are equipped with noise limiters or silencers. Others have quieter engines. Asking about the noise emitted by an appliance can be useful for you and in case your garden is close to other grounds. In general, the leaf blower vacuum cleaner makes a noise around 60 – 65 db.
  • 4. How do I start the blower/shredder? Ignition can be done electronically or with a traction system. Some models have an easy start feature.
  • 5. Resistance to small twigs
    leaf shredder blower is, as the name suggests, made for picking up leaves. Twigs and small branches can also be shredded by the device. Also make sure that your model is resistant to small pieces of metal or iron that can sometimes escape your control on your property.
  • 6. How much speed does the leaf blower have? The standard number of speeds is 1, 2 or variable.
  • 7. What kind of model do you need?
    Do you need a vacuum blower? A simple model of leaf blower? A blower-shredder? Each one has its qualities, some models can even be transformed to fulfil all these functions.
  • 8. What is the power of the device?
    leaf blower manufacturers measure power either in terms of blow rate or number of leafs transported. The typical flow is 12 cubic metres per minute, and the standard blast speed is about 300 kilometres per hour.
  • 9. Would you like interchangeable blower nozzles?
    Some models allow you to change the tip of the blower tube, changing between round or rectangular shape will affect the power of your blower grinder.
  • 10. Ergonomics of the vacuum leaf blower ?
    Choose your preference… Would you prefer to wear it? Wear it with a shoulder strap? Or do you prefer a tractor shape?
  • 11. Weight of the unitThe
    weight of the leaf blower and the leaf shredder blower depends on the storage bag, the length of the blow tube, the power and the size of the blower fan.
    If you are tall and the tube is short, you will have to bend down to blow the leaves.


So you recently bought your first leaf blower and can’t wait to use it! In any case…

Electric leaf blowers have very few moving parts and are not that difficult to operate. Different models…

When you want to buy a leaf blower/vacuum cleaner, it is important to know what you need and what you want it to do….